Swan Welcomes Golf Course Clean Up Initiative

January 27, 2014

Golf professional Kim Swan said he welcomes the clean up initiative targeting the defunct St. George’s Golf Course, with the former St. George’s MP saying it will hopefully assist in raising the awareness of the potential that tourism benefits that golf provides.

Mr. Swan said, “The clean up initiative organised to target the defunct St. George’s Golf Course is a worthwhile community project that should transcend partisan politics.

“I have seen a circular from the Bermuda Golf Association and the Bermuda Junior Golf Association encouraging their members to support the initiative.

“While the clean up initiative will return the focus governments focus to the regular restoration of the course and a plan for operation it will hopefully assist in raising the awareness to a potential investor mindful of the potential that golf provides.

“Golf is an invaluable amenity for Bermuda and has been a visitor attraction in the Town of St. George for more than a half century.

“Golf, Tennis and Sailing are three of the main sports that can help tourism in Bermuda rebound – our North American neighbours and European friends provide a logical market for us to target with the development of these sports.”

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  1. swing voter says:

    hope to see you there swannie

  2. All Mouth says:

    He didnt even show up!

    Maybe he will come to the next one

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    that old Golf Course has now become a Dirt Track Course for many young local kids on unlicensed bikes and tiny 60cc racing bikes.
    Parents even sit off and watch.
    Go look the grass area in front of the former Blackbeards.

  4. Kindley says:

    Don’t sit around and let this valuable piece of property go to waste. I’m not sure why Bermuda’s government and the residents of St. George’s don’t see what they have on the east end.