Photos: Van Smashes Into Wall On North Shore

June 25, 2013

[Updated] There are traffic delays as of 5.20pm today [June 25] on North Shore Road in Smiths [by Police Beach] due to a van smashing a wall. Both the Police and Fire Service are on scene, and both lanes of traffic are being restricted at this time.

There is a bus full of passengers waiting at the restriction point, and some passengers were seen to get off and start walking. We will update as able.

Update 5.46pm: A tow truck arrived on the scene around 15 minutes ago, but there was some issue with removing the van. It now appears they are waiting for the police tow truck. Traffic remains restricted at this time.

Update 6.11pm: The road remains blocked, however a police tow truck has just arrived on the scene. A police spokesperson said that “initial information suggests there are no serious injuries. Motorists are advised to take alternate routes if possible until further notice.”

Update 6.20pm: The van has been removed, and the road is now open.

Update June 27: The full police statement is below

Around 4:30pm on Tuesday, June 25th police and first responders attended a reported single vehicle van collision on North Shore Road in Smith’s parish near the junction with Jennings Road.

It appears that the van was being driven along North Shore Road when it collided with a wall. The driver, a 50 year old Pembroke man and his two passengers apparently were not injured; however they attended King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for medical assessment as a precaution. They were all subsequently discharged.

The van received extensive front end damage and traffic was temporarily delayed in the area. Inquiries into the collision are ongoing.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    another wall hitting a vehicle again!

    • Clive Spate says:

      It’s a disgrace.

      These walls have absolutely no respect for road users.

      In 14 years the PLP did nothing to stop these walls but the problem seems to have escalated under the OBA.

      Are these walls unionised? Is that why they are getting away with it?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        I think the OBA should apologise. No, they should resign for not getting these walls & utility poles under control in 6 months. How are we supposed to drive, eat, fool with the sound system & text with these things jumping out & colliding with us?

        • citi zen says:

          You all are right. These darn walls are a pain in the neck. I am sick of them. They better step aside for when I head home this afternoon, if not I’ll take um out too.

  2. Street Smart says:

    BPS, will not have anything to do with something as mundane as common sense! Upon arrival on the scene, there no police officers directing traffic firstly, and secondly, a civilian was diverting traffic through Jennings Land. One would have thought that POLICE officers would have been directing traffic instead of a civilian, and the BPS would have cut off the west-bound lane through Flatts village. this would have kept traffic on the main road, with less disruption of traffic flow!

    Well I guess “Some Mothers Do have ‘Em!”

  3. SoMuchMore says:

    wall meets van

  4. think about it says:

    the roads are tiny as sh-t around that corner on that spot.

    when the van is horizontal across the road it basically blocks both lanes..

    widen the roads and these walls wont be hitting cars..

    or keep the same roads and put a limit on the sizes of vehicles

    when a bus goes around that corner it goes into the opposite lane

  5. daily walker says:

    As someone who walks from Hamilton to Radnor Road daily, you should see the sh!t that I see. People will just not take their time, still talking on cellphones, over taking on corners, riding peoples bumpers. Everyday I say “one day that person is not going to make it to their destination” and today the driver of that van was the lucky contestant.

  6. Family Man says:

    When did they put a brick wall between those two pillars? I’m sure that guy thought you could make a sharp left into the driveway that used to be there. Gotta get that GPS map updated.

  7. Conspiracy Theory says:

    How is there a light truck without a company name on its doors? How’d it get through TCD?

    • sonso says:

      it could be a private car, not all vans are L’s or LP’s.

  8. cisco says:

    You people are something else, is the person okay???