PLP Leader: Mandela An Inspiration To Us All

December 5, 2013

Opposition Leader Marc Bean said, “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party joins with people across the globe in mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela.

“His commitment to freedom, justice and equality as well as his resolute determination to build one South African people out of the ashes of Apartheid, will be an inspiration for generations to come.

“On behalf of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, I extend condolences to the family of Nelson Mandela. Those who have known and loved him most, have borne the heaviest burden and have sacrificed much to support the work of this great man.

“Over the years he was falsely reviled as a terrorist, unjustly imprisoned on Robben Island, elected President of a free South Africa and became a global figure of honour and integrity.

“His family’s sacrifice and support of this icon, allowed not just South Africa, but the world to benefit, grow and progress.

“Nelson Mandela was a leader, a freedom fighter, an African and an inspiration to us all. The Father of his nation has become a father to everyone who believes in a world with opportunity for all and special privilege for none.”

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  1. looking and listening says:

    Mandela accomplished. He pulled people together not push them apart. He stood for what was right and then he moved on. Just look at the people who gathered and are continuing to gather to mourn his loss! They come from all races and walks of life. You Mr Bean should take a page from Mandela’s book. Afterall, it is not so difficult a task to do. In the spirit of collaboration – and in honour of Mandela’s life -let go. Mandela sought and achieved. This is why the entire world now celebrates his loss.