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November 25, 2013

[Updated] The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs hosted the 29th Annual Premier’s Concert this past Saturday [Nov 23],  bringing together performers of many talents at The Ruth Seaton James Centre for the Performing Arts.

The event opened with remarks from Minister of Community, Culture and Sports Wayne Scott, and the concert itself opened with with the In Motion School of Dance performing “All These Things”.

The dancers included Lyndsey Arorash, Jaidah Bailey, Haley Cantarella, Christina Costello, Kyra Dunstan, Samantha Hollis, Mikayla Wilson, Alison Lambe, Gemma Lightbourne, Megan Patterson, Malini Romeo, Jameelah Sabir, and Tajante Wainwright.

The night’s second entry featured the saxaphone quartet Sassy Saxes, featuring students Tashae Trott [Soprano/Alto], Mira Hartwig [Tenor], Eva Frazzoni [Alto], and Shona Maule [Baritone]. The third performance saw pianist Jude Richardson perform classical masterpieces.

That musical effort was followed by the Saltus Grammar School’s presentation of Act II, Scene III of the Shakespeare play “Much Ado About Nothing,” directed by Ms. Sara Kelly, Saltus School’s Head of Drama.

The play’s cast members included William Finnerty as Benedick, Sam Wehmeyer as Claudio, Tashae Trott as Don Pedro, and Blair Blakeney as Leonato. The play was followed by young pianist Malik Alick of the Bermuda School of Music.

Julia Frith, a young Bermudian actress, next presented her original dramatic play “Where There is Love,” a tale in which a young woman, Kalila, journeys to a secret dream world in order to find solace from grief.

United Dance Productions took to the stage in order to perform a lively rendition of “Roll the Dice,” directed by Ms. Suzette Harvey and choreographed by Ms. Danielle Bower. The dancers included Zane Aberdeen, Alexis Davis-Smith, Karina Forth, Messiah Greaves, Shana Henry, J’auna James, Keith Trott, and Cimeon Tyrrell.

With the show coming to a close, Premier Craig Cannonier spoke to the audience and praised the performers.

The annual Premier’s Concert, which was first introduced by Miss Ruth Thomas, is designed to highlight outstanding young artists through their performances and to thank them for their hard work, sacrifice, enthusiasm, and dedication.

The evening was hosted by Miss Jennifer Phillips and Mr. Daren Herbert. The Technical Coordinator was Mr. Richard Lathan, the Stage Manager was  Ms. Laurel Burns, the Assistant Stage Manager was Ms. Laura Lyons, the Stage Assistant was Ms. Mikaela Kawaley-Lathan, and the  Premier’s Concert Planning Committee consisted of Mrs. Heather Whalen, Ms. Jennifer Phillips, Mr. Richard Lathan, and Major Barrett St. Vincent Dill.

Opening remarks at the Premier’s Concert:

Trumpeter Matthew Ross:

In Motion School Of Dance:

Pianist Jude Richardson:

Soloist Angelis Hunt:

Saltus Grammar School Performing Arts Department:

Pianist Malik Alick:

Artwork presentation by Indigo Palacio:

Spoken Word by Tenae:

United Dance Productions [UDP]:

Closing remarks by Premier Craig Cannonier:

Update Jan 24, 2014 – One video removed due to technical difficulties

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