Event To Explore “Cannabis Vs Cancer”

February 12, 2014

The Cannabis Awareness Network [CAN] will be hosting an event at the Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club later this month titled “Cannabis vs Cancer,” with a presentation that aims to outline the “33 carcinogens” found in cannabis smoke, as well as current evidence supporting cannabinoids as effective, non-toxic anti-cancer treatments.

The presentation will include a video link with Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a researcher and associate professor at Harvard Medical School, as well as with Dr. Janet Sweeny, a Colorado doctor who has treated several stage four cancer patients using “Rick Simpson Oil,” or concentrated cannabis resin from Cannabis Indica flowers.

Cannabis vs cancer adriana

The “Cannabis vs Cancer” event will be held on Monday, February 17, beginning at 7.00pm. The video call with Dr. Grinspoon will take place at 8.00pm, with the video call with Dr. Sweeny following at 8.30pm. A call with Dr. Robert Melamede may also take place if time allows.

With all calls, participants in the event will be invited to ask questions of the guests in reference to their research and discoveries.

The event is free to attend.

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  1. more than enough says:

    sill no word on this subject yet from the health minister? wtf?

    • Cannabis has been proven to kill cancer in humans, it’s not an argument anymore. It was proven in a November 2013 Case Reports in Oncology study. But more than that, it’s not a coincidence that hundreds of scientific studies show cannabinoids kill or inhibit virtually any kind of cancer, and for years, people have been using concentrated cannabis extracts to eliminate cancers. Medical documentation of terminal cancer patients in recovery can be found at CannabisExtractReport.com, along with extensive analysis of the scientific literature and experiential evidence supporting the use of extracts for other diseases too.

  2. sage says:

    Thanks to the organizers of this event, hearing first hand from researchers and doctors working in this area is a great way to increase awareness and hopefully dispel the misinformation circulating around cannabis and cancer. Bermuda has over 1000 cancer patients, if they all can go they really should, there is a difference between dying of a disease and living with one.

  3. Micro says:

    Smoking is still bad for you, be it tobacco or cannabis.

    Tea and cakes for everyone!

    • sage says:

      What if you are terminally ill, should you be locked up for smoking herb to ease your suffering? And who cares if it might be” bad for you” when you are trying to retain some comfort and dignity in your last days? Tobacco kills 6 million souls per year worldwide it is legal and freely available, herb hasn’t killed anyone yet it is illegal, available only on the black market and we can’t get past “it’s bad for you”. No one really cares about your health, they are more concerned about behavior control and profits, otherwise the discussion would be about holding the tobacco industry accountable for the genocide they are causing, and prohibiting the products.