Two Dolphins Spotted Inshore Off North Shore

June 25, 2013

Atlantic-Bottlenose-DolphinA pair of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins were spotted inshore yesterday [June 24] off the North Shore, and the Department of Conservation said it is “highly unusual” for them to be close to shore and in such small numbers.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo has been made aware that a pair of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins were spotted inshore yesterday off the North Shore. BAMZ staff are unsure of the age or sex of either animal but they both appear to be healthy.

“It is highly unusual for this species to be close to shore and in such small numbers. There are two varieties of this species; a coastal and pelagic type. The coastal species forms pods made up of females and calves containing as many as 20 members. Males leave the group once they are weaned and become solitary or form pair bonds with other males. The coastal species live in small bays on the eastern seaboard of North America.

“The pelagic subspecies live in deeper, open ocean areas. Several years ago, studies conducted by the Bermuda Wild Dolphin Project confirmed that this subspecies is found in Bermuda waters with sightings often reported by fisherman. They live in groups of 50 or more animals of both males and females. They tend to be darker in color and larger in size than their coastal counterparts.

“This pair seems to be made up of 2 young animals but they don’t appear to be in distress. All marine mammals are protected locally and internationally by law and under no circumstances should members of the public approach or harass these two in any way. The Department appreciates the public’s understanding.”

- File photo

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Comments (8)

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  1. Happy says:

    Flipper!! Lol

    • Onlooker says:

      No, not Flipper… These dolphins out on North Shore educate and entertain you in more ways the any captive dolphin, They CHOOSE to grace you with there presence and you see how they live in the WILD!

      • Clive Spate says:

        Calm down.

        Somebody needs to get some!!

  2. concerned ambassador says:

    I spotted them by police beach yesterday morn around 6:30. thought I was seeing things.

  3. turbots says:

    Had two bottlenose dolphin in our bow wake on Saturday morning off St. Davids Head

  4. kat says:

    They may be trying to save the one held in that small cage in dockyard. That is animal abuse. But guess its who you are or what color you are

    • Onlooker says:

      I agree Kat, hopefully if more dolphins are coming closer ashore, maybe there wont be a need for captive ones on the island.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Bye, the OBA tourism promotion is working. We are getting visitors we never had before.