National Gallery Exhibit East: “A Sense Of Place”

December 30, 2013

With the notion of place and identity increasingly blurred by global interrelations, an emerging theme explored in the works of many contemporary artists is that of belonging, a theme that is currently being explored at the Bermuda National Gallery.

“A Sense of Place” is an exhibition that engages in this dialogue on belonging by presenting five artists using sculpture and installations. Situated in historic Bridge House, the works in this exhibition speak to themes that are at once embedded in the actual site and of a more universal discourse.

The artists selected for this exhibition include William Collieson, Antoine A.R. Hunt, Christina Hutchings, Peter Lapsley, and Michael Walsh.

Three of these artists have embraced the architectural features and historical elements of Bridge House: Hutchings, for example, covers an existing door to challenge the idea of free access and immigration; Walsh uses the fireplace to question the authenticity of gathering and community; and Collieson uses a room to explore the convergence of historical narratives.

More broadly, Hunt addresses themes of belonging and isolation related to island life, while Lapsley explores links between culture and identity.

Bermuda National Gallery curator Sophie Cressall said, “Our sense of place is our personal compass; it informs how we identify ourselves and impacts how we identify others around us.

“Formed through the relationships we have with our surrounding landscape, our understanding of our heritage and culture, and our perception of history, our sense of place is what grounds us. Art can remind us of this grounding and can trigger new considerations of who we are.”

“A Sense of Place” is currently on display at Bermuda National Gallery East at 1 Bridge Street in St. George’s and will be running until March 23, 2014. The gallery is open daily from 11.00am until 4.00pm.

The full brochure for the exhibition follows below [PDF here]:

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