Anglican Church Forum: Faith In A Scientific Age

October 14, 2013

Alister McGrath - LandscapeOn Saturday, 2nd November 2013, the Anglican Church of Bermuda will be welcoming world-renowned theologian Revd. Dr. Alister McGrath [pictured] to speak at a Public Forum on the subject “Faith in a Scientific Age”.

The Forum, which takes place at 2:00-4:00pm in St. Paul’s Christian Education Centre on Middle Road in Paget, will look at recent discussions about whether faith makes sense in an age of science, including some of the issues raised by the atheist scientist Richard Dawkins, including: What is faith? Can we prove God exists? Are science and religion locked in mortal combat? What does science say to faith? And faith to science?

Professor McGrath was originally a scientist, and is a leading authority in the relation of science and religion.

Bishop Nick Dill said, “I am personally very excited to be able to welcome Alister McGrath back to Bermuda. Dr. McGrath was the Principal of my Theological College and brought a tremendous academic vigour to the college, but he has an amazing ability to communicate at a level that everyone can understand. He is a humble man, but you know that what he says is backed up by research, deep thought and prayer.” Alister McGrath has spoken in Bermuda on one occasion previously.

The Forum, which will include time for questions and answers, is free and open to all. However, owing to limited space, tickets are required and may be obtained from all the Anglican Churches on the island, as well as the Diocesan Office in the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. Anyone interested may contact the Diocesan Office by emailing or telephoning 292-6987.

Professor McGrath will also give the first in the “The Canon Thomas and Winfred Nisbett Lectures in Biblical Studies” series on the morning of Saturday 2nd November entitled “Engaging with the World”. This Lecture is also ticketed and is aimed at church members.

Lunch is available for $15 and must be booked in advance.

Following his giving the Sermon at the Cathedral morning service on Sunday 3rd November, he will present an accessible and engaging lecture, “C. S. Lewis and the Life of Faith”. Professor McGrath is one of the world’s experts on Lewis [who spent much of his life as an atheist] and this lecture will look at the life of C. S. Lewis, and especially his famous novels “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

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  1. Larry Woolgar says:

    Religion is becoming increasingly irrelevant as science and education increase…and for good reason. The main statistic here should be that atheism/agnosticism is the fastest growing segment of the population!

    • Field says:

      @LARRY WOOLGAR. Good day first off.. Secondly I have to strongly disagree with your post. I feel “religion” (in its many forms) is n needs to be relevant and overstood more. At the core of religion excluding Satanic/Paganist (if a word) I find Peace,Love,Compassion you know positive things. However I find to many folk follow for whatever reason but dont fully overstand what deity they be on..

      Before I go to far I’m not a religious person,for its many reasons. However I do respect its purpose, the moral structure,& virtues.
      A Govt does not have a moral bone or a spiritual compass, yes unfortunately the religous history and some current actions are gloomy still. However that does not discredit the POSITIVE influence in the world religion is and has made. Which I find without it, well watch the news..Its War, Pimps and H@es man!!

      I want to ask you a question.. Im going to assume that you THINK,therefore it is two parts that complete You. The Physical and the Spirit/Soul .. i find we commonly give to much credit to science, we act as it itself created man..
      Science can only measure items/elements, things of the physical. Yes Science is a great TOOL, but thats all it is.. Science can measure your body inside and out with great complexity..

      My Question is: Can Science measure your Spirit? If yes may you explain!!.. If not does that mean you dont have a Spirit?! I see it with the same scope when it comes to Science and the overstanding of God/super-natural.

      yes I give science credit but its not everything..
      Please answer anyone thanks