Bermuda National Gallery To Publish New Book

July 21, 2013

bermuda-national-gallery-an-introductionBermudian art is a beautiful and unique thing, and a new book to be published later this year by the Bermuda National Gallery aims to showcase the history of that unique beauty with enough visuals to leave you wanting for more.

Bermuda National Gallery: An Introduction provides an overview of art on our island, from its origins of Caribbean roots, to the strong influence of European and African cultures that came later.

Written by co-authors Lisa Howe and Sophie Cressall, the Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Bermuda National Gallery respectively, the book offers insight on Bermudian art both famous and obscure from the very best of all possible sources, making it a must-have for art enthusiasts and lovers of island life and history alike.

Set to be published later this year Bermuda National Gallery: An Introduction is currently available for pre-order via

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