Alleged YouTube Motorbike Thief Arrested

January 22, 2014

A person who is suspected of being the individual who was captured on video allegedly stealing a motorbike has been arrested.

A video showing someone stealing a White Honda SH 125 at 1.00am on January 4th was uploaded to Youtube and went viral — in the Bermuda context — with almost 7,000 views.

A recent update to the video said, “The alleged thief shown in this video has been identified and will be prosecuted in due course. Smiths Parish wants to thank the Bermuda Police Service for bringing the alleged thief in front of the courts and working to solve this crime.

“We would also like to thank everyone who posted and reposted this video which enabled the identification and capture of this criminal. The power of social media is a testament to the strength of our community and its desire to help prevent further crimes.”

Other unofficial sources also confirm that someone is expected in court in connection with this incident.

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Comments (25)

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    Good, now do what they do in Singapore, chop his hands off!!!!

    • Garriock says:

      That’s no way to treat an officer of the LLawwa

    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      That is a bit messy.

      That guy will feel a” Right Idiot” leaving the court house with every one laughing at him……….” E by gum”.

      We could save a bundle with a House Arrest Policy H.A.P.

      We would not have to feed them fish and Chips on Fridays.

      As we all know that prevention is better that the cure.

      Try this trick shot Mc Givor BUT . Do no Harm !

      A French ;Belgian; Polish early warning system during W W 11 was the booby trap for less than a buck-fifty, that was a simple “trip wire” hooked up to an alarm system loud enough to wake up all of Bermuda and that’s not funny.

      All you need is a long nylon clear fishing line and a key ring for the light switch and most other warning devices.

      Forget home made laser beams you could zap your self.

      Alarm systems, Radio ; Car / Bike horn; Metal Bucket on a shelf;10 green bottles; House lights; with a little indignity you could hook up a Silent Alarm. that give you time to call 911, your absolute best”Choice”.

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Bernews…do you know why the power’s off in Southampton?

  3. YA BOY! says:

    Kangocar, Do you really want to live under the law of Singapore? You’d probably have your lips stitched together for speaking your mind…

    • Buzz Killington says:

      ? How do you bother attacking someone for wanting this guys hands cut off?

      IF it stops the likes of this guy, then yes, do it.

      Do you come to the comments section just to criticize?

  4. Vote for Me says:

    It would be interesting to know what system was used to capture the

    He definitely took his time checking out the bike!

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Follow this case. Will the punishment fit the crime? Will he get the owner a new bike, pay for inconvenience of being without the bike plus pay a very hefty fine to cover costs he has incurred the taxpayers to get his sorry backside into court?

    • Davie Kerr says:

      There’s about as much chance of that as there is of me being the next Pope!

  6. YA BOY! says:

    Buzz Killington, by criticizing my comment you are a hypocrite of your own statement. Learn to chose your words wisely friend. Never said i was against punishment, but violence only begets violence… There are other ways of punishment.

  7. Davie Kerr says:

    First, I’m glad they got this guy, and I sincerely hope that he gets the punishment he deserves (although, knowing the Bermuda judicial system as I do, I very much doubt it).
    Second, WHY does virtually any post on Bernews end up with people slagging each other off? It’s totally unnecessary, and achieves absolutely nothing. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, as long as it agrees with mine…..

  8. Noway says:

    If I could start my life from scratch
    If I could take away the pain off my past
    If I had another chance I would do just that
    I’d give anything jus’ to go right back

    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      ” If ”
      If i can keep my head while all those around me are loosing theirs.

    • mt says:

      “happiness demands giving up all hope of a better past”

      Nelson Mandela.

  9. trees says:

    People long ago were hung for stealing another mans horse! Bring that law back into the books and be sure stealing a mans modern day horse wouldn’t be so tempting!

  10. X man says:

    Despite what is said -
    This guy will get no more than 18 months in WestGate. –
    after 3 charges: [1] Vehicle removal – theft
    [2] breaking and entering – [3]trespassing ——— but he’s going down

  11. J.J. says:

    I really hope that the punishment fits the crime, these individuals need to be taught a lesson so that it deters others from stealing others hard earned property! The amount of bikes stolen in Bermuda is just ridiculous! I should know my son had his bikes stolen twice and the first one out of a garage like this one in the news story! Pity we didn’t have security cameras too but we have now!!!

  12. bluebird says:

    YES SIR,Will make it real difficult for the criminals.
    Gonna get me a couple of those systems.

  13. swing voter says:

    The burden falls squarely on the taxpayer for this man’s thievery.

    (1) The bike would not be recovered intact.
    (2) Insurance Premiums raise for everyone to cover these incidences
    (3) Honest law abiding residents are on edge after viewing the vid
    (4) security systems are flying of the shelf
    (5) West Gate Hotel stay compliments of the tax payer
    (6) The owner is at a loss. Original cost = $5500 but insurance payout is much much less.

  14. Grand Architect of the Universe says:

    chop their stupid hands off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyone who supports or defends these cockroaches, cut their hands off too!!!!