Photos: Stocks Repaired In St George’s Square

August 22, 2013

After having spent time with bright yellow caution tape wrapped around the obviously rotting wood, the stocks in the St. George’s Town Square were repaired, with the work taking place yesterday [Aug 21].

St Georges Town Square Stocks Bermuda, August 21 2013-2

The stocks — a popular photo spot for visitors to the island — allow people to put their heads and arms through wooden frames, replicating a punishment meted out to people many years ago.

Much of the preparatory work was done in advance off site with the finished pieces delivered to the location and installed after the old structures were stripped down. The work was completed by Foggo Carpentry.

St Georges Town Square Stocks Bermuda, August 21 2013-3

By late afternoon the reconstruction had been completed and the units were coated with finish. Barricades were erected to keep people away from the wet finish

Passerbys stopped and watched the proceedings, and some were heard commenting how nice it was to see them repaired and ready for the visitors to come and take their photos with them.

St Georges Town Square Stocks Bermuda, August 21 2013-16

St George’s Corporation Common Councillor Phillip Anderson, operator of the St George’s Visitor Information Centre in the Town Square, thanked Government for working with the Corporation to help ensure the repairs were made to the local attraction.

St Georges Town Square Stocks Bermuda, August 21 2013-22

Mr Anderson said, “This has to be the #1 place where pictured are taken on the island, so we are very thankful to have them back up and running again.”

He noted that the contractors who fixed the stocks, Foggo Carpentry, were St George’s based and said they were happy to put some of the money into the Town of St George.

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  1. Wow great news??i know a few poloticians who should be put in those stocks??There is an idea!!lets have our politicians put in those stocks and charge a fee for all to do as they please with them??One way to help bring down the DEBT???lol

  2. M.Patricia says:

    Should bring these back in use for those who are caught stealing,etc. ie those young men who were caught at Elbow Beach. They should stay there for a a few days, then get the “belt” and then go to prison.

  3. lightbulb...... says:

    What I want to know is how the heck where they allowed to get into such disgusting condition? This is probably the most popular photo spot in Bermuda. Something is drastically wrong here. This is the middle of the tourist season. How did this happen?

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Try sitting your behind out in this climate Weather and you’d spoil the same way…

  4. ganja mon says:

    Take these damn things down. You want people to forget about slavery and the destruction of blacks worldwide, yet you want to keep things like this in plain view for all the see and take pictures of. I like how you worded this statement; replicating a punishment meted out to people many years ago. Many people like who? Negroes mainly!! Ask yourself why the back of the stock had standing room for like 3 people?

    That was so they can whip their backsides if the slaves tried to hide their faces from the public as they got their flugging. You should be ashamed Bernews!

    • Meh says:

      No they should stay, so people know the past and celebrate the present. That is a well known picture spot for visitors. We need to bring back the focus on the visitors. unless people are selling something to the people that do not live in Bermuda you are really not helping Bermuda much. We need more money coming in. We also need to balance the circulation of the money currently in Bermuda.

  5. Observer says:

    I cannot understand how they were allowed to stay in that state for so long, right in the middle of the season. So many were disappointed.

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