Resident Uploads Video Of Bike Thief In Smiths

January 21, 2014

A brazen thief has been captured on video while allegedly stealing a bike in Smiths, leading to a public posting of the video as the bike’s owner seeks any information on the identity of the man. The video, uploaded to Youtube, has gone viral — in the Bermuda context — with some 6,000 plus views.

The video shows a helmeted man using a flashlight to inspect two bikes in a garage before wheeling one of them out a side door. The bike stolen was a white Honda SH-125, and it was removed from the owner’s garage on January 4 at approximately 1.00am.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “Police are aware of this incident and active inquiries into this matter are ongoing.”

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  1. BerNewsViewer says:

    Hope they catch him. Crook. Fingerprints all over the other bike might help and hopefully someone could identify his not so well hidden face.

  2. Fruity says:

    Oh wow!!!!! Happy more residents are putting up cameras! Sad that we NEED this precaution.

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    It’s hard to believe that he hasn’t been apprehended yet. I mean you can almost see who he is .

    Although this is outright theft and I’m just as angry as the owner is having had many things go missing from my place over the years too I’m a bit curious about a few things .

    Did the thief forceably enter the garage side door , or was it unlocked ?

    Did the bike have the keys in it ? If not , the thief had a long way to push it unless there was a truck waiting to load it onto.

    Were the owners at home at the time ? (Implying that this guy probably figured that out and was even more brazen)

    I do hope the bike is found and returned in as was condition .

  4. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Nail the B@$t@rd!

  5. Joonya says:

    This is where a pitbull sleeping in the garage woulda come in real handy..

  6. Ride says: