Teens Charged With Robbing 76 Yr Old Woman

November 14, 2013

Two teenagers appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Nov 14] where they denied robbing a 76 year old woman who was walking in Pembroke.

Marcus Tucker [19] and Kairi Tucker [17] were both remanded into custody until 28th November 2013 by Senior Magistrate Archie Warner.

Both had pleaded not guilty to snatching the purse of a 76 year old woman who was walking along Parsons Road in Pembroke which was alleged to have take place on 11th November 2013 with $150 in cash stolen.

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Comments (27)

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  1. sage says:

    Cat o nine tails if convicted!

  2. Fruity says:

    :( Oh dear… Lord help us! Geez

    • John Doe says:

      what is wrong with these children now days

      • terry says:

        That’s why we are where we are.

      • markus says:

        Why is it when a +30 year old does something crazy, it is a bad person, but when someone under 21 does the same thing, it is a bad generation?

  3. Joonya says:

    If convicted sentence both these little punks to cleaning and providing other services to senior citizens homes and facilities for one year!

  4. JusMyOpinion says:

    This is terrible!!! My heart goes out to the victim. She’s probably scared to death now just to take a leisurely walk. Shame on you two boys if convicted Yes they should work with Seniors if convicted. All these wanna be young thugs need to be scooped up and shipped to Iraq, Iran or better still send there arses to the Phillipines.

    • Paul says:

      most people in Bermuda,keep their doors locked at all times even if they are at home…..we Bermudians( the older ones )can not comprehend what the hell is going on !!!!!! that is why the younger generation are leaving this Isles of devils in droves…….God help us….

  5. Questioning says:

    When did respect go out the window????

    • Real Deal says:

      When Bermuda stop following the Bible.
      Dont worry there is more to come and it is all in the Bible.

    • terry says:

      When we left it open.

    • When they brought out Clorox 2… Been washed out; bleached out; burnt out… Some parents are to blame as well… No go too/ no come from/ don’t know where they have been n no clue where they are going n. It is apparently accepted.
      Imagine that concoction..

  6. Enough says:

    A lopng time ago

  7. Kim Smith says:

    I know we have conferences on Restorative Justice each year but when are we going to put it in action?

    • hear hear says:

      I completely agree, a better understanding of the effects of their alleged actions on their victims will deter young people from re-offending and arguably encourage them to dissuade friends or associates from the same type of behavior. There is substantial evidence to suggest these sorts of schemes have worked in the UK to reduce the re-offending rate and to actually instill a sense of moral responsibility.

    • Edmund Wells says:

      Ms. Smith, and Hear Hear-

      What of the effect on the 76 year-old to ask her to again face these two alleged thugs? Why should she have to undergo that additional trauma so that they can escape more conventional (and more serious) consequences of their actions, if guilty?


  8. watch says:

    Lucky it wasn’t my grandmother! If it was jail would be the safest place for anyone involved

    • Rush says:

      The watch u shouldn’t talk like dat u not dat bad fake name n s*** ya say something rude going out to des people u bra wouldn’t last a day in the shoes of a person from out hood n u should be blaming government unless dats you then u blame ya self aswell

      • Old Broad says:

        Government certainly isn’t to blame for this or any other type of crime allegedly committed by ignorant young fools who have no respect for anyone, including themselves. I’d lay a dime to a dollar they have the same or worse speaking/writing skills than you because they wanted to be perceived as “tough”. Guess what, Rush? They’re not tough…they’re stupid!!

      • Next says:

        Learn how to speak and type English you buffoon. What HOOD are you talking about in Bermuda?

  9. ed says:

    I’m sure that after they bend over to pick the soap up in jail they will learn their lesson. Boys in jail with yourpants halfway down brace yourselves new blood coming to entertain you.

  10. Grizz says:

    Should have been my granny….they would never have made it to court. Guaranteed, if found guilty, they receive a sentence not fitting the crime. Don’t want to hear no long story about how their mother’s were on drugs and they had a hard life blah blah. Give them a good cut a** if convicted!!!

  11. cut a** is needed says:

    How bout putting their pictures out so we can know who theses fools are. At the same time, if guilty we should make an example out of these fools. Let’s see what or if any punishment comes out of this if convicted. A Public Flogging is needed in this case. Right Away.

  12. Nok says: