Cricket: St. David’s Win Eastern County Cup

September 1, 2013

The St. David’s Cricket Club won the Eastern County Cup after defeating Flatt’s Victoria by 190 runs. St. David’s Cricket Club batted first and declared on 283/8, in reply Flatt’s Victoria scored 93.

Flatt’s Victoria won the toss and sent the Cup Holders St. David’s Cricket Club to bat, at one point St. David’s were 30/3, with Captain OJ Pitcher and Vice-Captain Delyone Borden both back in the pavilion, however a 139 run partnership between Fiqre Crockwell and Sammy Robinson pulled them out of trouble as they scored 283/8 in their allotted overs. Crockwell was the top scorer with 99, while Robinson added 39. Loren Marshall chipped in with 36. Nelson Bascome was the pick of the Flatt’s Victoria bowlers with figures of 14-1-52-3, while Kevin Hurdle bowled a marathon spell of 21-1-70-3.

In reply Flatt’s Victoria were bowled all out for 93, Vernon Eve was the top scorer with 23, while Chris Daley added 16, James Celestine and Nelson Bascome were the only other batsmen in double figures both scored 10. Sammy Robinson was the pick of the St. David’s Cricket Club bowlers returning figures of 7-0-23-4, while Delyone Borden bowled 2.1-0-06-2 and Rudell Pitcher had figures of 4.0-0-17-2.

St. David’s Cricket Club Innings

  • ..09 Delyone Borden c Kijuan Franks b Nelson Bascome
  • ..13 McClaren Lowe b Kijuan Franks
  • ..99 Fiqre Crockwell c Regino Smith b Kevin Hurdle
  • ..04 OJ Pitcher c Reggie Baker b Nelson Bascome
  • ..39 Sammy Robinson c Nelson Bascome b Kevin Hurdle
  • ..35 Loren Marshall b Nelson Bascome
  • ..14 Rudell Pitcher c Dajun Carey b Vernon Eve
  • ..20 Justin Pitcher Not Out
  • ..22 Kameron Fox c Dajon Carey b Kevin Hurdle
  • ..11 George O’Brien Jr. Not Out
  • ..16 Extras [9b-1lb-3w-3nb]

283 Total for 8 Wickets after 66 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-10 [Borden], 2-24 [Lowe], 3-30 [OJ Pitcher], 4-169 [Robinson], 5-173 [Crockwell], 6-209 [Rudell Pitcher], 7-239 [Marshall], 8-267 [Fox]

Flatt’s Victoria Bowlers

  • 21.-1-70-3 Kevin Hurdle
  • 8.0-1-38-1 Kijuan Franks
  • 14.-1-52-3 Nelson Bascome
  • 3.0-0-17-0 Paul Carr
  • 11.-2-47-1 Vernon Eve
  • 6.0-0-34-0 Dajon Carey
  • 3.0-0-15-0 Chris Daley

Flatt’s Victoria Innings

  • ..23 Vernon Eve b Rudell Pitcher
  • ..10 James Celestine b George O’Brien Jr.
  • ..06 Kijuan Franks b Delyone Borden
  • ..01 Regino Smith b Sammy Robinson
  • ..03 Dajon Carey b Rudell Pitcher
  • ..05 Kevin Hurdle c Justin Pitcher b Sammy Robinson
  • ..10 Nelson Bascome c Justin Pitcher b Sammy Robinson
  • ..02 Rahji Edness b Sammy Robinson
  • ..16 Chris Daley c Rudell Pitcher b Delyone Borden
  • ..04 Paul Carr Run Out
  • ..04 Reggie Baker Not Out
  • ..09 Extras [1lb-8b]
  • ..93 Total All Out

Fall of Wickets: 1-15 [Celestine], 2-27 [Franks], 3-35 [Smith], 4-51 [Eve], 5-56 [Hurdle], 6-58 [Carey], 7-61 [Edness], 8-74 [Bascome], 9-79 [Carr], 10-93 [Daley]

St. David’s Cricket Club Bowlers

  • 6.0-2-08-1 George O’Brien Jr.
  • 6.0-2-14-0 Del Hollis
  • 2.1-0-06-2 Delyone Borden
  • 3.0-2-01-0 Justin Pitcher
  • 7.0-0-23-4 Sammy Robinson
  • 4.0-0-17-2 Rudell Pitcher
  • 2.0-1-01-0 Kameron Fox
  • 2.0-0-14-0 Fiqre Crockwell

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  1. Just Saying... says:

    Wish these games/teams were more competitive… Some of us actually do go to see a good game, not just for the eye candy and gambling….ijs

  2. North West says:

    After Saturday’s display by Flatt’s Victoria, they shouldn’t be allowed to play in the Eastern County. They were just pathetic! I can’t recall a game where so many batsmen were bowled hopelessly. They were just swinging at the ball recklessly! They need a good coach to teach them some discipline. They were great the first few overs of the day when they had St. David’s in trouble. But they just lost their steam as the innings went on. But the real disaster came when they went to bat.

  3. Ladeej says:

    Congrats to St David’s on your League and Eastern County Cup successes!