T.N. Tatem School Celebrates Career Day

October 23, 2013

Today [Oct 23] M3 students at T.N. Tatem Middle School heard firsthand accounts of the challenges and rewards of a hospitality career during their Hospitality Career Day.

Volunteers from the Fairmont Southampton, who are active participants in BHI’s Hospitality Skills = Life Skills Program, facilitated this event.

The Hospitality Skills = Life Skills Program, an initiative of the Bermuda Hospitality Institute, started in the spring term of 2012 at seven schools and involved 40 hospitality industry volunteers representing over a dozen organizations.

The program currently serves a total of 14 schools, with T.N. Tatem being one of the newest schools enrolled. Primary and middle school students are taught lessons on hospitality skills and how they can be used as life skills, with presentations and interactive discussions centred on Bermuda hospitality, manners, character, integrity and dining etiquette.

“Volunteers from the Fairmont Southampton have played a big part in the program since its inception,” said Karla Lacey, BHI CEO. “We are thrilled with the program they’ve put together for the school’s career day.”

Four unique learning sessions were taught in a rotating schedule aiming to be energetic, informative and designed to capture everyone’s attention.

“The students can look forward to sessions such as “Hospitality – Follow Your Passion” and “Hospitality & Tourism in Bermuda,” said Greg Meszoly, Regional Training Director for the hotel, speaking before the event.

“Our presenters include young Bermudians who are eager to share their interests with the students.” Sessions will delve into what unique talents and strengths make people successful in the hospitality industry and help students make connections with their studies and Bermuda’s second largest industry.

Other sessions included investigating the types of positions that are available working directly with guests and positions essential to the heart of our hospitality operations. The day ended with a cooking demonstration by one of the hotels Bermudian Apprentice Chefs.

“The Fairmont Southampton Team is looking to showcase hospitality as a lifestyle choice and not just a job,” said Mr. Meszoly. “Working in hospitality can provide one with rich and valuable experiences that has application across many other areas of our lives.”

To learn more about BHI or to get involved in the Hospitality School Program, visit here.

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