BIU Concerned About Bus Operator Safety

February 12, 2014

The Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU] released a statement today expressing their concern for the island’s bus drivers and the riding public in light of recent attacks, outlining details about a meeting covering the subject to take place tomorrow night.

The statement, addressed from BIU leader Chris Furbert, said, “The Bermuda Industrial Union is very concerned about the safety of Bus Operators.

“For the past two years we have been meeting with management of the Department of Public Transportation and the Ministry of Transport concerning the safety of the Operators but very little progress has been made.

“We have another meeting scheduled for tomorrow with the Permanent Secretary of Public Safety, Mr. Marc Telemaque and Permanent Secretary of Public Transportation, Mr. Francis Richardson concerning the recent attacks on the Bus Operators.

“It is our understanding that there will also be representation from the Bermuda Public Services Union and the Bermuda Police Service at the meeting as well.

“The general public should also be very concerned about these recent attacks because they have to travel on the buses. Therefore the meeting tomorrow night should mainly focus on how we can make public transportation much safer for the Operators and the riding public.”

In addition to the recently reported attacks, a video has surfaced which appears to show extremely foul and offensive language being directed at a bus driver.

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    there’s a very easy and simple solution,install Plexiglass clear shields as in other Countries to project the Driver’s from unruly passengers and install Bus Audible Alarms.
    Visitors are NOT going to be unduly alarmed,they see this on their buses,so it’s nothing new to them.

    • Jessica says:

      We are not other Countries this takes away from the charm!!! This is why the tourist love coming here. We or the majority of residence are seen as civil. What we have is a few people who act and behave like a cancer. The government needs to put some serious laws in place and take away the Prison that’s better then some 3 star hotels in 3rd World Countries. My friend brother is there, he told her the place is a big joke and not to stress he’s doing good.

      • Hurricane says:

        Safety should override charm. Let’s get real about the seriousness of the time is which we live.

        • As i agree with the BIU, this is not just a problem on the buses!!it also has long been a problem with the taxis..Bermuda must come to terms with the social problems on this island and get tougher on the law side of punishment..Who says Bermuda does not have a 5 star hotel, look at westgate where you go in thin , come out healthy and even a good set of new teeth..If you want to get the tourism product back here you must stamp out this low life wanna be thugs with some harder time in prison..Like i said before the 3 strikes programe, which must be the only way to deal with these kind of people, and straight across the board, male and females..Also why not make the family members start paying for there monthly payments of foods, clothes and other items they will need while in there..

          • P.S while i know i will get many thumps down , and i do not always agree what the union does, i do respect that Mr Furbert as union leader must look out for the welfare of his workers, if one driver was to be attacked while the bus was still moving, how many could be killed or hurt, passenger wise or other motorist…

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Chris Furbert…you need to see the video before you go to the meeting. People need to be held ACCOUNTABLE…especially when it concerns public safety…ALL PEOPLE!!

  3. George says:

    Um gotta an easy solution to the problem Chris! Just have all the bus drivers go on another wild cat strike……….. indefinitely! That way both the drivers and public will be safe from further attack, cause there won’t be no bus service and no one riding the buses! Makes sense in it?

    • Jessica says:

      See what I’m talking about…….the above statement from George comes from another idiot! smh

      • George says:

        Jessica/Bozey and the 11 other less than swift individuals who spent the time negatively replying to my comment, here’s a word which aptly describes my original post which you may not have heard of before but for the sake of developing your own intellect and your own sense of humour you should make a point of learning the meaning of,………………….wait for it……….yes indeed it is Sarcasm! Yes Sarcasm is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter gibe or taunt.”[1][2] Sarcasm may employ ambivalence,[3] although sarcasm is not necessarily ironic.[4] “The distinctive quality of sarcasm is present in the spoken word and manifested chiefly by vocal inflections”.[5] The sarcastic content of a statement will be dependent upon the context in which it appears!

    • bozey says:

      That is stupidest thing I have ever heard! Here is something equally stupid…You hit your head too hard when slamming into that tree..Geroge of the Jungle!!! LOL..

  4. Smiths says:

    yup – no doubt that they are probably going to walk off the job till something is done.

  5. Maven says:

    I don’t see all the fuss. Simply do as done in other places. In the states if you assault a civil servant you done for, try hitting the postman or bus driver. It’s just like hitting a cop

    • Yahoo says:

      I agree there should be harsh penalties for this kind of abuse but why are civil servants more important than the rest of the general public? I understand and agree that hitting a police officer needs to be dealt with as harshly as possible or else we’ll get anarchy but a mailman, bus driver, etc.?? Let’s get a grip…

  6. norf says:

    How about also dealing with the rudeness of some of the bus drivers while you at it CF? Some even telling tourists to get off bus because they don’t have right money…

    • Like Button says:

      I wish I could hit the like button 100 times. @Norf, I must say in the last 15 years I have personally witnessed 30+ incidents where bus drivers were so rude to locals and visitors that I was more surprised that there wasn’t retaliation. I must say, 60% of these involved the same female driver. I’ve complained to the PTB, others have complained and there have even been letters written to the media, but she still continues to get paid by the public purse for being rude to the public.

      • Like Button says:

        I agree, but the great thing about video taping on buses for the security of drivers and passengers it also shows much of what happens outside the bus. So, when there is an incident reported – there is no debate about “he said or she said” and who should we believe. They tale is told on tape. It has been very effective in police vehicles overseas.

      • Like Button says:

        Just to clarify, when I said 60% of the problems I encountered involved the “same” female driver – I didn’nt mean the same driver involved in the recent story. I have no idea who she is so I didn’t want people to think I was supportive or condoning what happened to her.

      • Wolde-Jah Furbert says:

        Somebody should name and shame this particular female driver.

  7. Terry says:

    The BIU is concerned about too much. Then again that’s what they do with members money.

    One has only to look at the makeup of all these incidents whether Tourism related or public service.

    Ewart would solve this in a day.

    • Impressive says:

      The BIU is concerned about too much?? Are you serious with that comment?? A few drivers are assaulted, they express their concern and they are concerned about too much?? WOW, what next.

  8. Micro says:

    That video seems to be a personal feud between the driver and idiot woman, not some random attack on a driver.

    The solution is quite simple, separate the driver from the passengers via security glass. While it may not be as simple to retro-fit the current fleet with such shielding for drivers, it should be something being considered for new buses.

    Cameras should also be installed in the cabin (overhead and at eye-level) to catch culprits in the act.

    Thirdly, training. Both interpersonal training on how to properly interact with the public in general (we all know there are a few drivers we all just hate due to their nasty attitudes) and with unruly persons calmly and not lead to escalating things, as well as self-defence.

    Also consider arming properly trained drivers with personal defence devices (i.e. mace/pepper spray).

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      If bus drivers get mace/pepper spray…the security guards will be asking for it too!

      • YADON says:

        You can’t use pepper spray on a crowded bus. Think about it.

  9. Terry says:

    So you shield the driver from the boarder/passenger. So what.
    The a**hole is aboard and can still disrupt et al.


  10. Karen says:

    An incident on a North Shore bus. A completely intoxicated man boarded the bus without paying. The driver asked him once to pay and was verbally abused. The man proceeded to the back of the bus verbally abusing most passengers. The driver got off the bus with her cell phone and made a call. A couple of stops down the road a policeman was waiting. He boarded the bus and removed the man. End of incident. I’m not sure what level of training buses drivers receive, but that particular bus driver should teach the course. She handled it perfectly.

  11. mrs rambo says:

    Guess we will need a police person on the front seat of the bus in plain clothes to catch anyone acting up!!(Call 911) Like they do on planes (marshalls) Also have you ever been on a bus where also the bus operator (NOT ALL) being rude to locals (young & old and don’t forget the tourists)!!! It goes both ways!!!! Lets talk about that!!!!
    Have a nice evening all!!!!!

  12. Sick B says:

    mini cctv cameras, as per US school buses for one.. 1 facing door as person gets on and one from front looking to rear and one from rear looking forward. second a medium sized aluminum baseball bat. Third a court system that will PROSECUTE to the FULLEST EXTENT of the law on the most serious possible charges. Case in point a full frontal of the STUPID B***H that appears on Facebook. Tell me the police or someone doesn’t know who the wannabe disgusting potty mouthed cow was?

  13. Y-Gurl says:

    And who is going to protect the motoring public against the idiots who drive these vehicles and that continue to break the road and safety laws, force their way into traffic, and who’s going to protect the pedestrians trying to cross Washington street from the drivers who can’t read the words “stop” on the sign at the top of the street, and if you look at the video clearly the driver is acting like an a$$ and trying to get the girl to take it further while he recorded it. There are two sides to every story and bus drivers have a lot going against them before any argument is heard.

    • drunken ursula says:

      that nasty foul mouth bit–,often has trouble with drivers, doesn’t like paying fare, her ugly skinny smelly boyfriend has a student pass and don’t attend school…..both are rude and ask me how I know….hope they lock her up and keep her off the bus forever…. mind you a few drivers are nasty

    • Like Button says:

      I agree, but the great thing about video taping on buses for the security of drivers and passengers it also shows much of what happens outside the bus. So, when there is an incident reported – there is no debate about “he said or she said” and who should we believe. They tale is told on tape. It has been very effective in police vehicles overseas.

  14. norf says:

    To many rude bus drivers to begin with and even more rude passengers. Time to privatize with new polite drivers who only allow polite passengers on board.

  15. haha says:

    dat girl is ratchet as hell lmfao…

  16. real deal says:

    This is stuiped, what about the Taxis Drivers that first started to get robed a while back.

    why dont we try to fix the under line issue instead of playing polictis.

  17. Bob Marley says:

    Bring back Mr. Lee to drive bus you won’t have anymore problems on the buses. Mr. Lee would have this all under control..

  18. Inspector Gadget says:

    Look at this dopey, sorry, UGLY excuse for a female Bermudian ->

    • Ride says:

      Wow! Say, for the sake of argument, she was called a fool. Really, how is that diatribe a reasonable response? Why put herself at risk of being arrested for; use of offensive words, threatening behaviour, inciting violence, and whatever else for such flippant remark. Not to mention that she could find herself banned from public transport or (as she mentioned) break a nail.

      Would it not have been better for her to make a verbal complaint to the supervisor and then follow that up with a written one? That would keep her on the right side of the law and public transport. I believe there is a structure for dealing with complaints so she would have had some satisfaction of knowing that the driver had to formally address it.

      I don’t know if she was called a fool but her response is definitely foolish. Why she debased herself with uttering such vulgar vitriol only she can tell.


  19. Freedom says:

    How about start teaching the island and our children what respect is in general.

  20. sadday says:

    Wow, just wow. It’s hard not to laugh, yet it’s so not funny at the same time. She should be so embarassed and her family too. What a sad excuse of a woman. Pathetic.