Video: Reggae Artists Arrive For Sunday Concert

November 7, 2013

Reggae artists Courtney Melody, Admiral Tibet and Half Pint arrived in Bermuda this evening [Nov 7], with all three set to hit the stage at the “Veterans In Action” concert this Sunday evening [Nov 10].

Their arrival was later than expected as the flight out of Miami was delayed, however they arrived in good spirits and were greeted at the airport by the concert promoters Declan Harris and Rowan Ramotar.

The artists said they will bring a “good amount of niceness” on Sunday evening, and are “anxious to deliver”. Half Pint said they are old school artists from when music was more uplifting, and they will be “coming live and direct with 110%.”

Courtney Melody Half Pint Admiral Tibet  Bermuda, November 7 2013-1

The concert will takes place at CedarBridge Academy’s Courtyard under a mega tent, with gates opening at 8pm and tickets priced at $50 in advance.

The three reggae artists will be backed by the Kush Band during Sunday’s concert, which will be hosted by Ninja Cutty with music will be provided by Magnum Force, Blackstar and Lenky Global Movements.

This will be Courtney Melody’s — the voice behind the reggae classic “Modern Girl” — first ever appearance in Bermuda. It will also be Half Pint’s first time, while Admiral Tibet last appeared at the inaugural Veterans In Action in 2005.

“Veterans In Action’s November show coincides with the Remembrance Day Holiday every year. As we pay homage to those that made sacrifices for our freedom, Veterans In Action celebrates reggae greats whose songs have lasted the test of time and are reggae classics,” the organisers said.

The concert will takes place at CedarBridge Academy’s North Courtyard under a mega tent. Gates open at 8pm and tickets are $50 in advance from Kit N Caboodle, Fish N Tings, People’s Pharmacy, Belvin’s Variety, Somers Supermart and For more information see the event’s Facebook page.

The three legendary Jamaican singers have decades of hits under their belts, including “Modern Girl”, “Serious Time,” “Substitute Lover”, “Mr Landlord”, “Leave People’s Business Alone”, “Bad Boy” and many more.

A small selection of songs from the three artists. Click video to enlarge/play:

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  1. Seen it All says:


  2. Prayerful says:

    Do they have work permits?

  3. Sweaty Tramp says:

    All foreign entertainers are required to have work permits – even if they perform for free.

  4. Joonya says:

    I know that this will draw an older crowd, but still hope that people leave their badness home. This will be nice!

  5. Upsetwithverdict says:

    Pure niceness and positive vibes. Big up Veterans in Action and I look forward to another good show. Can’t wait!!!!

  6. I Love My Life !! says:

    First of all i would just like to say that this is a great line up of reggae artists! I just wanna know whose DUMB IDEA was it to choose Cedarbridge Academy as the venue ! Whoever thought of Cedarbridge Academy definitely didn’t think this one through!! For a show of this calibre why would you have it at Cedarbridge Academy ! Its SOOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID to have this show at a high school! Are you serious? I’ve spoken to a lot of people about this show and everybody agrees that its a good line up but DEFINITELY the WRONG VENUE! Many people I’ve spoken with personally have even said that they would love to go but t”hey weren’t going because of the VENUE! Keep in mind that Cedarbridge Academy is a school zone or high penalty” zone and the consequences are HIGH! Nobody wants their name in the newspaper or get arrested for having a good time at the show! You know what time it is and I’m sure you can read between the lines if your smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoever came up with this dumb idea to have a REGGAE show at a high school please don’t do this again for the sake of all reggae lovers! It is just DUMB!

    • real deal says:

      Clear water would be better. i got to ride all the way town. Cedarbridge Academy seems to compact for a culture show open space and tree are needed.

    • sage says:

      Have to agree there,maybe it is part of the larger behavior control agenda.