New Solar Energy Showroom Set To Open Today

July 30, 2013

Bermuda Engineering will become the island’s first solar energy company to open its doors to the public with a new solar energy showroom, which opens today [July 30] at 48 St. John’s Road.

Several Ministers will be attending the ribbon cutting and will kick off the celebrations, which will continue into the evening; and other dignitaries will also be in attendance.

Stuart Kriendler of Bermuda Engineering Company Ltd. said, “Our mission is to help every home and business in Bermuda reduce their energy bills and environmental impact through the use of energy efficient and solar energy technologies.

“It has long been our dream to create a showroom where the public can come to see these technologies in a relaxed environment and learn about how they work first-hand from qualified professionals who are installing these systems every day.

“There is a lot of interest in the community about renewable energy, and now there is a place where people can discover the answers to common questions such as how we design systems to survive hurricanes.”

Travis Burland, Chief Engineer added, “We also provide a range of energy-efficient products such as LED lighting, variable speed pool pumps, heat pump water heaters and will soon be providing ultra high-efficiency air conditioners and home appliances as well, so even if you cannot install a solar energy system on your home, you can still reduce your electricity bill.

“With so much bad news about the economy, we want to show that there are good things happening, the renewable energy industry is growing, new jobs are being created for Bermudians and we are helping people to reduce their electricity bills at the same time, it’s just what we need.”

The opening of this showroom represents the culmination of many months’ work by Bermuda Engineering’s all-Bermudian team. The Senior Management team of Bermuda Engineering includes: Travis Burland, Stuart Kriendler and Christopher Worboys. Normal opening hours will be from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4pm, although anyone interested in solar technology for their home who cannot make these hours can also call 279-5907 to arrange a free site assessment and quotation.

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  1. $$$$$$$ says:

    Solar Bermuda already has a showroom on top of Spurling Hill so this is not the first. I am sure that Burland’s shop will be more flashy and the overheads will surely add to the costs for solar and drive up prices for Bermuda Engineering products.

    Unbiased information about solar energy can be found online along with a wide range of other products. Better to call the other companies and have them come to you at your convenience, this is the way solar is done in the modern world.

    • Good day $$$$$$, Bermuda Engineering has been operating out of our Solar Showroom for some time now, and as far as we know we are the first to have an official Grand Opening making it available to the public.

      Our Solar Showroom is first class and shows how the solar roof penetrations are made in a Bermuda roof, which a big question most Bermudians have.
      Bermuda Engineering has a passion to help Bermuda’s economy and ecology and we keep our prices very competitive, offering the highest quality solar PV product on the planet for the best value to be found.

      If you look at the last paragraph of the article above you will see that we also offer free site visits and more. We are the most modern solar company in Bermuda and plan to continue progressing for the good of Bermuda and the earth.

      Many thanks for your feedback, please don’t hesitate to call me directly at 599 2105 or email at for any further questions.

      Above all, everyone please have a safe, happy and healthy Cup Match!


  2. Solar Onion says:


    We got a system from these guys a few months ago and it was the cheapest quote we received :) They gave us a quote on the phone and came to our house, as did the other companies. Wishwe did it sooner though, it’s been so sunny that we haven’t had an electric bill all summer!

  3. believer says:

    @solar onion.

    i’m with you on the no electricity bills, shine on! but as with everything, you get what you pay for; garbage in, garbage out. Bermuda Engineering is the cheapest but they also have the lowest quality and the oldest technology panels. Over the long haul, not a very good investment. The financials from the panels we had installed are much more attractive and the technology is up-to-date.

    • @Believer

      Bermuda Engineering install BenQ Solar PV modules, who tests their products in the company’s state of the art labs. Additionally, BenQ Solar have obtained global certifications such as the IEC 6125, IEC 61730, GSE and MCS in Europe, and UL 1703 and CEC in North America. These are very well designed and robust panels, and meet or exceed all mechanical load tests, impact testing, and corrosion and environmental chamber tests. It is very important to ensure you buy quality solar products, and in fact, BenQ Solar produce some of the highest quality solar products on planet earth!

      In regards to your comments about the ‘oldest technology panels’, BenQ are a vertically integrated company with a high efficiency value chain that includes monosilicon, ingot, wafer, cell, module, and system production, ensuring high-efficiency solar components both upstream and downstream. In fact, BenQ are on the cutting edge of solar technology.

      Furthermore, Bermuda Engineering install the BenQ Solar AC Unison module, a high efficiency AC module with an integrated microinverter, which is the industry’s first AC module system (UL 1741 compliant). Designed for simple plug-and-play installation, high performance, and great rooftop aesthetics, it offers a long term warranty that covers both the microinverter and the module.

      For anybody who has any doubts of our quality, or are interested in going solar, please feel free to contact me at Bermuda Engineering. We are a honest, hard-working, and passionate company dedicated to bringing the highest quality products and service at the most competitive solar prices on the island.

      Have a safe and wonderful cup-match holiday.

      Best regards,
      Travis Burland
      279 5907

  4. Observer says:

    ‘believer’ just got taken back to skool!