Jonathan Ball Elected New PHC President

November 7, 2013

Jonathan Ball was elected as the New President of the Pembroke Hamilton Club [PHC] during the Clubs Annual General Meeting inside the BIU Auditorium.

Ball was up against former President Chris Furbert — best known through his work with the BIU — with Ball winning the vote 31 – 26.

Mr Furbert held the position of President for 16 years, and in his acceptance speech Mr Ball thank the outgoing President for his dedication and commitment to the Club.

“Former President Furbert did a lot of heavy lifting and now it is time for the younger generation to take over and look to continue the push forward,” said Mr Ball.

“Furbert spent a lot of time ensuring the Club was run and he and his team over the years have done a tremendous job.”

Mr Ball went on to say, “I hope to see PHC over the next ten years have matches in both Football and Cricket at Stadium Lane and I am hoping to have a facility we can also call home as well, but there is work to be done and we are going to need everyone in the Warwick Parish to help make this a reality.”

Mr Ball concluded, “When I meet with the new committee we will also include members before laying out a plan to move forward.”

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  1. Ole says:

    It’s time for a better administration, regardless of age, to move that club forward.

    Younger does not automatically equate to better and the state of a number of prominent clubs that made similar moves recently is proof positive that ability versus age is the key component.

  2. fidel says:

    its all about what you will do for your club not what will your club do for you!!!!

  3. Rockfish#2 says:

    Aside from the new president, does the executive committee remain the same?
    If so, will their attitudes change because of a new president? If not, Ball will last for one term only!