“Bermudian Poems With An Educational Twist”

October 22, 2013

A local teacher is working to get children and adults alike more interested in Bermudian poetry, using her talents to not only share her own work, but to inspire the same in others.

Following two years of work, Nelsalene Lespere has self-published her very own collection of island-inspired poetry, titled Bermudian Poems with an Educational Twist. The twist mentioned in the title came as a result of Mrs. Lespere’s experience in Bermudian classrooms while teaching about the techniques of writing different types of poetry, leading her to note that the examples given to illustrate the proper forms were not based on Bermudian culture or traditions; this quickly proved to be a hindrance in making the different styles and types of poems in the curriculum something that the children could relate to.

With a new mission in mind, Mrs. Lespere set out to create a book that met the standards of the current curriculum by teaching various styles of poetry, but did so by using authentic Bermudian topics that local children would immediately identify with. In addition, she also included in the book a creative section that highlights the work of other Bermudians on various topics of Bermudian culture.

Bermudian Poems with an Educational Twist features 38 entries, 33 written by the author and the other five contributed by other local wordsmiths.

While working towards a level of sponsorship that would help her to publish the tome more widely, Mrs. Lespere’s work is available via direct order by calling 238-7387, or by emailing everythingbermudian@gmail.com.

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