Burt Receives Letter With ‘Threat Of Legal Action’

February 18, 2014

D.Burt-Hoz-8740Opposition MP David Burt — who made certain allegations in the House of Assembly on Friday and subsequently repeated them on a radio talk show — said he received a letter this morning [Feb 18] with a “threat of legal action.”

MPs all have Parliamentary Privilege, meaning they cannot be sued for anything they say in the House of Assembly, however they do not enjoy the same protection outside the House.

In a post on social media, Mr. Burt said, “I will go to my grave and/or the poorhouse to defend my right to speak truth to the country of my birth and to the constituents I represent.

“I do not fear a lawsuit, I welcome it – as I’m happy to speak under oath….

“I am Bermudian – and this is our future that you are messing with – come clean and stop trying to silence me with your legal team. Come clean with the people of this country or resign!”

When asked for clarification about those comments, Mr Burt said, “I received a letter this morning of a threat of legal action.

“I have sought legal counsel, but suffice it to say I stand by what I said and welcome the opportunity to say the same under oath in a courtroom.”

Mr Burt added, “The Premier of the country will not silence me with his threats, I am doing my job. He needs to answer the questions put to him as to the nature of his and his private business partner’s relationship with Mr. Nathan Landow.”

“If there is nothing to hide, then why does the Premier continue to refuse to answer these legitimate questions. Why does he refuse to say why his private business partner accompanied him on a ‘Government Fact Finding’ mission last year with a casino developer who was looking to do business in Bermuda.

Mr. Burt continued, “I would say that the better use of the Premier’s time would be to come clean with the people of this country. The longer he deflects without answering the questions and tries to silence me with legal threats the more all Bermudians should begin to ask – why won’t the Premier just answer the simple question.”

The Premier has previously denied all the allegations made, saying “the PLP leadership’s Number One priority is to take down the OBA Government,” and “Friday’s circus in the House of Assembly was the latest chapter in their party-before-country strategy.”

We have asked the Premier’s office for a response, and will update as able.

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    • Betty Trump says:

      The mere fact that the Premier’s private business partner travel with the JETGATE 4, speaks volumes. Why is he afraid to address the key QUestions raised in the house. The UBPoba are looking more like a big JOKE daily., TRANSPARENCY IS KILLING THEM BIG TIME. I guess they regret using that as one of their key promises pre-election.



      THIS GOVERNMENT IS FALLING ON THEIR OWN SWORD&lt…no one needs to help them… they doing bad all by themselves…REALLY

      • Betty Trump says:

        “I am Bermudian – and this is our future that you are messing with – come clean and stop trying to silence me with your legal team. Come clean with the people of this country or resign!”

        Well said Mr. Bean….we do not rule by FEAR TACTIC anymore…this is a common political strategy of the UBP back in action again…REALLY

        • WTF says:

          Betty trump you are a living ***!!!!!

        • Bermuda Male says:

          Why does any Bermudian need to pump out his chest and exclaim
          to the world “I am a Bermudian and ….” Is that supposed to suddenly raise you to stand untouchable? You are in Bermuda, you are in Parliament so yes you are a Bermudian! How does that change anything, we all are and we also had our future messed with big time, billions! and guess who by? Pathetic, and you think you are a leader? The island could get by just fine with the civil servants and business owners, the MPs today make no difference whatsoever to our ability to move ahead.

      • cha says:

        Honestly Betty they are not. Bean and Burt have made grandiose statements with no proof. The premier did answer the questions in the HOA by saying it was completely ridiculous and never happened. Now I am not on either side as frankly Bean & Co. have provided absolutely no definitive evidence that this ever transpired, so it is complete hearsay. Show me the proof and then we can move on from there and if Craig has to go then he has to go.

        As it is now it just seems like the PLP are trying to dislodge trust in the government and try to force MP’s to resign with no evidence in order to try and gain power. Which is probably why you are writing on here.

      • Choir Boy says:

        Hey Betty, maybe Craig considers it a Plantation question. This of course gives him the right to simply not answer it. (As you would well know). :-) )

        • Mazumbo says:

          Nice try coming to his defense but he couldn’t answer a tough question if you gave it to him, as much as Dr. Brown got on my nerves sometimes I got to give it to him he answered the toughest questions (even though I may have not agreed with some of them) but as a leader he was not afraid to face the nation on a drop of a dime, like Mark Bean who have a kill the plantation owner mentality.

          • James Herald says:

            I am not coming to anyone’s defense – just stating a fact. DREB called the Plantation card rather than answer a question he didn’t like. I’m just showing that others have done the same thing. Frustrating isn’t it? Perhaps the next thing Craig will say is that he gave the guy a lift as a ‘humanitarian suggestion’ an explanation DREB used before. I won’t believe it now as I didn’t believe it then. Politicians make strange bedfellows.

            • James Herald says:

              Sorry: humanitarian gesture. You get the picture I’m sure.

          • Hmmm says:

            Truth is something you have great difficulty with. SMH

          • jt says:

            He replied to them – he did not answer them.

      • The Messenger says:

        The UBP/OBA are doing a fantastic job digging their own graves. Oh, what a day of rejoicing–there’ll be no tears from me!

      • Concerned Smiths says:

        On a private plane? Yah!

    • What a wast of F****** paper! says:

      Na Bro like Milk said “YOUR WASTING YOUR F**K**G TIME OBA” where is the 2000 jobs? Natives are getting restless who paid for the lawyer to send him this letter?

      • jobless in seattle says:

        Perhaps the natives should learn basic grammar?

        How would you propose creating 2,000 jobs overnight, when it took 14 years to destroy them? Get a sense of perspective.

        • Legal Mind says:

          OBA supporters refuse to see anything as wrong. The question is legit: where are those 2000 jobs??? More and more people are being made redundant without even a discussion on how the OBA is going to, as they said, provide these 2000 jobs!

          • James Herald says:

            Where’s the $800 million? The question is legit. None of your lot is answering.

          • Unbelievebale says:

            Rubbish. The OBA has said how jobs will be created. You are getting distracted by the nonsense from the PLP. Investment into Bermuda is just waiting to be announced but the PLP is working hard to disrupt these plans. The OBA aren’t very good at procedure for sure but the PLP had 14 years to turn things around and did nothing. Once that new hospital is done, what next? It’s gaming. Hotel investment, construction, casino operations…these are all jobs. Legalisation of marijuana will also bring new jobs I’m sure.

            Look at the gaming website (www.gamingawareness.bm)

            It’s all there. Please don’t act like it’s not there because it sure is.

            • Bettty Trump says:

              Stop the Spin, your government has NO REAL PLAN, this is why we see such behaviours by the UBPoba. A distraction, to avoid addressing the real Election Promises.

              • haha says:

                bla bla bla….

                will the real betty please stand up

              • Unbelievebale says:

                Betty, honey bunny, you don’t want to look at that website, do you? You don’t want to believe that there are developers waiting to sign on the dotted line if gaming follows through. You want the OBA to fail. You want them to fail so that the PLP/biu can regain power. You wouldn’t admit in a million years that the PLP/biu FAILED to get these things done.

                It’s not about what’s best for Bermuda with you or the PLP/biu. It’s about getting revenge. It’s about misdirected anger. You had 14 years to get through these things and now that you missed your chance, someone else is getting on with it and you hate it.

                • Ringmaster says:

                  Betty, Bettty and the PLP hiding behind you.

                  Many of the 2,000 jobs would likely to have been created by the building, then staffing, of new hotels. Simple really if you would think about it. However between the antics of the BIU the other week and now the foolish behavior of MP’s those projects will likely now never take place. Take credit for a job well done – the destruction of jobs for Bermudians.

                  • What an effin joke says:

                    How are 2000 jobs going to be created by building more hotels when the Hotels that we have now are never fully occupied???
                    How is the PLP responsible for the alleged underhanded OBA government??

                    • Suzie Quattro says:

                      Can you remind us how many jobs the PLP promised in the run up to the election? What was the number?

                • The Messenger says:


                  You are speaking from a place of FEAR and HATRED! I overstand why. You are constantly tormented by the thoughts of waking up under and being subject to Black rule again. I will have you know that it is coming soon–so stay tuned.

                  • LOL (original TM*) says:

                    Yes and you and those like you are fully afraid now aren’t you. If the OBA succeeds it might be another say 10-20 years the PLP are not in power. Anyway thanks for exposing your FEAR and HATRED. As far as Parties in Bermuda cause you only once again want to talk racial BS. If Bermuda is serious in wanting to hold parties accountable I say televise all meetings and party meeting, the house. Use CITV to do it and finally let the people that really matter on this island make an informed decision on these parties based on their true character. What’s to hide they both say they want what is best for Bermuda right?


                  • Unbelievebale says:

                    @ The Messenger, your post speaks more about you than I. I’m not in fear of living under black rule. There is no black rule in this country just like there is no white rule. But unfortunately, you’ve clearly demonstrated that that is how you see this. You see this as a battle between black vs white rule. You clearly are living in the past and you love that too. It’s what keeps you from being happy.

                    I believe we are a racially-divided country only because of the words and nonsense from those like you. You want this county divided. I just want to see it flourish for all Bermudians – no matter what background. Try again.

                • WTF says:

                  Well said unbelievable… lmao

              • WTF says:

                Betty trump ….will you please stop refering to the OBA as the OBA/UBP…UBP died 2-3 years ago.. ***** off!!!!

                • Bettty Trump says:

                  The actions of this week indicate they are still alive….the UBPoba even went as far as to call out one of their oldest guards….MR EDNESS….>REALLY

                  Talking his nonsense….

          • WTF says:

            Betty trump ….will you please stop refering to the OBA as the OBA/UBP…UBP died 2-3 years ago.. **** off!!!!

            • The Messenger says:


              The UBP didn’t die 2-3 years ago. It is still very much alive and unwell!

              • Unbelievebale says:

                You mean just like old PLP is still alive and well? The old PLP who drove this country to massive debt and unemployment who are still running the party? Those you are still MPs?

                Old relics, I’d say.

          • Bermuda Male says:

            The 2000 jobs are STILL out there
            They wouldn’t be if THe PLP were still in power.
            Put them back in again to carry on that gross mismanagement
            and you will see 2000 jobs go overnight.

          • I think that..... says:

            More jobs will go if the plan to change the status of many government departments happens. They will be able to change the size of the Civil Service without having to do any firing themselves….something like what they did to The Tourism Department but without the reassignment of jobs.

        • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

          You are right, they can’t create 2000 jobs overnight. But they can create some over 14 months don’t you think?

  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    you are not a Bermudian..there is legally no such title..you are a British Citizen,furthermore,you are not above the law.

    • Herb Adderley says:

      I AM BERMUDIAN, and a british territorial citizen. What do the people of Scotland all themselves, and the Irish and the Welsh. So yes we have the right to be called Bermudian.

      • Nuffin but da Truth says:

        READ what it says…or go to Lenscrafters and get some new reading glasses.

      • Enough says:

        The Irish call themselves Irish – Ireland isn’t part of the UK. Northern Ireland is….like Scotland and Wales where they can be referred to as British.

    • Seriously says:

      Is the premier above the law? Or is he above answering questions.

      And don’t be so dumb, of course there is such a thing as being Bermudian.

    • Rob says:

      Don’t tell him he’s British, he’ll pee his pants.

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      I can believe that you are not a Bermudian. No sane bermudian would ever post such a comment.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Lure they let you out again. Been sometime glad to see your still kickin.


    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      Oh please, it’s a play of words. We are Bermudian and if we weren’t they would nt have made such a big deal about having a stamp in the British passport that states the holder is registered as a Bermudian.

  2. watching says:

    I support Mr. Burt. Mr cannonier needs to come clean.

    • Hmmm says:

      No surprises from you there.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        For real, lookin at watching’s posts they would support anything as long as it’s the PLP, I support all of them coming clean OBA, PLP, Betty(s)… . Televise it all, all meeting all cc meetings, the house and/or anything tagged to our politicians in the news on the net or what- ever let the people that really matter see them for who they are.

        without doing so only leads to more are team vs their team nonsense while we drown and reminds me of the concept of mutual destruction that the US and USSR in the cold war. Where is Bermuda in that picture all I see are parties.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      What would he have to say to come clean, in your opinion? Would he have to fabricate something to give you what you want to hear? Anything else would have to be a lie.

  3. Betty Trump says:

    “If there is nothing to hide, then why does the Premier continue to refuse to answer these legitimate questions. Why does he refuse to say why his private business partner accompanied him on a ‘Government Fact Finding’ mission last year with a casino developer who was looking to do business in Bermuda.”

    Well said Mr. Burt. It is however shameful that the UBPoba are failing to address this issue, rather than only go the route of law suite. This UBPoba party are falling fast off their sword. This action does nothing to improve their stand now with the people of Bermuda. TRUTH always STAND first…

    The Premier is further sinking and falling deeper in a political bind. These folks are going hang you out to dry Premier, and you will stand there looking in the mirror crying loud soon. Premier you need to remove yourself from the JETGATE 4 as fast as possible. I can see you will come out the loser in this matter.

    • Betty Trump says:


      “Mr. Burt continued, “I would say that the better use of the Premier’s time would be to come clean with the people of this country. The longer he deflects without answering the questions and tries to silence me with legal threats the more all Bermudians should begin to ask – why won’t the Premier just answer the simple question.”…Bernews

      This tells us the UBPoba are Premier and MPs are running array.

      The UBPoba need to address the people whom voted you in, and not just a selected sector of our community. This Lack of TRANSPARENCY by this government is killing them big time. This recent act does nothing to make them look any better, except to suggest they think they are making folks afraid.

      Thanks Mr. Burt stand up, and do not let these political UBPoba folks think your weak at heart. Let it go court so all can be exposed

      Premier you keep taking advice from the JETGATE 4 and those of the UBPoba you will find yourself trying to get out of a big hole, which your already are there. You will soon be tossed aside like a piece of old meat by this UBPoba folks and MPs.

      Burt has the support of the people. Truth always Stands Tall, while the UBPoba will reveal themselves in good time.

      Mr Burt added, “The Premier of the country will not silence me with his threats, I am doing my job. THOSE DAYS OF THREATS ARE NOW GONE UBP…this will not work either…. REALLY

  4. Ben Dover says:

    Seems you can’t talk smack about people without risking legal action any more than you can make BurtBliss Swizzles and not raise the ire of Goslings.

  5. Cindy S. says:

    Every Bermudian should collectively help Mr. Burt with any legal fees. We are facing hard times but if each of us give what we can, then the court can decide who’s telling the truth! I pledge what I can afford. $10.00

    • pebblebeach says:

      Really, you cannot be serious….

    • swing voter says:

      yur jokin right? David shoots himself in both feet and now you want me to help foot his legal bill? Taxpayers paid several million dollars to settle PLP govt. mis-steps. Burt Construction can handle his legal bill…I didn’t benefit from the friends and family plan….after witnessing the HOP look and sound like a MAWI ward, you ask me bail out a politician on either side? you’ve lost yur damn mind!!!!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      No problem. Take a little from my share of the $800,000,000.00 that went missing, OK.

      • Mazumbo says:

        It didn’t go missing it went on projects.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Yeah, right.

          • Triangle Drifter says:

            I think you got your words mixed up.

            It went missing on projects.

            Some of it anyways. Everyone has heard the allegations of building material being delivered to sites other than where they were supposed to go.

        • Come Correct says:

          Project “buymeanewhat”? Name the projects then. It was unaccounted for in the financials, in other words missing.

        • Bermuda Male says:

          The amount missing is MORE than the entire project cost so how you makin sense?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Right after PLP supporters help pay off the debt the PLP ran up.


  6. Seriously says:

    Why doesn’t Cannonier answer the questions – and put the issue to rest.

    Let’s move on – Premier – Answer the Questions!!!!

    • The Messenger says:

      He can’t because the truth does not abide in him.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Seems to be catching on hardly anytime in the last 14 years did the truth abide in any PLP politician either.


  7. MB says:

    Is/has Mr Bean getting a letter too? He was talking on ZBM last night.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      If he has nothing to answer to what would you like him to say?

      • The Messenger says:

        One way or the other–one day he is going to talk. The grapevine has it that someone is holding some damning information. However, NOW isn’t the time to release/reveal it. In due course we will all learn who the ‘real Craig Cannonier’ is.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Let’s have it if all you say is true he should not be the leader of the country. So I say to you tell whom ever has said information bring it out so we can see it now and benefit the country not when it might benefit the party.

          LOL PLP and supporters putting party first every and all the time.

  8. Rob says:

    Who sent the letter?. Who????? Who???? If your going to bring it up, make it believable.

  9. BlueFamiliar says:

    Where, exactly, were these people with such high morals when the PLP were the Government?

    • PJ says:

      This too shall pass……………….. (to quote a familiar phrase used by the previous Premier). Seriously, now they demand answers when they wouldn’t give answers themselves. Go figure.

    • Tough Love says:

      or when the UBP was in power?!? Oh wait…

      • Bermuda Male says:

        After the UBP (full employment, no debt, balanced budgets )
        the PLP had 14 years to bring out the supposed misdeeds and corruption of their opposition. Did you see anything?! Nada!
        Either it wasnt there to be found or someone was too busy in the cookie jar to bother looking? But you spoke at election time by throwing them out or just not voting, either way people know what they saw.

        • Johnny says:

          During the UBP reign it was easy to balance the budget because 60% of the population didn’t figure in the Budget.

  10. Serious Times says:

    These are sad times for us all. PLP OBA……all th same. Poor governance. choosing between the OBA and the PLP is like choosing between a open hand slap in the face and a kick in the gonads.


    Someone say! British, step in and do what was done in the Turks??

  11. Choir Boy says:

    Mr Burt is treading on very thin ice. Ask any lawyer.

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      Burt says “I do not fear a lawsuit, I welcome it – as I’m happy to speak under oath….”

      Obviously, he has no idea what constitutes a defence under the laws of defamation. He has to prove the truth of his statements.

      Speaking under oath does not constitute proof.

      • Choir Boy says:

        Not the only PLP member who thinks that if he says something enough times – it will automatically be the truth.

        You need proof – not just the fact that you said it. Tell that to Marc Bean also. He gave a lot of opinion on the TV last night – none of it was necessarily true – or provable in any way. It was just ranting from an angry man. May contain some truth, may be complete BS. Shouting loud does not make it any more true – or believable.

      • Real talk (original) says:

        How about public interest for starters?

    • The Messenger says:

      He is going where DEVILS fear to tread–on TRUTH!

  12. aceboy says:

    You don’t fear a lawsuit but if you are found to have been fibbing the Brits will want a word too. I hope they throw the book at you.

  13. David Burt, what has happened to you?? You used to be a down to earth guy working at HP. Now you are caught up in this political world and the blinders are on. You were educated in the US and from what I remember you had American citizenship. Remember who you are and how you used to chat to everyone and be on the same level, come back to reality brother!!!

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      American citizenship? Does he still have it? Interesting!

    • shutthemdown says:

      so because he doesnt share you way of thinking he has to come back to reality.

      …r talk for sure

      • Excellent command of the English language.

        • I think that..... says:


          Since you are the English language police I would like for you to comment about the mistakes in ALL posts not just the ones that don’t support your view.

          You seem intelligent enough to have gotten the gist of what was written.

          Comments that point out grammatical errors etc. are almost as bad as some of Betty’s entries.

    • payattention says:

      “You were educated in the US and from what I remember you had American citizenship”

      You can’t be serious. What the heck does this have to do with anything??

      Mr. Burt is standing strong for what he believes to be right and for you this equates to him not being down to earth? Ooook…

      • It means he is cut from the same cloth as Ewart!!!! It also means considering that he is in government he has to be Bermudian (correct me if I am wrong). David needs to stop drinking the “kool aid” and get back to reality.

        • payattention says:

          Well thank JESUS it’s the same cloth as Dr. Brown and not craig!

        • Bee says:

          Former Customer. You are self righteous! Who do you think you are to disclose personal information about this man in this light? Why not name all of the other MPs who have dual citizenship while you are at it! You think because he served you and because he has an education that you think is inferior that he is not entitled to fight for a cause he deems important? You are blind to the truth. He has the right to say what he wants. It may get him a hefty fine…but if he does not care, why should you? You are a complete nincompoop.

        • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

          A former Premier needed to renounce his American citizenship in order to run for Parliament in Bermuda.

          Whether he did it or not is another matter.

  14. young observer says:

    Craig has got some explaining to do, deflecting from the truth or not providing facts to prove otherwise is insulting to the Bermudian public, come clean or resign.

    If everything that is alleged is not true, then their must be some supporting facts. Even the die hard OBA supporters must be wondering why their party has not come out to shut down these serious allegations with concrete facts to clear their names.

    The fact that they are not providing any speaks volumes.
    Saying it wasn’t me or they are all lies is not proving anything.

    If it comes to light that the PLP are telling all lies, that would be a major political boost for the OBA and could very well mean the end of the PLP party as we know it. I think if their was no PLP, Craig would sleep better at night, so that fact that he has not crushed these allegations without stuttering and pausing and giving press releases with no revelant information to support his story is bemuzing to say the least.

    Craig, we are all waiting on the facts.

    • GoodIdeaBadIdea says:

      Isn’t it the other way around? Accusations are one thing but unless there can be proof provided to back up the accusations. Innocent until proven guilty – until then it’s a case of slander when said outside of the House of Assembly.

      You really can’t just go and say something potentially damaging to the reputation of a person and not follow up some sort of proof. Pressuring the Premier to “come clean” is putting the burden of proof on the wrong party. That’s like arresting someone and asking them to admit to a crime without any evidence that a crime had been committed. In most 1st world countries we are innocent until proven guilty. Why would we treat this any differently?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      @ young , read Goodidea’s post clearly and learn .
      It’s up to the person who makes the accusation to prove .

      If someone accused you of being a child molester what’s the first thing that’s going to come out of your mouth ?
      ‘Not true , ridiculous , etc ‘
      What else can you say in rebuttal about such an outlandish accusation if you’re not one and have no interest in children at all ?

      You have it the wrong way around , but at least you do have a lot of company. Which is just what the PLP intended from the outset with all of this utter nonsense.

      • young observer says:


        Apparently the OBA are sitting on the evidence to clear their names, but they are unwilling to reveal it.

        Makes one wonder really. I’m not saying they are guilty, but they haven’t done a thing to prove otherwise. Do you get me!!

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          No. Burt has to prove the scandalous accusations. That’s the way it works.
          If he doesn’t have proof, he is in mucho trouble.
          But if he has proof, he has nothing to worry about.

      • young observer says:

        If I were to be accused of something, and I was innocent and fully telling the truth, I without a moments notice will provide an alibi, and give the full account of the situation or in this case conversation, without having to think, pause or take time to prepare a press conference with no revelent info at all. I wont juat deny it.

        Let’s be real here, if Nandi was telling the truth she would have spoken up with confidence when questioned in the HOA. You can ask yourself that (if you were in her shoes) and it would be true.

        The fact the the opposition Leader went on National TV to repeat the allegations, which puts his own reputation, integrity, and job at risk,and then answers every question without missing a beat or reading a script then you have to wonder.

        I’m not being onesided here. Don’t get me wrong, if it is Bean that is not truthful then he must go. But at the moment he is the only one to give his full account of events that was not actually typed up and read off a piece of paper.

        I dont think the majority of us care whose head rolls, we just want the truth, whether it be PLP or OBA. I’m not defending badness because of any affiliation.

        I rest my case…

  15. ABM says:

    In all honesty, I really want the Premier to answer those questions instead of the usual circle running.

    • O'Brien says:

      He has. He’s denied them unequivocally. What more can he say?

      • ABM says:

        Are you sure about that? You may need to re-read all the articles and re-visit the parliment website.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          He answered them. It’s even linked above.

          Now, what we want to see, is the proof that Burt says he has. Where is it?

      • GoodIdeaBadIdea says:

        Really they want an admission to guilt regardless of if it’s true or not – simply saying “there’s nothing to answer to” is not enough for this bunch.

        I still say the accuser should bring proof and then there will be something to investigate. Until then it’s just an accusation without evidence.

    • The Messenger says:

      He isn’t going to answer any questions because the truth isn’t in him. One cannot give what one does not possess.

      What I would like to know is who discovered or handpicked this man to run as a political candidate in the first place? Who can answer?

  16. Laughing cow says:

    Agreed, let the judicial system decide, bring it on OBA. Burt will get support from the community

    • swing voter says:

      speak for yourself Laughing cow…I have no love for MPs just now, on both sides. instead of addressing the country’s business they got paid for personal mud slinging last week

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      For Burt and Bean to make these kinds of allegations, they had better have proof, or they will never be trusted ever again.
      So where is the proof?

      • The Messenger says:

        The proof is on its way! I hope it will satisfy your heart.

  17. George says:

    With all due respect Mr. Burt there is no such thing as the truth! That should have been the first thing you learned on becoming a Politician, so lets not try and deceive the greater public that somehow you are the great defender of “THE TRUTH”! You believe your version/account of events is more accurate than someone else’s! Politician’s are masters of deception and manipulation, their careers as politicians are defined/built on them. I would encourage a policy/law be passed that not only forces all Politicians to sign a Code of Conduct but that each is forced to go through a regular psychiatric evaluation to reveal how deluded they really are! If you are “too far gone” and start believing your own deceit then you should be forced to resign! You want a cause to champion Mr. Burt try one that’s going to give you some real credibility……………….. endorse and sign a code of conduct for politicians – that would be good start!

    • James Rego says:

      What happened to the OBA pledge to enact legislation to recall parliamentarians and boot them out? Surely what has happened over the last couple days would fit the bill. What part of this rancor has benefitted Bermuda? Are we willing to keep these buffoons in place any longer?

  18. Gotham says:

    In Mr. Burt’s favour, there has never been a successful libel case in Bermuda. Not in his favour, what will come out if this goes forward regardless of the outcome and lawyers at a minimum of $750.00 per hour but likely at least double that.

  19. bored of it all says:

    Seems like a whole lot of idle threats being thrown around. It sounds like to me that each side supposedly has information and cold hard evidence that would destroy the other. But they are chosing not to hold each other accountable for their supposed disgusting, illegal actions.

    My question to the politicions is this. If you guys don’t seem to care enough to hold each other accountable for your actions then why should we? Frankly i’m bored of it all. This gossip girl bs may keep everyone else entertained but it isn’t working for me. I really wish i had the time to care.

    If no one is going to provide any evidence for their allegations one way or another then could everyone please just shut up and get back to work? I’m sure there are far more important things for you all to be doing.

  20. cha says:

    Let’s move to a Parliamentary government and get rid of the party’s already!

    • George says:

      Your post makes no sense! We use a Westminster System of government in Bermuda one which is a democratic parliamentary system modeled after the politics of the United Kingdom – which is based on Party Politics. What are you suggesting?

      • cha says:

        We operate a multi-party democracy – A form of government in which representatives may be elected from several or many political parties.

        Now a Parliamentary Democracy is a form of government ruled by a prime minister and an elected parliament. (so no party affiliation everyone is essentially independent for their constituency).

        So really it does make sense. Sorry if I confused you by not including the word democracy. The only problem is you would need a complete change in personnel in order to remove any party bias.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          AHHHH….So you would like to go back to what we had in the 60s, prior to party politics. Independents thrown together by their constituents & told to sort themselves out & get on with the job.

          Is that it?

    • inna says:

      Ill agree with you on that one!!

      However, up in that house on the hill, there is no such thing as neutral. It is human nature to align oneself with those of similar interests and values. If we do in fact end up ridding our island of party politics, there will still be “sides” up in the H-of-A that some choose to stand on, over the other!

  21. Mr Speaker…..Mr. Speaker… Mr. Speaker! “Honorable Members of the house. POINT OF ORDER ! I propose that if a member cannot articulate their point without making it bitterly personal and divisive, lacking any truth or substance,that YOU Mr. Speaker advise that member to immediately relieve their feet and take a seat. For the good of the House and Bermuda! THANK YOU Mr. Speaker. Repeat the refrain…….

  22. Laughing cow says:

    Mr. Burt has agreed to submit a lie detector test.

    Have you heard PCC offering said same?

    Mr. Bean says bring out the tape? Mrs. Outerbridge says no?

    • Hmmm says:

      Lie detector tests can be beaten

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      A lie detector test is not proof of anything, as everyone knows.
      Is he admitting he has no proof for these allegations?

    • Cleancut says:

      While the Lie detector is on, as him questions about Bootlegging

    • GOD1ST says:

      Now that sums it up,open and closed. PCC And N.O are lying

  23. deallnighter says:

    Does anyone remember the uighrs!
    Or hiring a private plane for singers for that event in dockyard that cost us thousands, maybe i dreamt it. Does anyone ever remember a premier needs a security fleet to ttravel around an island.Cmn if your going to throw rocks board up your windows…..
    Jingus Bie

    • Who DOES The Hon Marc Bean actually Represent? says:

      That’s pretty funny deallnighter–

      But round here its more like “do as I say, not as I do”–OR

      If you forget about it–it never happened–OR


      Jingus is right….

  24. Coffee says:

    They said they’ll run and tell Mamma if you didn’t shut up and keep the secret a secret .

  25. Take it Easy! says:

    The great DREB is famous for this one!

  26. Watching says:

    What are you all going to say when you find out that the 4th person on the plane WAS NOT a business partner? And that is the truth which time will tell.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Who cares about the plane? Burt and Bean made some pretty serious allegations. And they appear to have no proof of anything. So they risk legal action.

  27. brutus says:

    the plp bunch of ppl are doing all they can to disrupt,coerce their members to distabilise this new govt..coz they still can.t accept the fact that they lost with they arrogance,ineptness,poor governance and failed miserable terms of 14 yrs..They practically destroyed the island with stealth destruction..SHAME ON Mbean,burt,daniels and the rest of those ppl..They are now a disgraceful bunch liabilities to the survival of this island..

  28. Alvin Williams says:

    I am not a crook; the people of Bermuda need to know that their premier is
    not a crook- Jet-gate travelling at the expense of a potential hotel gambling investor. 4th. person on the flight; not a civil servant; the premier’s personal manger of gas stations; possible business partner. Cancel referendum claiming the PLP opposition threaten a boycott; but in reality does not trust the people of Bermuda. In response to some very serious allegations about political corruption by the opposition leader; the premier boasts that he has a tape or has heard a tape concerning a meeting held between the opposition leader. The premier alleged that the tape is so atrocious it could damage the country? A newspaper head line claim that the opposition leader made inappropriate suggestion to female MP. It was not stated but it seem to infer something? The tape itself has not seem the light of day. The premier continues to run and refuses to answer these very serious allegations however he has added a new lexicon to the pantheon of conservative black politicians and their relationship with their white political support base;’Those rich white UBP boys’.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      You start your diatribe with the words “I am not a crook”. Then you list a bunch of things which are, not criminal at all, many have been explained, and they aren’t even unethical. There is nothing there that is any kind of crime.
      If Bean has proof of a crime, he should go to thevpolice with his proof.
      If he doesn’t he should stop acting like a whiny spoiled little brat.

  29. This is good and marc bean should be receiving a similar letter as well

  30. Aware says:

    Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the small stuff.

    The most important thing for this/my country is that the economy improves restoring jobs for those without.

    The current Government, like any new administration, needs time to be effective. The Obama administration’s efforts to implement their policies following the Bush Government is a good example.

    Let’s set aside these (relatively) minor issues and allow this Government to perform as well as it can until the end of its term.

    At that point we can all take a step back and make an objective decision as to who is best to lead our country.

  31. Seriously says:

    Why!! Why! now you should have reported this non sense
    way before now. like as soon as the so called Bull went down.
    More than likely you will go to HE

  32. brutus says:

    This smells of HIGH envy…all this happen not by coincidence this vicious orchestrated attack by the devious PLP with phony accusations and lies!!!..Think ppl just recently all the good news of BDA by Simmons the college economist saying Bermuda is moving into better financial deals,OBA gives St Georges 750,000,David Gibbbon give 500,000 to the hospital,Princess give 10,000 for library, money to the Meals on wheels and etc..Plus the news of unemployment went lower,and crime took a dip at being lower all in the first two months in the year…So with their envious hearts the Plp couldn’t handle all this without doing something to sabotage the country with their destructive attempts to poke holes at the OBA…They all should be ashamed of their worthless and disgraceful to destroy the island when they caused so much of destruction during their tenureship..SHAME SHAME AND MORE SHAME ON THE Plp for their orchestrated and benign attempt to derail the country!!!!!

  33. James Herald says:

    The Premier has answered these allegations Alvin. Don’t say he hasn’t answered them because he has. No matter how many times you say he hasn’t answered the allegations, it will never be the truth – it will be a lie. Craig answered the allegations – he said they were complete BS, without foundation. And he said his mate caught a ride. Stop lying – he answered the allegations.

    Ask your boy Marc to prove the allegations – go on, ask him. He can’t and you know it.


    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Nothing will please the Alvins till they heat what they want to hear.

      Truth??? They can’t handle the truth. Their party has made a shambles of Bermuda & they are still cruising down De Nile.

    • The Messenger says:

      James Herald you sound really STUPID. What stranger to a pilot BUMS a ride on his private jet? Did the stranger part company from Cannonier, Crockwell, Pettingill and the pilot when the private jet reached its destination or was it a coincidence that ALL OF THEM were going to the same place, hung out TOGETHER and returned to BDA TOGETHER?

      Just put your brain in gear before speaking.

  34. bbm says:

    this smells of a vicious orchestrated attempt by the plp party to derail the sitting govt..This is considered contemptuous and litigious!

  35. Mayan says:

    I fear for this country, I really do. I think we’re sitting on a powder keg that’s about to go off at any moment. OBA, all we ask is that you remember who put you where you are and do right by Bermuda. Put Bermuda first and not yourselves. We’ve all heard stories that suggest you’re heading down that slippery slope of self-interest. I don’t know-maybe it’s a human thing to put yourself first and everyone after but Bermuda can’t afford that. What is the alternative if people get fed up-a return to the PLP? Remember: people gave you a chance and if they think that chance is being exploited, and whether these charges are proven or not, they will turn on you in a heartbeat and throw you all out of office. Can Bermuda really afford that?

  36. Rick Olson says:

    IMO all parties involved should go on the MAURY Show and take a lie detector test be great rating an PR with a new target market .

  37. Smh says:

    Good thing the OBA will only be in power for 1 term!!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      And then what? Surely you don’t want to see the likes of the ‘new’ PLP do you? The OBA is not perfect but it is the best that is available right now.

    • The Messenger says:

      I truly do not see them surviving beyond that. Troubleshooting now wouldn’t even save them. They have driven the final nail in their own coffin.

    • Concerned Smiths says:

      If the PLP gets back in, forget it! There will be MASS exodus. Think things are bad now! You really seem not to understand how grave things are?

  38. The plp reminds me of the tea party in the USA. An obstructionist party of ‘no’. The plp’ers are working night and day to styme the good work being done by the OBA which is ever so slowly turning Bermuda’s economy around. Passing gaming in the HOA is the OBA’s lynchpin to speeding up our economic recovery and will result in jobs, jobs and more jobs for Bermudians. And guess what? The plp knows this so they do not want the OBA to succeed under ANY circumstances! The plp were so certain they were going to win the last general election…they thought it was a fait accompli. Then they LOST!! Then one of their own MP’s accepted an OBA invitation to become Speaker of the HOA. To add insult to injury another one of their MP’s decided to sit as an independent! The plp have been checkmated at every turn by the OBA…and when the OBA took Marc’s suggestion to bypass the referendum the plp did not know what hit them and they lost their minds! It SMARTS for them to have had the political rug pulled out from under them so many times LOL!!. They HATE the fact that they are losers. Plp’ers are bitter, disgruntled, hateful and angry. Marc vowed to dismantle the OBA in 14 months. Well here it is, 14 months later and the OBA is still standing!! These accusations against the Premier, the AG and the Minister of Tourism are all part of a grand plan to try and destabilise the OBA but guess what..it is not working LOL!! The OBA is unified and the plp is more fractured than ever before. Watch Marc over the next few weeks…he will implode right before our eyes…WATCH!

  39. Concerned Smiths says:

    I watched Mr. Bean on TV last night… What an epiphany I had!

    The PLP (Permanently Lost Party) is done! I believe most Bermudians now realize they are incapable of leading…they cannot see the BIG picture; and, at least to me, too absorbed with racial hatred/payback.

    It’s really funny most of them never really experienced racial hate as did my parents. Yet my parents are not bitter or every spew reverse racism, for whatever reason. Where is the love of everyone?

    We need some smart people to start a third party! They would all need business experience, common sense and dignity, in addition to integrity. We don’t need an Aceboy to run this Country, we need a statesman, someone with good judgment!

    I will never vote PLP again under its current leadership! Yes, I know I’ll be attacked but I said what I feel! Completely embarrassed for the PLP and our country!


    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      Concerned Smiths, while I respect your views, I am 100% in disagreement with them. I voted OBA but if an election was held tomorrow I would vote PLP. The OBA says there is no money, yet they continually give money away to help organizations. What about the little man? They seem to care nothing about us. I am not asking for $750,000 or millions in text breaks. Come on this lying to the people that the Gov has no money needs to stop. It’s all a smoke screen if you ask me.

      • Concerned Smiths says:

        I guess you’ve forgotten the last 7 years. We cannot be two-faced! They have not raised chaos to level we saw, say in 2007? Let’s be fair and not overly emotional! We screwed the little man! Let’s be honest. What did we give to the little man?

  40. brutus says:

    Those who keep rooting for this destructive party plp are considered traitors!!!!…”"WE HAD TO DECEIVE YOU was a popular plp con…A leopard doesn’t change its spots…they walk,talk like a duck and they are ducks….To think they caused Bermuda to fall drastically from their corruption and poor governance and still got the nerve to try and derail more..What part of shame these ppl don’t get? The whole bunch of them have gotten together and plotted how to defame the sitting govt…THEY ARE just envious to the fact that crime down,employment has gain and positive news all around! They want to sabotage all that with their flippant accusations and unfounded as well.

  41. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Sorry tax breaks

  42. theothersidebda says:

    If a bribery offer has been made, the appropriate action would be to go to the police, not sound off on national radio and then do nothing about it. That is not helpful, that just creates confusion and doubt. So do what is right: either go to the police if your allegations are true or tell the public that your allegations are false. Those should be your only 2 options if you are truly looking to “best serve Bermuda”. Full stop.

  43. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    If we are asking for proof on whether Nathan Landlow accompanied the premier on a government business trip to meet with the casino conglomerate, then all the officials need to do is to check Mr Landlow’s passport. Did he leave Bermuda and return to Bermuda on the same dates as the premier? Did they arrive in the same city, stay in the same hotel (check hotel accommodations)?

    OBA supporters are suffering from the same level and measure of denial that the PLP exerted when Dr Brown’s reputation came under scrutiny. Monies were drained from the public purse to protect the doctor when he should have been cut loose by the PLP.

    It’s time to cut this man loose and continue the business of running this country in an ethical, transparent and above board manner. The country will be better off for your actions rather than allow the politics of personal destruction to consume the country.

    London, England

    • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

      Strange that Bermuda, OBA and/or PLP, fail to see parables between the reputations of both Brown and Cannonier. Without a doubt, the blind-spot of political worship and praise is equal in their followers.

      Burt now needs to make an official complaint that should trigger an official investigation into bribery allegations.

      The Governor has the constitutional authority to call in Scotland Yard to work along side the Bermuda Police Service to gather the proof and place it before the DPP who will make a decision on whether to lay charges against Cannonier or close the investigation. It’s time to move to that stage of legal events.

      I sincerely hope that Cannonier is using his own funds to mount any civil litigation with regard to defamation. The public purse has already been abused by Brown with his historic legal bills.

      London, England

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      So you want to know whether a potential investor met and travelled with the premier on a trip during which the Premier was intending to meet with potential investors?

  44. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Is the potential “investor” also the premier’s business partner?
    Were the potential “investors” also the casino conglomerate?
    Was the business trip, government business?
    Was the buiness trip paid for out of the public purse?

    Please enlighten us, Suzie Quattro?

    London, England