Results: FM Continental Bowling League

November 21, 2013

Freisenbruch-Meyer Continental Bowling League action continued at the Warwick Lanes and saw Cubs defeat Pinjammers 21-9 and Bermuda Pest Control went down 14-16 to New Hope.

Quickie Lickie Laundry saw a 15-15 tie in their game against the Invaders, Pinsplitters defeated Spicenix 18-12 and Odd Balls defeated Nifty Rollers 19-2.

Top scorers for the night included:

Team Scratch Game:

979 Bermuda Pest Control
960 Cubs
932 Quickie Lickie Laundry

Team Scratch Series:

2712 Cubs
2694 Quickie Lickie Laundry
2642 Bermuda Pest Control

Men’s Scratch Game:

289 Wassy Smith
257 Harold Minors
245 Anthony Hayward

Men’s Scratch Series:

674 Wassy Smith
671 Anthony Hayward
642 Harold Minors

Women’s Scratch Game:

239 Tiger Tucker
214 Lee-ann Bean
212 Winnette Wellington

Women’s Scratch Series:

628 Tiger Tucker
576 Winnette Wellington
551 Lee-ann Bean

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