Polaris Appoints Hayward-Chew, Wayne Caines

June 6, 2013

xxxxPolaris Holding Company Limited — the parent company of Stevedoring Services, Equipment Sales & Rentals and Mill Reach Holdings — today announces the appointment of Cheryl Hayward-Chew as Chairman and Wayne Caines as Deputy Chairman, effective immediately.

Cheryl Hayward-Chew is President & CEO of the Meyer Group of Companies. She is the first female Chairman of Polaris Holding Company Limited and has been a Board member since 2006. She is also on the Boards of the Meyer Group of Companies; Freisenbruch-Meyer Group; Bermuda International Shipping Ltd; Bermuda Chamber of Commerce; Bermuda Hospitality Institute; and is a Common Councillor for the Corporation of St. George’s.

Wayne Caines is the Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Bermuda. Mr. Caines has been a Board member of Polaris Holding Company Limited since 2009. He also sits on the Boards of the Bermuda Employer’s Council, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce as well as the Bermuda Business Development Corporation. Mr. Caines is a Justice of the Peace.

Cheryl Hayward-Chew, Chairman, Polaris Holding Company Limited, says: “As the first female chairman of this historic company, I am delighted to accept the leadership of the company today. I would like to thank Ray Medeiros and Jeff Conyers for their service to the company as Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively and look forward to carrying on their good work. I would also like to congratulate Wayne Caines on his appointment as Deputy Chairman.”

The other Board of Directors of Polaris Holding Company are: Jeffrey Conyers; C.F. Alex Cooper; J. Henry Hayward; Michael Lohan; Raymond Medeiros; Patrick Morin; and L. Eugene Saunders.

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  1. SoMuchMore says:

    shoot. these people are doing well and poor people like me are struggling. anyway, there’s hope, i hope lol

    good job you two.

    • Honestly says:

      We will continue to struggle u know the saying… The rich keep getting richer!

      • Ride says:

        Mr Caines did not just fall over a bag of money and appointments one morning as he stumbled out of bed. Literally decades of hard work and sacrifice are manifesting themselves in these years.

        Well done, Caines! Keep it up.


  2. grow up says:

    Grow up you two: people go places when they work hard and educate themselves.