Teens Produce “Never Woke Up” Bermuda Video

August 28, 2013

Cliff diving, underwater views, local scenery, and time lapse footage are some of the things featured in the latest video release from two talented Bermuda teenagers.

Giles Lorimer Turner, 17, and his brother James Lorimer Turner, 18, edited the video after pulling together a group of their teenage friends for the filming. The video was filmed using a gopro, and the song used in the video was written by Matt Gallagher, who went to school with James in the UK.

This is the third video release from the brothers, whose first video in 2011 attained close to 500,000 views on YouTube, which they followed up with a second release in 2012.

The teenagers said one of the reasons behind making the videos is to “showcase Bermuda from a younger perspective,” which feel is helpful to Bermuda’s tourism.

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  1. Blessed says:

    Bermuda is Beautiful. So very grateful to be Bermudian and to live here:)

  2. I can c clearly! says:

    OMG that was amazing! I could feel the hair on my arms stand up. Bermuda please pay attention to the talent. Use the Talent we have in our youth. In the past weeks we have had several young ppl on the media for doing great things, (rappers, music producers athletes models just to name a few. Lets keep them encouraged. Lets have some accolades for these young ppl who have done us proud! I know cable vision does a wonderful awards event that is great maybe they could add a category for Bermudian youth who are making their mark early ( maybe they do just thinking of ways to be encouraging ) and this way they can be acknowledged and encouraged. There are tons of scholarships and awards for business which is great but open up more for kids who are not wanting to be behind desk and then use them in the future. Instead of spending tons of cash on advertising you have them right on the island. We can bring our island back our young ppl have spoken they are telling you that they are here and can compete with the best any were just look at the numbers of views that little model girl has on you tube and has made it in the finals, look at the views these young men have on their videos the rapper was voted in against and American seasoned component. Pay attention don’t mis the youth Cruise!!!!

  3. me says:

    That was great!! Our Government needs to recognise the talent on this island and use it! Tourism Videos, upgrade the news channels, local businesses that need website upgrades.
    Well done!

  4. a photog says:

    I still think that the Department OF tourism should hire these kids

    • Cinderella says:

      What about a dollar amount that represents Summer Students Job wage to each of the participants?

  5. Bermuda Next Advertising says:

    WHy are we employing some advertising agency to market Bermuda, when this video alone is enough to represent Bermuda in advertising.

    And then again, with all sort of extreme sports being exhibitioned around the world drawing in all sorts of people. Why dont we have extreme diving or something here one year. Even the REd Bull Diving competition which host around the spot venues.

  6. Youngster says:

    This is excellent and easily could be use to target a certain demographic. This definitely appeals to the under 30s but, I’m not sure they are the ones that would spend the money tourism is looking for on island. Bermuda needs to make sure the night life product is a bit more amped so that if this material is used for promotion, the island can live up to the hype. This is also a very seasonal promotion. Well done fellas!

    • Outkasted says:

      Last time I checked money is green. Bermuda needs to stop the all eggs in one basket mentality. We have to have a proper mix.

  7. I Miss Bermuda says:

    This is the Bermuda I remember. This is the Bermuda that I love. And this is the Bermuda that I hope to visit again. Maybe all of the politicians need to go jump off a of a cliff together for an afternoon before they return to their meetings. 2014 visit is planned!

    • Malachi says:

      ….best suggestion I have read in a long time regarding what some of our politicians should do – the higher the cliff the better!

  8. SoMuchMore says:

    dot you should hire them

  9. Bulldog says:

    Absolutely Awesome!!! This is not about encouraging government to take advantage of and potentially spoil such talent. I think that all Bermudians should create a ground roots movement to send this link to everyone they know overseas and it would then become an iconic advertisement for Bermuda unspoiled by politics…

    • TWISTER says says:

      Couldn’t say it any better Bulldog Go Youth Very Nicely Done

  10. old says:

    makes me feel old! but great video

  11. sage says:

    Can some of Tourism Dept. millions currently being wasted with Fuseideas and More Pink be spent on local talent, entertainment and activity development?

  12. Sunshine says:

    Fun and enjoyable! Loved it. Its def suited for the younger tourist lol! I hope part of it is used for a tourism campaign.

  13. CommonSensenBda says:

    I believe that the video can and will be a wonderful addition for Tourism product….unfortunately, it would be turned down by the PLPbiu because it features far too many WHITE people and not enough “real” BERMUDIANS (ie. BLACKS).

    • Ganja mon says:

      Nice try at race baiting troll…but your probably right. Not enough real Bermudians.

      • ignorance Is Bliss says:

        Real Bermudians??? Last time I checked the first Portuguese and later Spanish found no signs of life other than Hogs?

        So who are the real Bermudians anyway? We are all imports.

        • James Lorimer Turner says:

          Most of the people in the video are bermudians.

  14. wake up says:

    Bermuda tourism department/authority – whatever you call yourself – a bunch of kids did this – its superb – its blows away the multi million dollars we have spent on overseas “work” – why aren’t we using this in our ads internationally??? wake up!!!!!!!!

  15. ignorance Is Bliss says:

    The problem with many advertising agencies worldwide put all of their efforts into winning contracts. Once the ink is dry and they get a X year contract for dollar X, the talent and energy goes to sealing the next deal instead of focusing on the job at hand.

  16. ignorance Is Bliss says:

    Well done kids. Awesome job!

  17. Hold on says:

    Now hold on cause the first ad campaign done was by PLP n most of the persons hired were white . Trust me I was there. Also your the reason why ppl think like they do about politics because all you see above your post is positive then you have to common here and soil the darn vibe. Go sit ya self down with that type of talk and take a look at yourself and try for crying out loud think to your self why in Gods name am I so darn negative . Why must I always spoil the vibe! I don’t give a hoot if your black or white or what darn party tour from all I know is we need some change and young ppl are showing initiative and connectivity with our island ,their island ! So get off your political high horse n give it a break ! I know what your trying to do ! You clearly can see that everybody just came together about this post WHITE and BLACK yea I said it and you cant stand the unity. I’m white n I’m sick of it !

  18. Shawn says:

    Well done, and great job to them all. Its so nice to some positive youth out there and enjoying life. Must be nice to have that type of money at that age, and period, also did see them racing the boats lol very nice to them all, at that age i was working my butt off.

    Keep Up the good work all.

  19. Sad Sad n More Sad ... says:

    Ok guys, pls just stop theses youngster decided to film their fun in the sun!!

    Thk u for contributing to our island’s lack of transparency.

    We have wonderful things to offer here that our free but not supported by many …

    Please keep up the good work!!! Let us know when your filming again. We will be there to add to the fun …

    Maybe we can get some our National Swim Team & Local Celeb’s to join in …

    My child lives for the rocks; always willing to take anyone’s nerve.

    Happy Birthday to MJ

  20. philly says:

    how long is it going to take before you blind government officials see that all the talent that you need to advertise,organize,opperate,an run that little piece of rock is right in front of your eyes in your young people.Your problem is you wont let go of the little string of so called power you think you have,an take your hands out of the peoples till an invest in your own people.Ewart brown took bermudas yearly expenses way up in how ever many years in office.An Bermuda has gone from a thriving tourist an exempt company economy under John swan to practically a third world country in my lifetime.My father looked forward to the day when the progressive labour party would get there chance to govern Bermuda.What a disgrace.Just watched this brilliant video on youtube that is better than any your advertising budget has made,an it was on youtube for free.