TBi Lowers Residential Internet Prices

June 25, 2013

B W Greg SwanTBiNew_1Effective July 1, TBi will make a rate adjustment to its Residential Internet Packages and all existing customers will be billed at the new rate.

TBi President Gregory Swan said,“With the launch of our Residential Internet offerings, one of the distinct benefits is that no contract is required for the service. Additionally, if there is a price adjustment, the new rates will apply to all of our existing Residential Internet customers automatically.”

The 4MB offering will drop from $49.95 to $39.95, with additional reductions on all packages through to 25MB. The new rates will apply to everyone.

“Thus far, we are really pleased with the response to our plans. Customers love the idea of no contracts and automatic rate adjustments” said Mr. Swan. “They also like having a 24/7 Help Desk that is right here in Bermuda. Furthermore, they have been pleasantly surprised to actually get the speeds they sign up for.”

“Our position is very clear; the consumer deserves the right of choice. This places the responsibility of customer retention on TBi as a company, rather that on a contractual obligation. This forces us to stay customer focused; ensuring that our network infrastructure, product offering and service levels meet customer expectations.”

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Comments (16)

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  1. stuckin1965 says:

    Take that Digisell….new price includes free WiFi.
    We have a winner!!!

    • Voice of A Victim says:

      I agree – 2 months ago I was paying $99.95 for 4MB at Logic. Now I’m paying $39.95

  2. finally says:

    finally some competition! whats logic going to do now? better reduce before everyone jumps ship, including myself!! now we just need a competitor for the likes of cablevision!

    • Whistle Blower says:

      OHHHH How I wish we had one for Cablevision they have been ROBBING Bermudians and RESIDENTS for over 20 years SMH!!Personally I have signed up with WOW and have been please with their rates and services and they recently threw in FREE HD!!! $89a month plus FREE HD Cablevision HAS TO GO FOLKS!! WE are the CONSUMERS let’s ACT like WE have the POWER – THEY DO NOT WE GIVE THEM THE POWER!!! PRICE GOUGING AUTHORITY NEEDS TO BE PUT IN PLACE HERE!!!!!

  3. Good Stuff says:

    Just a bit of advice for anyone looking to jump ship:

    I switched from Logic to TBI when the rates were first announced. Since my Logic contract was up, I had no further obligation to the company. At first they refused to cancel because I was NOW required to give 90 days notice. When challenged to point this clause out in the Terms of Service (ToS), they said the ToS had changed last week and I was now bound by the new terms. I went on to state that I had not acknowledged such new terms, therefore they do not apply.

    After a brief chat with management, they immediately canceled. They did offer to match the price, but it would take up to 3 billing cycles to process. With that, (plus free WiFi) TBI was the clear winner.

    Never had a problem with Logic in 4 years, but money talks… Also, the quickey ToS change left a foul taste in my mouth.

    If your contract is up, you don’t have to give 90 days notice to cancel with Logic (unless you’ve signed/ acknowledged the new ToS). Know your rights!

    • Peter Riley says:

      You should Contact the Regulatory Authority (RA) which was established to deal with situations such as this, so that they can take immediate action. Without someone such as yourself, who was directly affected by this change of ‘ToS’, the RA cannot take action.

      Please consider this and help make a difference.

      RA contact details:
      Main Switchboard +1 (441) 405-6000

  4. Good Stuff says:

    Oh, and massive thanks to you and your team Mr. Swan for making this happen! Now, if only my BTC bill would begin to shrink… :)

    • Observant says:

      AND BELCo. That’s highway robbery.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      I didn’t think BTC was an ISP…maybe you just talk a lot

  5. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Hmmmmm…Logic…watcha gonna do…watcha gonna do!?

  6. Umm.... says:

    TBi and Digicel are taking LogicRock’s lunch! About time! Yay for competition! Personally, I switched to Digicel for their 3 months of free service. I don’t need the WiFi service that TBi is offering. But if I worked somewhere that had it, that would have got me to switch. Good deals all around except from LogicRock, BTC, and CableVision. I wonder why? Hmmmm….. Could it be because they’re all owned or controlled by KeyTech?

  7. frank says:

    don’t you all get to excited it is only a matter of time before TBI gets bought out by keytech all TBI has is a switch they have to use link and btc to get of the island

  8. Robert Daniels says:

    I ain’t seen or heard nothing on this Tos. Time to jump ship! I really want LB but ill goo TBi. Wonder what upload speeds are at? Because BTC/Northrock is Dead Slow!!!

    • Expat says:

      On the flip side, there’s no reason to not try TBi since it can’t get any slower anyways!

    • Voice of A Victim says:

      I went with TBI because there was no contract to sign at all. I wanted to stay with Logic but when they didn’t match prices and lowered their rates for 4MB to only $69.95 when TBI and Digicel were closer to $49.95 the gap was to wide and I had to move. I figured that if it didn’t work out and with no contract I would go elsewhere or back to Logic if not happy. Except for the long wait to get me connected (over a week from the time I signed up) the service and speeds have been consistent and closer to what I am paying for. In the past when paying for 4MB I was lucky to get 2MB during peak hours.

    • Jane says:

      Finally some companies showing some price leadership on the island – I will be leaving Logic who have been milking me for years,