Purse Snatcher Pleads Guilty To Stealing

January 31, 2014

In this morning’s [Jan 31] Plea Court, Troy Woods, the 42-year-old man who was run down and captured by police after he had snatched a woman’s purse from her shopping basket in the Hamilton Marketplace on Church Street, pleaded guilty to that stealing offence.

Mr. Woods also pleaded guilty to doing the same thing to another shopper in the Marketplace on Wednesday, January 15, 2014, and then, on the same day, taking an HSBC debit card from that theft and using it at the Matchbox in Washington Mall to dishonestly acquire six cartons of cigarettes.

Police were able to connect the two sets of crimes by using CCTV footage from both stores.

At this morning’s hearing before Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo, Mr. Woods told the Magistrate that he had a “heroin problem,” continuing on to say, “I’m having problems. I’m not proud of myself. I tell you the truth. I’ll pay them back.”

The Magistrate ordered Social Inquiry and BARC reports, set sentencing for March 24, and granted Woods $3,000 bail with one Surety. The Magistrate also ordered that Woods must stay away from the Hamilton Marketplace store.

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  1. swing voter says:

    Choices….the fact that he is what he is because of heroin use is not an excuse or mitigating. Take your licks like a man…your choices make you what you are.

    • Let me get this straight! he pleaded guilty , and pays a 3000 dollar bail??why waste more court time and money on a later date??the guy from day before, the day farmer got 30 days in jail, no bail!! they both deserved to be flogged , but is there two sets of rules , or luck of the draw with which judge you get??

      • shaka zula says:

        @Hey stewie griffin you are so correct,his sentencing march 24??whats not to say he will not do a pack within the next six weeks or so…if he has that white powder habit, he can steel alot more in that time period..

      • Chingas Bouya says:

        You get bail money back if you show up to court, so that is not really a punishment. Merely a temporary inconvenience to someone that has to protect their money and make sure he shows up.

      • Legal Beagle says:

        People, bail in Bermuda is different. You don’t pay ANYTHING up front. You are liable to forfeit an amount ($3000) if you do not show up at a later date. This isn’t the USA…..

  2. drunken ursula says:

    On Lord I know that boy Woods and I know the veggie thief also…Mercy illegal drugs an damn shame

  3. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    snatchin’ handbags inside a busy store…fraudulently obtaining close to
    $500 worth of ciggys…well actually cigs sell for $1/single…so 6 cartons = $1200…not a bad hustle huh? Definitely different from the guy who hustled 10 lb of broccoli…oh well.

  4. What do you think your selling weed, so for six cartons your going to sell them in singles. you sound like your a prosecutor. Dumb@**. some people dont understand how serious hard drugs are, and what are the consequences are when getting caught up on drugs. but instead of trying to help the person to get off the drugs you want to sit up and comment on how much money they stole. typical Bermudian.

    • Chingas Bouya says:

      @Peter Griifin….we ALL understand the seriousness of drugs, we are all just tired of the excuses by those that get caught up, steal from us, and then cry out for help.

      This is not the 60′s, there is no mystery about how addictive drugs are or their side affects!!! You don’t slip and fall on an f’n herion needle by mistake!!!!

      If you are addicted to drugs, that is not a free pass. I don’t know why thieves that are addicts think they deserve a “get out of jail free card” or think their crimes are less deserving of punishment than someone that commits a crime while sober! No excuse.

      I’m all behind giving people help and a hand up, but those that want help ONLY after they have been caught and end up in court – I no longer sympathize with. Had they not been caught they would continue to get high and steal from those of us that work hard and honestly for the things we own. Sorry, I know these words may offend many, but I have been stung to many times by addicted “friends”, family and strangers.

      • down to earth says:

        Its all about the reason they take them. you must fix the reason. just like there is a reason people become alcholics.

  5. Common cent$ says:

    Ordered to stay away from the Hamilton Marketplace- how about every retail establishment! And what the heck is up with Matchstick selling that many Cartons of cigs without checking for ID with the card?!?!?! They should be fined for allowing it!

  6. WhyMeBermuda says:

    You are right. I also feel its the business at fault too. Most companies in Bermuda don’t ask for ID and I don’t understand why?? They should because of people like this….smh