Cadiz Dynamic & Russia Infrastructure Delist

January 29, 2014

Both Cadiz Dynamic Global Opportunities Fund and Russia Infrastructure Equities Ltd Fund have delisted from the Bermuda Stock Exchange [BSX].

The BSX announced the voluntary de-listing, of Cadiz Dynamic Global Opportunities Fund – Class A & Class B as approved at a Board of Directors meeting held on 15 February, 2013, and cessation of all operations. The De-listing from the BSX is effective from Monday, 27 January, 2014.

They also announced the de-listing, effective Monday [Jan 27], from the BSX, of all shares of Russia Infrastructure Equities Ltd under the BSX Listing Regulations, Sec I, Chapter 2, Regulation 2.24, namely, a lack of sufficient operations.

The BSX received formal notice on 16 December, 2013, that the Company had been formally dissolved effective, 24 January, 2012.

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