Colonels Invite Regiment Personnel To Meeting

January 24, 2014

Eight former Commanding Officers of the Bermuda Regiment have invited all eligible personnel to attend a meeting on February 5th at Ocean View Golf Club in order to “discuss sustaining the Regiment’s human resources.”

Following the ongoing debate surrounding the Regiment, the group issued a letter last month saying that to “abolish conscription is not in the best interests of Bermuda.”

It was signed by eight of the eleven living former Commanding Officers: Lt Col Michael Darling, Lt Col CE Raynor, Lt Col Gavin Shorto, Lt Col Allan Rance, Lt Col Patrick Outerbridge, Lt Col David Gibbons, Lt Col William White and Lt Col Brian Gonsalves. The remaining COs whose names did not appear on the letter are Lt Col Brendan Hollis, Lt Col Edward Lamb and Lt Col David Burch.

The Colonels said they are inviting all past and present officers, warrant officers, senior non-commissioned officers, junior non-commissioned officers, and members of the Bermuda Regiment to attend the meeting, which will be held at the Ocean View Golf Club on Wednesday, February 5 at 6.00pm.

“Admittance is limited to only those who are eligible,” the group said.

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  1. sage says:

    We will gladly stay outside, protesting. Conscription’s death knell tolls, shouldn’t these jokers have been preparing for the last few years if the regiment’s well being is the real issue?

  2. watchfuleyes says:

    I second that comment. In fact how ironic that they should be talking about the ‘Regiment’s Human Resources’ and I quote, when they never treated the men like ‘humans’ in the first place! They had long enough to implement a replacement for conscription anyway, but they never thought no hoped this time would come,so arrogant in their behaviour.

  3. Gee whiz says:

    Too bad Glenn Brangman won’t be able to make it but it’s important to note that as a former major he would indeed be “eligible”.

  4. Hmmmmm says:

    Who in their right mind would join with these dreamers? Funny, the OBA colonels are fighting their Government while the purported PLP Colonels are demonstating restraint and some loyalty. Couldn’t stand Raynor when I was there and nothing has changed.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Instead of fighting to try to keep it as is, against what is likely huge taxpayer opposition, they should be working to be part of what the new downsized Regiment will be.

      Oh & HMMMMMMMMM, I had little time for Raynor too.

    • Just once says:

      Nothing like personal experience to put things in perspective. Couldn’t trust Gonzalves myself.

  5. sml says:

    Let it go already you Colonels! This years recruit camp was very successful with plenty volunteers!! Be satisfied with that instead of forcing and bullying young men into the army. Let them come on their own accord.

    • Wait and see says:

      Here is a thought,get your PR people to go into the schools, public and private, and present the Regiment in a positive light. I think you may actually get more volunteers if you actually recruit our young people. Start from Middle school and get some of our young people to join the Cadet programme. Entice them into wanting to join, instead of forcing them to join. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

      • Free-DUM says:

        They’d have to continue to clean up the image of the organization as well. Rid themselves of the mindset that they need to have people that are forced to be there. Those mindsets should be for prison wardens not so called soldiers.

  6. Free-DUM says:

    The fact that these men are trying to maintain an old outdated system is very telling…..are we not in 2014?

  7. more than enough says:

    why is this not suprising?
    isn’t this too, a part of dunkleys remit?
    and, did he not say, that he is not for abolishing conscription?
    sounds like the herb issue.i do not believe, he is for any real changes, in this area either.
    i’d love to be proven wrong, but, i don’t think he, or the oba, are for any sweeping legislative changes, in either of these areas of concern.
    despite the human rights infractions continuing to take place.

  8. Just once says:

    “.. to discuss sustaining the Regiment’s human resources.” Sounds kinda scary to me. A close watch needs to be placed on the “Colonels.” Seems like they just don’t get it and want to keep Bermuda in the dark ages. Time to move on.

  9. sisu says:

    Their expiration date has come and gone and they are a breed best forgotten. They are fighting a battle they cannot win. Which is ironic as they never came close to fighting a real battle in their soldiering careers. But these are manly men. Soldier’s soldiers. Let them still feel imporatnt and relevent in today’s Bermuda. Truth is what they think means f*** all. Conscription will be ended. And Bermuda’s “best interest” won’t bat an eye. And outside of those unlucky enough to be conscripted nobody will know a damn thing has changed. See you then fellas!

    • Just once says:

      As always well put and with passion from someone who has been there and continues to expose this institution for what it really is and not what these clowns want it to be. Enjoy reading your posts Sisu keep up the good work.

    • Is ironic. Colonels who never fought in a war yet carry such a distinguished title normally reserved for those who did actually fight. Only in Bermuda.

  10. watchfuleyes says:

    How ironic that they are going to discuss sustaining the
    ‘Regiment’s human resources’ because as far as I know they never did value their ‘human resources’ that they were in charge of at the camp. The Colonels are just trying to hold on to probably the only real power they will ever have. But things will change, and they can accept it or not.@Sisu, nail on the head.

  11. The Eight says:

    Come on people, cut us some slack! We’re not doing this because we want to hang onto power, or because we think we’re going to profit by it somehow. We have all served in the Regiment for long periods of time. We know the organization inside and out. Like us or not, we are Bermuda’s experts on what will work with the Regiment and what will not. We think trying to make the Regiment an all-volunteer unit will result, over time, in its death. We’re trying to prevent the community from making that mistake, because we think the Regiment is a thoroughly worth-while organization that benefits Bermuda in a number of ways. That’s it. Nothing under the table. No sleight of hand. Simple.

    • sage says:


    • Sisu says:

      Why does Bermuda need a regiment? ie. why is using a military force the best way to clean up after a hurricane? And in what says does Bermuda benefit from having a military organization? I think in terms of meeting specified objective goals we can all agree the regiment has been a complete failure when considering the amount of money it has cost us… One riot and a few hurricanes all for the great value of $75-100,000,000. Or did you mean benefit to your own egos?

  12. watchfuleyes says:

    Excuse us,but you never cut the ‘conscripts’ any slack. In fact,you all use to go after these men like they were criminals, like they were men who had been released from prison and turned over to you for you to do what you will with them. Hunting men down, taking them to court, fining them, it’s despicable treatment. They were and are men who do not want to be in your regiment, they are young men who have jobs, businesses, families and are adults who should be able to decide what they want to do with their lives. They should be able to decide how they want to give to their Island. They do not need to be dictated to and it is nobody’s business how and if they give back at all. Maybe just being ‘productive citizens’ IS giving back. Regrettably, I think it is about power, the conscripts give up all power and control of their lives/time once they enter the regiment. They are passed the age of anyone running their lives unless that is their choice. Keep your Regiment but conscription needs to end for it is long overdue.
    Because you deem this institution necessary does not in fact make it so. The regiment does nothing the community can’t do alone.
    I can send my school’s band or choir to play during ceremonies, and I am sure the public would enjoy it. We all can come together and clean up after a hurricane, we don’t do it now because we don’t want to reign on the Regiment’s parade, and then again what would the soldiers do? It is all such a sham, and that is why most Bermudians want it to be a distant memory, except for ‘The 8′
    I do not think you have even considered Mr.Marshall’s overview of the regiment without conscription because if you had you would know that it is feasible and works in many jurisdictions throughout the world. Just because we have always done something one way does not mean it can’t evolve with time. The time for that change has come and both political Parties know that, and Bermuda has finally woken up and matured to that idea.
    Leave our young men alone and let them get on with their lives in peace without the threat of going into the regiment hanging over their heads when they turn 18, enough is enough.

  13. Free-DUM says:

    Conscription into the regiment is another example of how racism still reflects how thing’s are done in Bermuda. The fact that a disproportionate amount of conscripts are black versus the high number of white officers and past CO’s is telling. Black Bermudians have bowed to the idea of conscription believing that they must put their sons in the hands of white oppressors to become men not understanding the insult that thought process carries. Ending conscription is another step towards racial harmony. Something it seems most of the CO’s don’t want.

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Lazy m@f# a**es with no sense of pride in Bermuda are the only ones who don’t want to join! Acting like you have to be up there for three years three months straight. Many who were conscripted actually enjoyed and got something out of their service. Ones b!t@#in’ are a bunch of mommas boys and p#%%!es!!

    • sage says:

      Kiss your mother with that mouth? Cursing like the ******* in command only makes you sound like an idiot. Since you loved it so much, why didn’t you stay.

    • Free-DUM says:

      You sound like the most ignorant racist ever. Many were also enslaved that actually enjoyed it, and got something out of it, remember slaves invented almost everything you enjoy today, Something tells me you’d say we should bring back slavery, you’re a sick person. The real mommas boy as you call them are the ones who conform to become a masters boy. You my friend represent the weak, and the weak are those who don’t have a brain fully functional to understand what conscription and the regiment actually represents.

    • See you learned well from the regiment and/or your parents.People like you help the anti-draft movement as you present a prime example of what this institution produces. Sound angry and bitter with no sense of pride. Truth is killing you come to think about it.

  15. more than enough says:

    if this is such a good thing, why should there be a problem, with it sustaining itself?
    ‘sustaining human resources’?
    sounds eerily similar, to conversations being held under the ‘hanging’ tree, on plantations, not very long ago..
    i am and will remain to be,
    conscientious objector
    i wasn’t as smart as some of my friends, who dodged the draft altogether, by not showing up!

    • Gee Whiz says:

      Very well put. Such a contradiction to say this is such a great organization on the one hand but on the other try to scaremonger people by saying it will become extinct if young men are not forced to join.

  16. Bermuda boy says:

    The Island is going to be full of undisciplined drug smoking punks if all of these laws pass.

    • more than enough says:

      self discipline, alongside personal responsibility ,with a high regard for the safety and well being of others, is what is required, once one is no longer a child.
      these, i believe should be among the characteristics we seek as adults

  17. Gee Whiz says:

    And what do we have now? Your comment is ignorant and shows a lack of understanding.