Video: Clair Ann Moore Thrills NOC Audience

August 20, 2013

[Updated] Everyone that took the stage during Saturday’s [Aug 17] Night of Champions received support from the crowd, but there was one clear audience favourite, with guest poser Clair Ann Moore bringing down the house with her special appearance.

The 55 year old suffers from scoliosis, polio and cerebral palsy, but hasn’t let that hold her back from hitting the gym. Ms Moore trains at the SeaView Gym on North Shore, and said working out has helped her with her physical disabilities.

“I learned to overcome all three,” she said. “Because now I have the benefits in my legs from going to the gym. Secondly, I don’t have spasms anymore. I used to have 90 degrees curvature of the spine and now I have 60 degrees.”

Ms Moore walked on stage with the assistance of a walker, showing off some of her hard earned lower body strength.

She then sat in her wheelchair and performed a posing routine, drawing a great crowd reaction as she displayed some of her upper body musculature with bodybuilding poses such as the front double bicep and side tricep.

As she finished her posing routine, one of the bodybuilding officials came and placed a well deserved medal around her neck, and Ms Moore exited the stage to a standing ovation.

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Update: Ms Moore’s trainer Percy Paynter said she has been training fairly steady for four years, and said she “works pretty hard. I toss alot at at her and she sucks it right up.”

The veteran personal trainer, who has been in the field for some 50 years, says she comes to the gym twice a week to train with him, and also works out with weights while at home at Summerhaven.

“She’s a real trooper,” said Mr Paynter. “She is an inspiration to alot of us. She wants to do it again, and if she does she will be in even better shape.”

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  1. Love it! says:

    That’s awesome and such an inspiration! Congrats Ms. Moore!

  2. J says:

    stop it J… suck it up… don’t you cry you b**tard

  3. Headed to the GYM says:

    Thank you for being an inspiration to many including ME..

    I am headed to the gym with a BURST of energy because of you!

    Thank you Ms. Carol…..

    I must get you on my radio show!


  4. Congrats to you Claire, we’ve come a long way baby! Wow and don’t let nothing hold you down.

  5. Watching On says:

    The power of determination. You can do anything that you make up your mind to.

  6. Tired says:

    That was an awesome performance. Congrats and Blessings to you.

  7. Nikki says:

    What an inspiration, you’ve been working hard Ms. Moore and it has paid off! I already attend Sea View regularly and u have put me to shame, lol All the best with future training sessions and can’t wait to see you again next year!

    Also, GREAT staff over there at the SeaView Gym!!!

  8. FYI says:

    You are PHENOMENAL!! I work with children with disabilities, and they inspire me every day because they do not let their challenges hold them back, or as an excuse to not do something. Keep up the great work. You are AWESOME!!!

  9. Cuzzin says:

    Way to go cuzz I am in tears right now. You are such an inspiration. YOU GO GIRL

  10. Joyfully Yours says:

    What an inspiration! How encouraging to me! With a shining smile to top it all off!! THANK U CLAIR, for encouraging me to persevere.