115 People Attend Bermuda Reception In London

October 27, 2013

Premier Craig Cannonier addressed a room of over 115 Bermudian students and residents last night [Oct 26] at the annual Bermuda Networking event held at the Intercontinental Westminister London hotel, which was organized by the Bermuda Government’s London Office.

A Government spokesperson said, “As this was the first time the attendees had the opportunity to meet the Premier, the vision of the OBA government was articulated to the crowd, that being ‘Social and Economic Equity for Everyone, leaving no one behind by having 1] An affordable Bermuda, 2] Paying Jobs for Bermudians, 3]Safe neighbourhoods and 4] great schools for great students.

“The Premier told the group that the government had been busy assessing passing legislation to move the country in the right direction to realize the vision.

“He stated that the time for looking backwards and playing party politics had come to an end and that they could be instrumental in the success of Bermuda by honing their craft, sharing their expertise with the world and thereby highlighting Bermuda on a global level.

Premier Cannonier said, “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the group. Some came from as far away as Luxembourg to attend the event. They were hungry hear from the government and to equally share their views and ideas for making Bermuda a better place. I’m very encouraged and proud. We’ve got a great group of passionate Bermudians who represent us on all levels outside of the island.”

- Photos, by Jessica Dismont, provided by the Government

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Is the OBA govt socialist? Reading what the gov spokesperson says above, it certainly seems like it. Smh, the Oba can say anything and most give them a free pass.

    • Smoke & Mirrors? says:

      I’m pretty sure if you read the speeches at the PLP banquet, the same things were said. So what exactly is it that bothers you?

      • Correct, “Smoke and Mirrors” S.S.D.D. This finger pointing mentality has become a part of many Bermudians behavior and it really isn’t any help what-so-ever…

    • Mike Hind says:

      What smacked of Socialism to you? Which part, exactly?

      ‘Cuz it seems to me that the OBA can’t say anything without folks like you making weird, baseless accusations, then twisting it around.

      No one said anything about this because there’s nothing to say.

      It’s just you, yet again, making a mountain out of a molehill.

      • J Starling says:

        The rhetoric can be seen as socialistic, but these days it’s general empty rhetoric. It sounds good.

        I’m more interested in the ‘how’ of delivering them and what he, and the OBA, understand by the rhetoric.

        • Mike Hind says:

          What part?

          Seriously. What part of “what the gov spokesperson says above” can be seen as Socialistic?

          • J Starling says:

            Good day Mr Hind. The rhetoric of ‘Social and Economic Equity for Everyone, leaving no one behind’ can be (and I think is being, hence the discussion here) as socialistic.

            As a socialist I wish it was more than rhetoric, but I personally don’t see either the OBA or PLP as socialist or even socialistic, regardless of their rhetoric to date.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Wow. That’s a stretch.

              • J Starling says:

                What does it matter if it’s a stretch? You asked what people read which led them to ask ‘is the OBA socialist now?’. I answered you with what I believe led people to ask that question.

                I did not ask whether the OBA is socialist now, but I can see how some people would read socialistic themes into that one phrase.

                And seeing as people are quick to accuse the PLP of being communists for less (when they are far from communist, let alone socialist or even social democratic these days), I can certainly see how the far right free marketeers fringe of Bermuda would accuse the OBA of being socialist on the basis of that one phrase.

              • Mr J.Dill says:

                Mike Hind again? All you do is talk. First I saw/heard of you on Bernews was with al that chewstick carry on back around cupmatch time. Now all I see is Mike Hind arguing about anything. Making it seem as if you know everything.

                I mean who do you think you are?

                I think you should introduce yourself and talk about just what it is that you’re about.

                I look forward to reading your interesting autobiography.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  I’m sorry. Am I not allowed to post? You seem to have a problem with me posting. Why is that?

                  Who do I think I am? Well… me. I think I’m me.
                  A Bermudian, born and raised and living and working here, who cares about honesty and integrity and about finding what’s best for Bermuda.

                  What more do you need to know?

                  (And I do a LOT more than talk… but I guess that doesn’t work into your ad hominem’s narrative, does it.)

                  Should I hide behind a pen-name? Would that make my posts more palatable to you?

                  As for “making it seem as if you know everything”? You couldn’t be further from the truth. I ask questions because I DON’T know everything. I ask for evidence of people’s claims because, most of the time, if those claims are true, something needs to be done about it. The problem is: Most of the time, when I ask someone to back up their claims, they – like you – instead of addressing what was said, go on the attack and make personal attacks like “Who do you think you are?”, as though there was something about me that means that I shouldn’t have a say, or attacking the very concept of standing by what you said.

                  Anything else you’d like to know, seeing as you’ve made this about me and not about the topic at hand?

  2. smh says:

    This maybe be thr first for Premier Cannonier but the former Premier Paula Cox used to hold a reception for the Bermuda students in London every December.

    • Tay a Pention says:

      this event is hosted by an independent group and invites the Premier to speak. neither party is responsible for holding this event annually

    • RawOnion says:

      This has been going on before Paula Cox and it also included an east coast tour of the United States (NY, DC, Atlanta).

    • Nuffin but da Truth says:

      yup,it was nothing more than an excuse to go to UK to spend spend spend and show off and buy hats and handbags!

      • J Starling says:

        Channelling my inner Mike Hind ;-)


        And why do you assume then (by not stating such) that Premier Cannonier isn’t doing the same thing?

        Showing off his latest suits and buying more, plus accessories?

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          You want “evidence” that Paula Cox went on shopping trips while purportedly on government business?

          Do you also want evidence that the sky is blue?

          • J Starling says:

            Just because it gels with what you want to believe, doesn’t make it true.

            If accusations are going to be made against Ms Cox, but not against Mr Cannonier, the question one must ask is ‘why’?

            What makes a PLP Premier the subject of such accusations (which no one backs up), but an OBA Premier can apparently do no wrong?

            • Mike Hind says:

              Have you not been reading?

              “…an OBA Premier can apparently do no wrong?”?

              Did you miss all the “He shouldn’t be going ‘cuz he’s a puppet who doesn’t know what he’s talking about and should never speak because he only reads what his masters tell him to” nonsense?

              Can do no wrong? He apparently can do no RIGHT!

              • J Starling says:

                Hi Mike, my comment needs to be read in the context of someone above making the unsubstantiated accusation of Ms Cox using this event as an excuse to go handbag shopping. No such accusations were made regarding Mr Cannonier.

                The implication is that if the PLP do it, then there’s something fishy going on, but no one raises any supsicions of the OBA when they do the same.

                Context is key.

  3. Trustworthy says:

    Well done Premier Cannonier.
    We look forward to more good legislation,which will create jobs,reduce crime and make a fair and equitable country.
    We had lost confidence in Bermuda under the former govt,but now there is hope.
    Perhaps those in Europe will bring their skills back home and encourage some of the more influential,to do the same.We are going to experience more hardship,Rome was not built in a day.
    However we now feel hope,and that restoration of a safe and opportunistic Bermuda,is on the way!

  4. jt says:


  5. San Geoge says:

    We must lower the cost of credit and get asset values growing.
    Bermuda is in a depression.
    The business and political leaders must address monetary and fiscal policy in order to stop the decline.

  6. St. D says:

    Both OBA and PLP are a combination of liberal(socialist) and conservative as race gave birth to Bermuda’s political parties. Bermuda has matured with PLP’s tenure in power but the OBA has to establish a track record that is based on more than being the non-PLP.

  7. Talk and substance says:

    Premier, enjoy the trips and air miles . MP Dunkley, your next up.

    You guys don’t get it, our current system doesn’t work for Bermuda, it simply perpetuates the existing problems that both parties just talk about.

  8. Just wondering says:

    Did these guys fly business class or economy to the UK? I’d really like to know. If they’re serious about cutting the costs of government and government departments, then I hope they’re flying in economy.

    • watching says:

      If they were really serious about the budget they would also be investigating ways to seriously enhance revenue and not just cutting jobs and benefits of those that need it the most.

  9. Kindley says:

    Say what you want, but from someone on the outside looking in, I think the OBA is on the right track with Premier Cannonier.