Three Regiment Soldiers Train As Rescue Divers

December 27, 2013

Bermuda Regiment soldiers have volunteered for training as rescue divers. And the first group have just completed a gruelling three day training course, which includes training for rescues at sea, first aid and a written test.

Regiment Captain Chris Gauntlett, who owns Blue Water Divers & Watersports at Somerset Bridge and is a Professional Association of Diving Instructors [PADI] trainer, taught a group of three NCOs how to save lives in the water.


Capt. Gauntlett said, “This will get them to a point where they can assist other people in the water.

“It’s another area of expertise for us and it’s especially important for the maritime role – it means we will be able to work with and support the police even more, whether it’s on land in the the public order role or at sea in the maritime role.”


Capt. Gauntlett added that the PADI course, which had only recently been introduced, was designed for US police forces, who wanted a recognised training course for their divers.

Three full-time NCOs, WO II James Self, WO II Jason Harrell and Colour Sergeant Jason Smith took part in the course. While the soldiers taking part paid for the course themselves, they were all supported with time off from their normal Regiment duties and financial assistance from the Bermuda Regiment Charitable Trust, which helps with the purchase of technical equipment.


It is expected by the end of next month, a total of nine full and part-time staff, from across the Regiment’s specialties, will have completed the tough PADI requirements in rescue diving and search and recovery techniques.

WO II Self said the course included locating and rescuing an unconscious diver and administering first aid and oxygen. He added, “The course covers all the things that could go wrong in a diving situation. We’re all recreational divers and we volunteered to improve our skills.”


WO II Harrell said, “Boat Troop already assists the police on the water – most recently when a boat sank and a search and rescue operation for the sole occupant was launched – and this is another string to our bow.”

Clr Sgt Smith added, “The training is hard work, but good fun – and it certainly increases our abilities in the water. It’s all about being able to work with the police and being able to help them.”

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  1. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    This makes more sense for the Regiment to do this. I understand getting rid of the draft cause it’s outdated but why don’t they change the regiment to be a Coast Guard and Navy especially since we’re surrounded by water. Just a thought.

    • Um Um Like says:

      And while you’re at it, sell Warwick Camp and build a hotel there. Relocate the regiment to St. Davids- plenty of empty land up there.

    • Mazumbo says:

      I agree we’re so behind times but we march pretty good LMAO

  2. Alvin Williams says:

    Coast guard or navy to patrol 21 sq. miles of land mass and the waters surrounding it? That will be an even bigger waste of money. No any military presence will always be land base. Why is it so hard for Bermuda to accept that as far as military service is concern we are only talking about part time service; less than the time some countries experience with a national guard.

    • Coastie Guard says:

      stuck in reverse and stu**d. I see what an asinine comment. I am not surprised however.

  3. JONO says:

    Query,…..Grenada much larger in size and population than Bermuda..Do they have conscription or volunteer military service?

    • Micro says:

      Grenada much larger in size and population than Bermuda – If they don’t have conscription, the fact its larger and has a larger population is exactly why it doesn’t have to rely on conscription.

  4. Free-DUM says:

    Mr. Williams the sad thing about you is that you claim to represent Labour and Progressive party yet you are anything but Labour and extremely regressive.

    You are the kind of person that cost the PLP their leadership and I truly do hope that you can think about what it truly is you stand for.

    • Free-DUM I would not waste my time with people like Alvin. As the saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” He has become so entrenched in backwardness that there will never be any change. Sad.

  5. Observer says:

    Congratulations to the three Regiment NCO’s. The training will not only beneficial to the Regiment but it also increased their personal skills. Let us hope that others – Regimental or otherwise – will follow their example.

  6. Great news and congratulations Capt. Gauntlett, Team BWD and the new PADI Rescure Diver NCOs!