Photos/Video: Surfers Hit TS Gabrielle’s Swells

September 11, 2013

[Updated with video] Today [Sep 11] saw surfers take to Horseshoe Beach this morning and afternoon to take advantage of the remnant swells of Tropical Storm Gabrielle.

Below are images of surfers at Horseshoe Bay Beach:

Waves ran 3-6 feet in very close combinations with most waves breaking almost right away, but the surfers were lucky enough to get a few rides that kept them going for a minute or so at a time.

Bermuda is not that well known for surfing due to the reef line around us, but when tides are high and a storm is in the area the surfers, windsurfers and kite-surfers all get to go play.

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Comments (23)

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    And what is the rescue plan if they get themselves in difficulty??

    • No these folk believe that they are greater then mother nature but one day mother nature will surprise them.

      • Jut says:

        Hahahahahah.. These folk know what there doing. The folk know there limits and know how to handle the water. They will be fine

        • Karma Chameleon says:

          The graveyards are full of people that thought they new what they were doing and would never get hurt or killed doing it!

          • Karma Chameleon says:

            However, at the same time – you only live once, and life would be boring if we didn’t take chances every now and then. I just wish that surfers would think safety first and start wearing a life jacket. It took years before cyclists started wearing helmets but now – very few do. Surfer dudes and dudettes, please put on a jacket so that if you get in trouble, you will have a chance and some time on your side.

            • Fruity says:

              Completely agree! Crazy people but I wish I was right there with them! :) In a jacket of course ;)

      • SAboy says:

        Surfing is a respectable sport. The currents and the waves are actually tame compared to conditions we usually surf in. Most surfers have a great respect for nature and surfing brings you closer to Mother Nature. It’s all about calculated risk. In my mind an experienced surfer surfing in this kind of conditions is a lot less risky than the way some of these bikes drive on the road.

    • Eastern says:

      @ vote for me

      You know not what you speak!!!!!!

    • a photog says:

      good question there were no life guards on duty

    • Yeah right says:

      If people didn’t take man v nature risks, then Bermuda would never have been discovered. You would not have existed and nor would I !!!

  2. Rescue Plan says:

    Those waves are tiny compared to most places people surf in the world, so it’s really very safe.

    Experienced surfers spend their whole lives paddling out into waves where normal people probably wouldn’t survive. Most are aware of their own limits and also aware that they’ve got to look after themselves out there.

    Some of the most rewarding moments in life involve some element of risk :)

  3. RB says:

    Vote for me’s question is so Bermudian, its why so many people on this island end up sitting around drinking and smoking weed and doing very little else. See someone surfing, skateboarding etc, b*t*h and moan, and say it’s to dangerous.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Nice to see that surfing is very much alive & well in Bermuda. Not too many of the original Bermuda surfers from the 60s are still around. We may not go out anymore but we still keep our eyes on the the surf spots.

  5. Xman says:

    Stupdity or Fun – or both
    Now anytime somthing would have gone wrong – they would have had themselves to blame -
    not the first or the last people to Surf when the Seas around Bermuda got rough – my good friend Alex Outterbridge used to do this back in the 70′s.

    • To some this might be careless or crazy??but to a surfer this is normal,looking for that perfect wave!!but these are considered babies compared to other waves and places in the world..The human being is always looking to live on the edge!! be it surfing, cliff climbing, motor sports etc..

  6. filobedo21 says:

    @Xman aaannnddd what happened to Alex Outerbridge? And why mention him! Boy oh boy, the greeneyed monster has to raise its head on every blog. Stop your beefing, if you don’t like and want to participate that’s alright!! Back in the day a lot of us, used to go won to the beach and jump the waves when a storm was approaching… and we are still here. We got tossed up to the shore line a few times, we knew it was dangerous but we kept doing it…. Go for it you guys and gals! Yes as someone said you only live once!

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    Let people do what they enjoy doing. Yes there are some risk, but that’s part and parcel of the sport. Would I do it? Nope! But to each his own I say! We need to stop being so stuck in this country, cheesh!

  8. Vote for Me says:

    All – I am not commenting on whether what they are doing is good or bad – just asking about the rescue plan. If the answer is that they always surf in pairs,wear life jackets or whatever,I am fine with that.

    I also agree that we need to do some things in life that are risky and I often do things that others consider risky.

    These comments show how others interpret comments. Many assume I was complaining.

  9. Johnny Boy says:

    I think it’s fantastic to see these Surfers out there taking advantage of the rough seas… Their boards act as flotation devices and there is usually more than one surfer out there.. I really can’t believe there are negative comments about this.. Every time you get on your motorbike here you are risking your life,, and if it’s raining, then you are really dicing with death,,,

  10. ABM says:

    A lot of things can be considered stupid, like riding your bike in the rain doing over 35k. But we are so use to doing it that we think its safe. How many people have died from riding in the rain???? Exactly!

    Point is, LIVE A LITTLE AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE NEXT MAN!! You do not have govern on his/her life so why are you bent on having them do what you deem as safe?

  11. Yes I says:


  12. LiveLIfe says:

    Good for them! Enjoy your life; tomorrow is not promised. It’s their choice and they are free to have fun. They are not breaking the law or into anyone’s house I might add:) They don’t appear to be hanging around on a wall loitering. I would rather see young people having fun then to be running around with guns and a hateful heart.

  13. Off the wall says:

    Some people do not expect or want to be rescued. The advantages of sports like surfing include not only just physical fitness but also mental toughness, self reliance and to be humbled by an awesome, elemental environment such as the ocean. But hey, there is nothing to do in bermuda. Right?