Search Warrant Executed, Ten Dogs Seized

September 16, 2013

Police officers, assisting Government Dog Wardens, executed a search warrant at a Pembroke residence earlier today [Sept 16] and one adult dog and nine puppies were seized.

A police spokesperson said, “On Monday, September 16th police officers, assisting Government Dog Wardens, executed a search warrant at a Mount Hill, Pembroke residence. As a result, one adult dog and nine puppies were seized. Inquiries are ongoing.”

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  1. smh says:

    and here I am thinking they seized 10 firearms. I guess its little unlicensed pitbulls. Leave the puppies alone and put them up for adoption and just fix the mother. Let it go Benny…….

    • Toodle-oo says:

      We can only assume it’s pits involved , and we’d probably be right.
      Why ?
      Simply put pits became ‘the gun’ that their owners couldn’t legally own.
      Then they were banned and now there’s as many as if there never was a ban in the first place.

      Sure there’s many people who love them as a breed and treat them like family but as far as the illegal breeding goes it’s contraband for the breeders who use the money to pay off their ‘debts’. And of course the ‘status’ for breaking the law in the eyes of their admirers.

      Ask any vet if you don’t believe me.

      • smh says:

        I do agree with you, but it does sadden me that these innocent little puppies will now be put down instead of being fixed and put up for adoption.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          The dog wardens work in close liason with the SPCA , chances are they could well end up being ‘fixed’ for free by the vets and adopted out to the right homes.

          They really do try to save the animals as opposed to popular belief.

          The problem lies with the breeders. One of the first people to be prosecuted for the offense a few years back received a massive fine and he’s still up to it .

          • smh says:

            wow. ok well I am happy to hear that they work closely with the SPCA. I agree the problem does lie with the breeders.

          • concerned dog lover says:

            sorry to burst your bubble mate, but because of the new minister who absolutely HATES these gorgeous animals, these dogs are 100% already euthanized. There are no second chances, no chance for adoption or being fixed. In his eyes if its a pit then it is the devil and must be dealt with. It breaks my heart because pits can be the most loyal of pets if treated correctly. They have the most media coverage surrounding them, and statistically aren’t the most dangerous dog if you are looking at dog attacks. Maybe we should put Golden Retrievers and Border Collies on the ban list as they cause the most dog attacks in the world per year.

            LEAVE PITS ALONE

        • Meh says:

          I hate this word fixed as if something is broken. call it what it is it is not normal and should not be done.

    • Pop up says:

      Hahaha, let it go Benny…….

    • Charlotte Tucker says:

      I have to comment because I was one of the people that didn’t like pits. That was until I had a mistreated one next door to me. She was such a sweet dog in spite of her treatment. She is now spayed,licensed, obedience trained and in a loving home. She is the joy of our lives. If these innocent puppies are adopted out to the right owners and trained properly, they will be great dogs. One person’s misguided hate should not cause the life of so many dogs. Go after the humans. They are the ones causing the problem, not the dogs. Dogs are innocents but must pay the ultimate price.

  2. sage says:

    These poor puppies will most likely be “humanely” killed like the dozens killed since the biased, discriminatory dangerous dog ban was spawned.The emergency department reported dog bite numbers have remained steady over the years despite the ban.Also the last reported attack was a rottweiler a breed removed from the list because of lobbyists in the advisory council.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The dog bite numbers are in the hundreds every year. They remain unchanged because the ban on dangerous dogs is not enforced,

      • Toodle-oo says:

        As they say . ”Precisely”

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Wrong! The numbers of attacks have not dropped for the simple fact that the penalty towards the owner of the animal is not severe enough. Dogs are not born nasty they are trained to be that way through neglect, mistreatment & improper training. Any dog can be a dangerous even a miniature poodle can be taught to cause serious damage. Pits have received this bad reputation because many owners train & use them as a cheap security system & not as a family pet & even worse many are used in dog fights.

        There have been many pit bulls that are famous for their good nature & obedience i.e. The two pit bull actors on the Little Rascals show, Horatio Jackson’s pit bull, Theodore Roosevelt’s Pit Bull & Helen Keller’s pit to name a few. There have even been pit bulls that have rescued people & other animals from life threatening situations & even one that was added to the Purina Animal Hall of Fame for his heroism.

        What makes matters worse is that there are so many urban myths spread about pit bulls making them appear to be monsters like them having a lock jaw mechanism & unpredictable behaviour.

    • abc says:

      sage u nail it dead on

      some peeps heer hear alot but no nada ☺

      then again some have nada better 2 do wit their time

      sorry not bad grammar different fonts for u fools dat comment ur a** oyut

  3. SMH says:

    Please do not kill these innocent little puppies. It is not their fault. There are plenty of responsible people that are willing to adopt them. To make sure they go into the right peoples care, an inspection on the person’s home and surroundings should be done beforehand. Just don’t kill them

    • smh says:

      I agree! Please spare them. Tons of people will love to adopt them and they will be raised properly. I was an owner of a pitbull for many years until his passing. Such a loving animal he was.

    • concerned dog lover says:

      What I find interesting is I heard a rumor that an amnesty was going to be held in the near future to license all of these illegals. Guess it was just a rumor and more innocent, beautiful dogs are going to be put down. We need to do something Bermuda. We stand up for other forms of discrimination (racism, homosexuality), why not stand up for innocent Pit Bulls. Personally I would welcome having a background check, my house inspected and regularly visited to ensure quality living environment, if it meant I could legally own a Pit Bull. Go after the illegal breeders, and make sure their ‘contraband’ finds a loving home. I assure you, even in these hateful times in Bermuda currently, there are many out there.

  4. biggadon says:

    the bias against bully breeds are ridiculous…..I dont see them going putting down murderers and their offspring….come on folks we got to do better.

  5. itJobsgone says:

    I have seen first hand the damage done by these little puppies when they grow strong enough to rip flesh from the bone of a 6 year old little girl. These are not poodles who would lick you silly. They are killers.

    • Come Correct says:

      Um firstly are you referring to a specific breed? It sounds like it but yet the breed isn’t mentioned. Secondly the breed I own is restricted not banned yet do you think it would do any different? They’re killers lol so are humans and sharks. My boy has a pitbull that is probably one of the most passive dogs you would ever come across. It’s not tied up, not fenced in and never leaves the yard and simply watches people as they walk by. Here’s a general rule that might help you out, if it has teeth it can bite, if the tail is wagging, remember it doesn’t have teeth at that end.

      • smokinmirrors says:

        If your little child was scarred for life like mine, by one of these so called docile breeds, you may have a slightly different view. All because my little girl stepped 5 feet into this “passive” dog’s yard.I had to whack it 4 times with a 2×4 the get it to release.

        • Come Correct says:

          So all dogs are the same?

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            All pit bulls are dangerous, yes.

            • concerned dog lover says:

              that’s being extremely narrow minded. Are all whites still slave owners too?

              • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                I expect you would say it’s ‘narrow minded’ to say that all tigers would dangerous pets.

                Pit bulls are inherently dangerous.

                • Come Correct says:

                  I would say owning a wild animal that outweighs you is pretty silly unless you plan on glueing a tranqulizer gun to your hand to use either on it or yourself before it kills you. The thing is I feed my dog twice a day, some people feed their once a day but they are domesticated animals. Animals such as wolves and tigers in the wild wouldn’t eat like that, they would eat smaller amounts all throughout the day. So if it gets hungry what do think it will do? Instinctively hunt. IMO there’s a huge difference between owning a 100lb domesticated animal and owning a 600lb wild cat. Go ahead and show your 600lb cat who’s alpha lol.

                • concerned dog lover says:

                  Actually I would never say that. Look on the internet. More and more people are having tigers as pets, with nothing going wrong. So tell me, how does a person own and control a once wild beast that weighs half a ton and could rip them apart whenever it so felt like it? Proper training, love and care. It really is that simple.

                  I rest my case:

                  • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                    I rest my case. The kind of people who think Pit Bulls are acceptable pets are the kind of people that think any animal, no matter how dangerous, is acceptable as a pet.

            • Chelsea Paynter says:

              You, are an idiot. And your child will grow up to become a bigger idiot than yourself. Use that block of lard in your skull and maybe it might quiver and turn into a functioning brain one day.

        • Come Correct says:

          my dog will do what he does because he’s trained to.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Yep. In another post today you boast that your dog is “75 lbs of raging psychopath”.

            Sounds like a lovely family pet.

            • Come Correct says:

              He’s great with MY family buy he’s a guard dog. There has been a lot of b&e’s in my area, even caught 3 kids in the act at my house. Since the dog, nothing, my neighbors yea, but not mine. Oh and he’s not a pitt. My boys pitt I mentioned before is 90lbs of love, he’d probably even let burglars in. So when you say all pitts are dangerous you are right, in the sense that anything with teeth or a natural defense mechanism has the potential to be dangerous. Even horses bite, I know someone who had their skull kicked in by a horse, why aren’t people demonizing horses? Why wasn’t this horse euthenized? I don’t know about horses but when it comes to dogs its all in how you train AND treat them. Painting all pitbulls with the same brush is pretty ridiculous when I can show you one that is the exact opposite of your claims and I’ve seen my boy bitten by a flicked beagle. Was the beagle euthenized? No.

              • Come Correct says:

                flicked – fricken
                stupid auto correct

              • Zombie Apocalypse says:

                Read the report posted above by slicks.

                Yeah, I know other dog breed and animals can bite. The problem is the frequency of bites (much higher in pit bullls) and the severity. A bite from a yorkie will draw blood, maybe. A bite from a pit bull is likely to maim or kill – much more likely than any other breed.

                Read the report.

                • Come Correct says:

                  I feel you, I don’t have to read the report to know that, but like I said below look at the types of people that own them. Remember the pittbull that bit the dog warden? It was given that command by its owner, the dog was doing was told, they also rely heavily on our judgement. I literally can’t say the bees is dangerous when my boy has your picture perfect pitbull . Some of our friends have babies, when they come around and the babies are asleep the pittbull is right there gently curled up next to them. They are inherently protective. I have pictures from when my dog was a puppy curled up between this pitts legs. You also have to teach these larger breed how to play because when they play with eachother they nip ears, bite around the neck, and pin eachother to the around with their jaws. When they play with us the don’t realize their strenth. an how frail our bodies are compared to theirs especially if they see you as their alpha. If you don’t understand how the breed thinks you should reconsider owning it.

        • Boo says:

          Well…maybe your kid shouldn’t be trespassing in a dogs yard

    • Steph says:

      Sorry, but you must not know much about dogs. Poodles are definitely not as cute and fuzzy as they look. Again I’ll have to say what every logical person around the world is saying it’s not the dog it’s how it is trained and brought up – from jump! Maybe if more people actually believed that process it would start working its way into how people treat their children and we might not be in this whole gang situation at all.

      • BermudaGirl says:

        @Steph: A sane head! What goes for dogs does go for children as well! I have known several lovely Pit Bulls (one named “Baby Dog”, who could not have been gentler). Raise them well, they will behave well. It is the owners who need to be put down, if anyone. And, yes, all dogs-and cats-should be neutered, as they cannot make the decision to breed or not to breed, for themselves. Don’t project your own feelings about sex onto your dog, guys, and personify them in that way, it is nonsense!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Some Poodles have been known to viciously attack people any dog can if not properly trained. Even miniature poodles can cause damage. I know of a miniature poodle that would tear the skin off your ankles if it doesn’t know you. This miniature poodle is the way it is because the owner trained it to be snappy with rags & toys because they thought it was funny for a tinny dog but never gave the animal any proper obedience training.

  6. True says:

    The Minister has the last say!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      And we all know ministers are afraid of coming up with tough legislation , or enforcing existing ones, for fear of loosing votes.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The police and courts should enforce the law. That’s a lot to ask, apparently.

  7. Educator says:

    I got a home for one fix it and will take It

  8. Lay down! says:

    I thought bermuda had a “gang problem” not a “dog” problem! SMDH!

  9. dog lover says:

    Any breed of dog can bite. If it has teeth it will bite. I have a yorkie and he likes to bite especially if he’s protecting his home or me. My previous dog, which was a pit bull, never bit anyone the whole time I had him, until he passed from old age.

    • abc says:

      pitbulls r de most amazin dog

      u show him love oh boy he be ur buddy for life :- )

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      If a yorkie bites it will hurt for a few days at most. If a pit bull bites you it will scar, maim or kill you. It can ruin or end your life. It is an inherently dangerous animal.

  10. Red Hind says:

    The real problem is all the inbreeding that has been going on because these guys cannot import any news dogs so they are breeding from a shrinking population of local dogs and no real research goes into the blood lines so you are getting massive inbreeding which means poor quality animals that could turn out to be quite dangerous to humans and other animals

  11. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Execute the Illegal breeders….problem solved!

  12. Judge & Jury says:

    Any dog can bite small or large breeds. My little ankle biter will draw blood.

  13. Soldier 1 says:

    There is no such thing as a dangerous or volatile breed. Dogs are like children, they do what they are taught/allowed to do or what they observe people or other animals doing. This so called restricted list needs to be reviewed by not some pash board of directors or tree huggers who have never had any animal experience. By animal experience I mean a person who has been a breeder, trainer,or veteran owner. The pitbull breed was bred to be a human protector. Hence the reason this breed was most used by criminal entities and the most devilized by the upper class communities, in turn highly publicised as a vicious and untrustworthy animal. All pittbulls who have turned on their owners have done so because of the owner miss treating the dog, or the breeds final show of dominance. This show of dominance is a result of the owners inability to recognize what is known as “alarm signals”(normally noticed between 6 and 14 months of age or when receiving a new owner)and not asserting their dominance over the animal. With its natural dominant mental an physical stature it is easy to channel their determination to overcome and loyalty to their master into fierce aggression.NOT ALL BREEDS ARE FOR EVERYONE. It takes a certain person to own what are known as alpha breeds. I have worked with domestic and exotic animals my whole life. An from my experience and from the experience of many others in my field its never the animal its always the owner…..ALL ANIMALS ARE CREATURES OF HABIT!!!!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      This is just nonsense. Using this logic it would be fine if people had lions as pets.

      • Soldier 1 says:

        You are clearly one of the many people in the island with no animal experience what so ever.

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          So you train police dogs and have worked with domestic and exotic animals your whole life. Do you think that’s a typical profile for a pit bull owner?

          • Boo says:

            I have 3 shepherds, all trained by me. I’m a 5’2 female, but I am the alpha.

  14. really??? says:

    A dog is a dog no matter wat the breed any dog can be trained to fight an do wrong. An pitbulls are most likely to be responsible for about 20% of dog bites in bermuda .so tell me about the many different breeds that are responsible for the 80% of dogs bites in bermuda. Legalize all ban dogs an stop murdering them its life. JAH LOVE TO ALL THOSE WHO FEEL THE SAME WAY . BURN DOWN BOBYLON AN THERE EVIL WAYS .

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Rubbish. In the US in 2011, for example, 71% of dog bite deaths were caused by pit bulls, yet pit bulls constitute less than 5% of the dog population.

      In the 8-year period 2005-2012 60% of all dog bite deaths were caused by pit bulls alone.

      So they bite more often than other dogs, and the bite severity is also much worse.

      They are inherently dangerous. They should be banned, and the ban should be enforced.

      • Come Correct says:

        Look at the types of people that own them. The types that breed them to fight, tie them in the heat on chain or rope, give them The taste of blood with a bait dog and then don’t feed and water them regularly. Owning a dog is a responsibility, you can’t just tie a dog outside and leave it expecting it to be ok. I don’t like my dog tied up but until I finish fencing in my yard, like a responsible dog owner, he has to be, but I never leave him alone. Why? Because I’ve watched him snap numerous chains, ropes and even bend the D-rings in his collar out straight. So if he gets lose I’m right behind him because I am responsible for his actions. He’s 75lbs, not a 90lb pittbull, you can’t just leave animals like that chained up or even caged and most importantly they need exercise whether it be a walk or running around an open yard, you can’t just by it and expect it to take care of itself.

      • Soldier 1 says:

        80 percent people bit in the US are uniform service members ie. police, fire, dog wardens, animal control, animal rights enforcement agencies. And why would these services be getting involved. For 1>trying to arrest someone ( the animal defending its owner) 2>trying to save a scared animal 3> Some new person that they don’t know trying to put a tight noose around their neck. I train police dogs at the moment, And we train pittbulls also all the dogs we have can be turned into a vicious killer wen we want them to be. I took 2 pitts a german shepherd and a poodle to a preschool the other day all trained to do the same job. The funny thing is the german shepherd and the poodle are the hardest to call of of someone.

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          Where do you get this statistic from that “80% of the people bit in the US are uniform serviuce members”? Did you just make it up?

          And what does it prove? Pit bulls still account for more dog bite deaths than all other breeds combined.

          • Come Correct says:

            I have no evidence but I’m pretty sure grizzly bears are responsible for the most bite deaths out of all bears. Might be something to do with the way they’re built. Yes pittbulls probably have one if not the highest bite strength of all dogs but that still doesn’t negate the fact that they can be very gentle animals with the right training and treatment. I know people at Canadian schools that didn’t like Bermudians because of the way some would carry on, especially at parties, but can you all of us with that brush? Every human whether they know it or not is capable of murder, that doesn’t mean everyone will kill somebody. I hate statistics, they’re never accurate and.can always be manipulated.

          • Come Correct says:

            oh and when someone kills someone else you don’t see their family(breed) euthenized do you?

    • BermudaGirl says:

      @ REALLY????I think you mean Babylon…I mean, make sure you burn down the right place, if you are burning! (Nut..first you say all life is life, then you want to burn people!)

  15. Grand Wizzard says:

    Anyone involved in dog-fighting should be whipped in public while chained to stocks, and then hung for us all to cheer on.

    • Come Correct says:

      Then locked in a room for a week with Sarah McLachlan commercials on repeat.

  16. ALPHA FEMALE says:

    I have a restricted breed. She is so friendly and playful with everyone she meets. Many people want to come pet her, the first thing they ask is “does she bite” well of course she bites, she’s a dog. but dashunds, retrivers, and labradoodles bite to… She has never shown agression to myself or anyone she has met. I agree with an earlier poster that it takes a certain type of person to raise one of these “restricted” breeds. you have to train from a pup and let them know who is the alpha.. I give a command and she obey’s, but i have invested a lot of time into training her and dont just leave her locked up in the yard like a lot i see around the island,, it’s not the dogs.. its the owners who are dangerous!!!

  17. fpsc says:

    You want to kill a killer go put down the whole parkside gang. You want to kill a major breed kill them before they kill you

  18. firebug13 says:

    All I can say is every living breathing animal deserves a chance at life, even if they are on the “illegal” breeds list. God gave the puppies life and it aint up to man to take it via euthenization. As far as the minister goes and not liking the breed. Every dog is a product of their invironment so if you raise a dog to be violent towards people and other animals then thats what its gonna adapt to. All and all give the puppies a chance at life benny man

  19. Love my Colby says:

    I would really like to know how a dog is classified as a dangerous breed. Is it the size, weight, teeth…etc, can someone please explain. I do not disagree that there have been instances where pit bulls have bitten and even scarred people, but what about the Yorkies and Chihuahuas that have gnawed babies arms and feet or bitten their faces. What about the Labrador that chased me along a public road just to get a bite in. In my opinion those breeds are just as dangerous we only seem to think they aren’t because of their size or perceived temperament. ALL dogs need to be trained; large and small. Very often whilst walking my dog I encounter a smaller breed that wants to pick a fight with my 60lb puppy. Most times it’s the smaller dog that starts the fight because the owners think they are so small, cute and ‘harmless’ that they don’t train them. My dog will not hesitate to growl, bark and chase you along the fence as you pass by my property, he may even bite you if you ignore the posted warning signs and trespass, but I am confident that he will not leave the yard nor act that way while I have him in public because he had been trained and accepts dominance from every member of my household. @Sandy Bottom, I understand that you have had a young relative scarred by a pitbull but look into the circumstances of the ‘attack’ i.e was the dog on his property, was the young person aware there was a dog/where there signs posted, did the owner know the young person was coming on the property….etc? We can’t always blame the dogs or their owners, sometimes the victims are to blame (just note that I am not saying this is the cause in your particular case).

  20. SMH says:

    I recently had my dog taken because some1 seen her playing with pups in my own yard. Dog never bitten any1 attacked any1. She was one never had to be on a leash a real neighborhood dog yet they confiscated her and put her down smh disbelief. Here we hav kids askin for the dog everyday. Some people really have them as pets.

  21. Sad says:

    To all.. Let me make this story a little clear to you. I am familiar with the story the has been presented to you all. The dog that haa been taking is a mix breed dog. she was taking in belief of being a full bread pit bull. she was received to us in a very bad state. The past owner kept her in a puppy cage which stopped her growth and she extremely skinny. We welcomed her with intentions of giving her a better life. We do have a kid who fell in love with her, who told every one in passing that he loves his new “doggy”. Behind the story of how we ended with pups was that a family relative went to take her for a walk and was forgot to be told that she’s on heat. she was taking to a friends house which has a male and it happened… She was such a good dog! It hurts now that she’s gone.. we wasn’t interested in the money we was worried about the dogs wellbeing and wanted to give her a better life! I’m am I strong believer in “everything happens for a reason” and resting to sure that God is in control. Please Bermuda we need to look into other ways to save these innocent beautiful creatures who are only looking for love. Now on to explaining to our 3 year old. :(


      Totally agree and can verify this is the true story. Its a shame as she has come such a long way from the state she originally was in. Sorry once again. x

  22. biggadon says:

    humans are the most volatile species on earth…wait til they start to put down our sons and daugthers for crimes just like the want to do to these animals……I think they should do things on a case by case basis…..what was this dogs transgression having pups….can you imagine the uproar if we were to kill womens babies because we as a society feel she may not be able to take care of them…… I am so damn peeved at the idea of these people wanting to kill innocent animals.