Photos: Crash Victim Nakeno Creighton Tribute

August 10, 2013

Hearts and crosses join the words “RIP Keno” on a bus shelter in St David’s at the scene where 17-year-old Nakeno Creighton tragically lost his life in an accident on Wednesday [Aug 7].

Nakeno Creighton Accident Tribute, August 10 2013 (1)

“Sleep In Peace” is marked on the road in the area that emergency service personnel fought to save the life of the CedarBridge student, who was an accomplished runner and rugby player.

Police continue to appeal for witnesses, saying: “Apparently there were a number of individuals on bus number 6 that left St. George’s heading to St. David’s at 5:15pm Wednesday, fifteen minutes before the fatal collision that claimed the life of 17 year old Nakeno Creighton of St. George’s.

Nakeno Creighton Accident Tribute, August 10 2013 (6)

“We are specifically appealing to any of those bus passengers that may have witnessed the tragic incident on St. David’s Road in St. George’s near the junction with Bay Estates Road around 5:30pm Wednesday, August 7th to contact PC Walter Jackson at the Roads Policing Unit on 247-1788.”

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  1. Island Boy says:

    Sad for the family and friends of this young boy. However, when did it become okay to deface public property in order to honor someone! C’mon surely there is a better way! Drape a cloth with a message on it as many have done before. My condolences to his family and friends but I hope that those same people stand up and send a message that while the intention is good, destroying property in his memory is not what he or they would have wanted.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    In a few days time are those who defaced public property going to come back & clean up the mess they made. I highly doubt it. They should be hauled before the courts & fined at least the costs of cleaning up their destruction PLUS the costs of taking them before the courts.

    Now, how many thousands do you think that will be? In the meantime the bill will be paid by the public.

    How screwed up has Bermuda become. On highways elsewhere you might see small crosses or memorials to those killed on the roads. Destruction like this is not tolerated.

    This was no accident. It was a perfectly avoidable crash. It was not a life that was somehow mysteriously “lost”. People have to face up to the hard cold consequences of dangerous driving.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      100% agree with this.

      • andre says:

        Where you there? Do you know any of the details of the accident? Something tells me you don’t. Please speak about what you know. Thank you!

        • DUHHHH says:

          @Andre, we didn’t have to be there! The facts were stated in the daily as well as on this site. This was an avoidable incident. Now, if you knew the young man, then im sorry for your loss, but @Triangle Drifter is absolutely right. We have to face up to the hard cold consequences of dangerous driving. and in no way is it okay to deface public property that MY tax dollars will have to pay to get cleaned up.

    • Aunt of Keno says:

      OMG!!!! I came on here because I was thinking of my nephew. It is people like you that make people like me go off. If you don’t know anything of what took place that day, “MAKE NO COMMENT”. Your right it was no accident. God planned Keno’s birth and death. It was his time. You have no heart but I pray God has your soul.

    • missing BDA says:

      Beyond disrespectful. Have a tiny bit of compassion for this 17 YEAR OLD’s family and friends. Gone too soon. I’ll miss you Keno

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:


    • Toodle-oo says:

      Ghetto indeed .

      It would be far more appropriate if in future these individuals saved their expressions of artistic creativity for other uses.
      Instead , why not get together and all chip in a few dollars and buy a nice park bench or endemic Bermuda tree and get a plaque done up with a nice memorial inscribed and plant it/ place it in a quiet place that the victim used to be fond of . Others could go there in perpetuity and reflect.

  4. Khalid says:

    Its a beautiful tribute from a number of shattered teens who are mourning the lose of their friend and relative…

    Even when the Graffiti fades, the memory of the day they spent memorializing their loved one together at this location will help to strengthen them against the pain of their loss…

    Sit at your favourite park bench and think about that…

    • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

      Kalid, with all due respect, why exactly do you think that the individuals that did this did not choose to spray paint one of their own homes, or cars.

      This is not an act of mourning my friend, this is a selfish act by a few that I hope will see the wrong in what they did and fix it themselves. Perhaps their intentions were sincere, or because they are in mourning, they are not thinking clearly. However, that does not make it right!

  5. RawOnion says:

    Please people, if you want to mourn someone publicly, use a sheet and have everyone sign it or spray it. Then you can later hand it to the deceased’s family. I doubt you can dig up the street or move the bus shelter to give to them as a memento. A death is no excuse to spray ‘graffiti’ on public property.

    Or better yet, go visit his family to express your condolences. Write something on a card. In a few weeks the road will be painted over as will the bus shelter and your condolences/tributes will be gone.

  6. Tramsparency for Real!! says:

    “Young People are Expressing their Grief”

    While many may not agree in the way these young people have chosen to show their grief for the lost of their friend. It is common for younger persons to display their grief in such a manner. It is a safe way in which they can get their inner feelings of sorrow, pain, hurt and grief out. Many young people often resort to writings, art display and hanging of things that belonged to a friend. Young people need to see this everyday for a few days to feel close to their friend they recently lost and to come to grip with their lost.

    We should not be so hard on them. We should reach out to understand their pain. The WALLS can be fix so easy with a little paint. It is not unfixable. Let allow our young people to express their grief in a safe way that they best know how to express it. Lets not make this into something ugly and distasteful. Grief is difficult for younger persons to deal with, and they all have different ways of expressing it.

    Love our young people. Do your part and help with the painting and cleaning, after a few days. God will love you even more.

    Rest in Peace, and my prayers are with the family and friends at this most difficult time.

    • Sir George Somers says:

      Safe way to show their feelings? They’re in the middle of the road spray painting, imagine a bike speeding round that corner! Accident waiting to happen!

      • Missing keno says:

        Obviously was pay attention to the cars coming in the road after just losing a friend

    • Nelly says:

      I totally agree.

  7. Smh says:

    W&E will be down St. Davids this cumin week 2 clean up de mess ok take a break a lil cement wash & erything be bac 2 normal give de yoots a break der in mourning!!!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Hardly, other such tributes can still be seen many years after…

    • DUHHHH says:

      @smh this is true but what about the other jobs that w&e had planned for that week? Now they will be set back because the youts as you put them have defaced public property! And guess who has to pay for this extra set back?

  8. SoMuchMore says:

    i agree with the gesture but disagree on how it was done. as others mentioned they could funnel their respects or whatever you wish to call it in another way that is positive to all – the family, friends and the community.

    the bus stop is one thing but the writing going across the entire street has blown me away. never seen such.

    i pray for everyone who is hurting during this difficult time.

  9. Come Correct says:

    Ok I’d like to see the opinions on this.

    Personally I’m in agreement with most about defacing public property, but…

    As some state yes, this is how some young people mourn. Ok, so it’s no Picasso but where else would you see this? Yes I’ve seen graffiti before, some really good, but in a sort of twisted way these sorts of things add a bit of character to the island.

  10. Youkiddingme says:

    Yes express your feelings, but do it with some decency and glass There is no excuse for that.

  11. Youkiddingme says:

    Correction: Do it with some *class.

  12. Where ya been says:

    Ever heard of a sheet? Why on earth are they defacing public property.

  13. St. D says:

    Seems to me everyone here finds it easier to debate the pros and cons of the proper way to express grief than to face the heartbreaking reality that Bermuda has lost another promising young man who could have been one of our future leaders or may have simply grown up and passed his life experiences down to the next generation. Easier to talk about what he should or shouldn’t have done than face the reality that the next one may be our son or nephew or cousin. He was a special young man who touched many hearts.

  14. RIP Keno says:

    yes they defaced public property.

    but when your looking at the busstop think about who its for. one of bermudas promising young males whose life was taken far too early.

    think of how you’ll if you was 16 and of the people you spent every weekend with is gone before getting a chance to live their life.

  15. RIP Keno says:

    and on top of all of that. this is by far not the first time this has been done and noone complained or tried to put teenagers thats already filled with greif behind bars.
    so all of you judgemental bermudians you all need to grow up and learn how to put yaself in other peoples shoes for once. look at the amount of love his friends and famaily had for rather than the condition of a already trashy bustop. in my eyes the tribute made it just that much better

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Wrong !
      People have been disgusted by this ever since it first showed up many years ago.
      The internet simply now gives them a place to express it when the appropriate article come up. And it has been commented on before in other incidents.

      Making excuses for and rationalizing other people’s anti social behavior simply paves the way for declining standards and eventually making everything ‘acceptable’.

      Someone above said ‘Even when the graffiti fades …’ If left untouched it will be there for years .

    • Island Boy says:

      @ RIP Keno, you might be surprised to learn how many of us have lost friends at an early age.

      Many of us have complained about this type of activity, which is why most people now spray paint on sheets now.

      We all know that his friends are suffering but you have to understand that the bus stop is not your property and you do not have the right to deface it. You can show your love for your friend in many other ways.

      I doubt very much that Keno would be proud of this destruction of public property in his name. Why he may be proud and grateful that his friends thought enough of him to do “something” in his name, I doubt that he would be less proud if you would have put the same messages on bed sheets.

      If the bus stop was in such terrible shape, why not step up o the challenge, gather his real friends then paint it and fix it up in his name so his friends family and neighbours can remember him in a positive way.

  16. St. D says:

    I agree. Right now that bus stop is a memorial, a testimony and also a reminder to those still with usm to take care.

  17. Just Sayin says:

    Another young Bermudian black male gone too soon. Respect goes both ways young people. If someone thinks that these tributes are inappropriate. They have every right to express that opinion just like the ones who sprayed the bus shelter and road. And if not just young Bermudians but all of us young and old want to show some respect and tributes. The best way to me would be to show some respect for Bermudas traffic laws and other road users. By slowing down, staying out of that proverbial third lane. And to use this incident as a perfect example. Stop overtaking on those blind corners or around large vehicles like buses when you can’t see what is coming from the other direction.

    This reminds me of two crosses on the side od Bermudas roads. One on the corner by Ferry Reach Rd and the other opposite Tercieras gas station on north shore road Devonshire. The one at ferry reach is a tribute to a young man by the name Paynter who died in a road traffic accident there. The one in Devonshire was put there in memory of a Mr, Smith who had just left Mr. Paynters funeral in St George. And collided with a car turning into the gas station. A perfect example of what I am trying t say. Though you may be hurting and in disbelief.for the lost of your friend, buddy and school mate. If you really want to pay him some respect and give a tribute. Slow the heck down and arrive alive!!!!

    • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

      I agree with you. This kid was a star athlete by the sounds of it. Those of you that defaced the bus stop…clean it up. Hold a track meet, a long distance race or something in his honor.

      Kids , I understand your grief, and don’t want to make things worse by criticizing while you are feeling bad already. But please, step up, acknowledge your wrong doings and fix this. Memorialize and pay tribute to him in another more positive way and the community will stand behind you 100%

  18. Ray says:

    What if the accident happened next to someone’s house. Would it be ok to graffiti the house? What if it was YOUR house? Please think carefully.

    At the end of the day, although people are grieving, this doesn’t give people the right to deface public property with their grief and sorrow. A white sheet would be appropriate and would not deface public property.

    We cannot do whatever we want to the property of others just because we are grieiving!!

    R.I.P Nakeno

  19. Tramsparency for Real!! says:

    Why make it into something that is really nothing, ‘Why sweat the small stuff’, that can be quickly fixed with a little paint. REALLY!! No major injuries. Let them remember their friend who was an outstanding young person in a way they best know how…Stop with it Bermuda, and stop fuzzing over every little thing…we are not a Police State are we…

    The best you can do, it help to re-paint in a few days….it can be fixed with out a problem….live a little and allow these young persons to express their feelings of sorrow.

    • Come Correct says:

      “that can be quickly fixed with a little paint.”

      I suppose you paint every bare limestone wall in your house, huh? Doesn’t sound like you’ve ever touched a paint brush. We’ll all wave to you while you repaint this bus stop since that was such a brilliant idea you had. You’re going to have to paint the whole thing or it will look worse than it already does. That means stabbing your paint brush up into every hole and crevice, or you could plaster the limestone to give yourself a nice surface to paint on. Also I hear the local paint companies have a nice black paint with a yellow line in the middle so you can repaint the road too. Who’s paying for this again?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      What does being a Police State have to do with defacing public property?

      You are right, the little paint does not cost much. It is the labour to apply that paint. Are you going to do it? Nah, didn’t think so.

      Sooner or later W&E will get around to doing it taking who knows how many man hours at public expense.

      Meanwhile the graffiti looks, as already noted, ghetto, even 3rd world.

  20. pwndwg says:

    My condolences to the family. I doubt it was they who turned this into a soap opera.

  21. Whistling Frog says:

    What you expect, azz whoopin went out the door years ago…

  22. Real Talk (original) says:

    While I certainly empathize with the friends having suffered such a tragedy, the lack of respect for public property is astonishing. Since when did it become okay to deface property? A sheet would have been a more respectful, equally therapeutic tribute.

  23. Just asking? says:

    What is the difference between this and the numerous painted school bus stops?

    • common sense says:

      wow.. there is a serious problem if you dont know the difference!

    • Bow Wow Brown Cow says:

      How about, the School bus stops sought permission.

  24. Just saying says:

    I don’t agree that this young man’s memorial has now turned into a debate, and you have ruined what was supposed to be beautiful and artistic to his friends and family. Im sure it will be removed overtime now that people have made it clear that they do not like it. But in future for anyone else I would suggest art work on a sheet that eventually you can remove and give to his family as a gift. On a good note… GREAT WORK! RIP

  25. just dat guy 297 says:

    All you people complaining about something so petty. My point is you dont wake up everyday and look at that bus stop, so whats the problem? it actually makes the sh***y bus stop look better, also its a reminder to slow down. so get over it!! Go work get your paycheck and stop FU****G complaining about life and just live it

  26. Just asking says:

    Instead of defacing public property. Why don’t his friends resolve not to speed or ride without due care?

  27. My Kind says:

    When certain bus stops are decorated deliberately as a way to brighten up an area (like the one by Whitney School) we can hardly complain when people brighten up other areas at a time like this.

    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.