Regiment Soldiers On Cup Match Security Patrols

July 31, 2013

Bermuda Regiment soldiers are to team up with police for Cup Match patrols on land and on sea.

Colour Sergeant Harry Hunt, who will take a lead role in the land patrols, has a family interest in Cup Match, he is the great-nephew of star Somerset cricketer Alma “Champ” Hunt.

C. Sgt Hunt said, “Cup Match is in my blood. I’m Somerset born and bred and this is a very important holiday.

“Our troops, from nearly every part of the Regiment, have sacrificed their own time off to help protect others.

“They will be conducting joint foot patrols and standing patrols in and around St George’s Cricket Club with the police, as well as reassurance patrols.”

The soldiers, all volunteers and including four women will start their day at Warwick Camp at 5am before carrying out a security sweep of the Cup Match venue at 6.30am. They will then spend 12 to 13 hours on joint patrols with the police on both days.

C. Sgt Hunt said, “They will be working hard. But it’s good for the Regiment. It’s flying the flag at a major event and reminds the public how flexible and useful we are.

“It’s also useful training and it meets our mission requirement of aid to the civil power. We’re glad to be able to help, especially on such an important holiday.”

The soldiers will not be armed, but will assist police officers as required. On the water, the Boat Troop will team up Marine Police to patrol the waterways, especially in the St George’s area, in a similar supporting role. The two sea-going units regularly work together, with Regiment soldiers joining police on patrols throughout the summer.

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  1. I'm just sayin... says:

    And why won’t they be armed?