Man Pleads Not Guilty To Handling A Bullet

February 7, 2014

A 25-year-old man pleaded not guilty in Magistrates Court this morning [Feb 7] to unlawfully handing a bullet.

Princeton Hunt denied unlawfully handling ammunition — one 7.62mm bullet — on a date unknown between 7th July 2010 and 21st August 2013.

He also pleaded not guilty to a second charge of possessing, in August 2013, just over 33 grams of cannabis that was intended for supply.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner set trial for May 2014 and granted Hunt $10,000 bail with one surety.

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  1. YADON says:

    Wow that is an assault rifle bullet. Commonly used in the AK-47 regarded as the most deadly weapon mankind has ever produced.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      As Free Thinker says below you can’t determine the rifle the bullet goes in with just it’s diameter. You need to know the length of the case as well which isn’t given in the article.

      Another thing is that I’m quite sure the atomic bomb or some type of biological weapon would more likely be regarded as the most deadly weapon mankind has ever produced.

      • YADON says:

        Thanks for the corrections guys.

        @Tommy- though a Nuclear weapon may be able to take more lives in one shot per say, no other weapon has actually killed more people in modern times than the AK.

  2. COD_BlackOps says:

    More than likely it’s “allegedly” a 7.62mm ammo from the Regiment.

    • standby says:

      I doubt its a regiment round. Live rounds for a 7.62 haven’t been used in some time. Not that those rounds aren’t there just the weapons that use them haven’t been used.

      I wouldn’t underestimate these guys on the streets. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had a weapon that took a 7.62 round.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Yah foamin’ big time…7.62 is used up the Regiment all the time on their GPMGs!!!

        • $oldier says:

          Only a select few times a year (recruit camp, etc) and most, if not all of the rounds (including shells) are picked up.

        • Standby says:

          Rumors get started when people who don’t have a clue start talking too much. Any other time its used blank ammo isd.

          The GPMG is only fired once a year at the regiment during recruit camp for the firepower demo. After the demonstration every round and casing is accounted for after its use. Any other time its used blank ammo is used.

  3. bang says:

    We nuh play….

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Sure they play. Little boys are the ones who play with toys. Real men use their own initiative to solve conflicts. That’s why all these punks ambush their victims showing their too soft to face confrontation head on.

  4. Free Thinker says:

    The weapon that belongs to will depends on whether the round is 39mm, 51mm, or 54mm in length. The AK uses 7.62×39 and most NATO countries used to use the 7.62x51mm. The British SLR come to mind, the 54MM is mostly used in some hunting rifles but for all intent and purpose, we are probably talking about a AK variant. In any event, you don’t want this to be unleashed on these streets, the aftermath can be quite gruesome. I remember few years ago, a Kalashnikov, was taking off the streets. lets just hope, that was the only one, if not, it will only be a matter time, before the right or wrong person for that sake, comes along who is willing to use it. Please get them off the streets in a hurry.

  5. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Regardless of whatever type 7.62 round Nato or not…it will go through a concrete block wall when fired. If I were the Police I would be highly concerned that this was found on the streets. Police have 9mm which ain’t got stopping power like a 7.62…unless you call in the BIG GUN SWAT BOYS!!

    • $oldier says:

      Pretty sure the tactical team here use 5.56 rounds.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        As you were soldier boy…it’s not a pissing contest!

    • Double M four twos says:

      Umm it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference if it was a 9mm or 7.62 that hit you in the head.. Either one, you are stopped….

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        I’d rather be shot at hiding behind a wall by 9mm than 7.62! 7.62 will go through the wall buddy!!