Minister Gibbons To Visit California For Meetings

February 7, 2014

Grant GibbonsThe Minister of Education and Economic Development, Dr Grant Gibbons will travel to California next week to conduct a series of business meetings.

“During the three day trip [including travel time] the Minister will meet with various influencers of jurisdictional decision making, particularly firms involved with private equity, venture capital, asset management, technology and intellectual property,” the Government said.

In explaining the purpose for the trip, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Economic Development said, “There are several California based companies who use Bermuda as an integral jurisdiction in their global structuring. There is also significant wealth and opportunity emanating from the West Coast.

“We have arranged several meetings, within a short period, to speak with senior representatives of leading global companies with a view to augmenting our relationship as well as encouraging new investment to the island.”

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  1. Come Correct says:

    “There is also significant wealth and opportunity emanating from the West Coast.”

    Yea it’s called medical marijuana, kill 2 birds with one stone. I wouldn’t hate on you for sampling merchandise, Cali got that raw, trust me.

    • Andrew says:

      And that is the truth. The money being generated by the new industry is astronomical. Hopefully, it is only a matter of time before we lot catch up with them!

    • Anbu says:

      Ding Ding Ding!!!! On the money! He wont though because his herb talks are all just smoke and mirrors. Too conservative around here. Weed is the devil! (Sarcasm)

  2. Bettty Trump says:

    What is the travel monies looking like now from the UBPoba government. It must be high, during this economic time. REALLY !!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Umm! How did you miss he is going all the way to California for 3 days??? A lot better than the plp travels that would last weeks++++ , you are actually picking a silly argument with Min Gibbons!!! I have been on many flights and seen him in the economy class, and you know as well as I do he can afford to travel first class all day long!!! Try again with your nonsense!!!!

    • Ladybug says:

      It’s called transparacy, the government is keeping us informed and letting us know what is going on. But would you at least stop for a moment and give them a chance. With constant negativity how do you expect anyone to succeed, help, don’t hinder; and that this (I assume since you always have so much to say about how things are done) is your island home too, support one another!

      • Betty Trump says:


        Where is the amount spent on travel listed too, where the public can have access to this information. That is what I would call transparency and openness. SO far we see none !!

        • Terminator says:

          Ask your PLP Parliamentarians to ask a Parliamentary question. Duh.

    • Nuffin but da Truth says:

      you need to keep your big mouth shut,you drop your azz in it everytime you open it!

      so far,the OBA have not spent anywhere near what dreb or the coq did and I dont see any goon squad and limos involved.
      (That’s without even mentioning India and the Arab visit).

      • Betty Trump says:

        Sounds like I touched a nerve of truth, since you reacted so bitterly, because I have pointed out the spending by the UBPoba on travel. Looks like I have hit the right nerve, which exposes the truth.

        Guess you forgot about your huge cry pre-election in regards to travel by the former govt. The reality is if we are on such a tight savings line, why all these trips at the expense of the Tax Payers…Hypocritical reactions by the blindfaithfulness UBPoba fans…I think SO !! REALLY

        TRANSPARENCY AND OPENESS> ACCOUNTABILITY ACCOUNTABLITY as requested by the UBPoba, now their fan base are not able to deal with it ! REALLY>

        • Come Correct says:

          You’re a sociopath. So much so that you actually believe people take you seriously. If you tried honesty, facts and an unbiased opinion people might, but sociopaths are incapable of all of the above.

  3. more than enough says:

    washington, california…?
    these are the right destinations, but i doubt they are going for the right reasons.
    when is dunkley going to do some international research on herb?
    i would support the decision to use government funds to buy him a couple of spliffs or some edibles, while he was there.

  4. Terry says:

    Keep it up Betty.
    Once your family leaves the UK you can all settle in St. Kitts with uncle Oowart.

  5. judgment says:

    So what is he going to do?

  6. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Kaleefornica is one of the “worst” States to go to for anything!!! It is full of Illegal Alien Mexicans and is on the verge of “bankruptcy”!!

    He could have gotten ALL those “financial” questions answered in NYC in *Wall Street* – no need to go anywhere else and saved the BDA Tax Payers quite a few $$$!!!

    One wonders what is really-going-on!!!

  7. Anbu says:

    Judging by the article its just him going not him, five security members, partners in crime etc. i highly doubt one persons travel cost will put that much more strain on our purse. The guy flies economy class man, get a life. U talk about wall street. He isnt goin out there yo buy stocks. Lol

  8. Impressive says:

    Just feel a lot more comfortable with Dr. Gibbons traveling and conducting business on our behalf than Premier Puppetaire. I am confident this trip would be beneficial to Bermuda in due course.

  9. Lois Frederick says:

    I found it rather interesting to hear Marc Bean, speaking on a radio show a few weeks ago, about the former UBP MPs such as Grant Gibbons and Bob Richards as if he had no real issues with them. On the other hand he was saying that the ones to really be concerned about were Crockwell, Pettingill and Cannonier. Seems that Marc Bean finds those Ministers to be too progressive for the Progressive Labour Party.

    • Impressive says:

      Sean Crockwell Progressive??? Premier Puppetaire Progressive??? Yeah Right..

    • Impressive says:

      I think you will be amazed to find out that their may be more PLP supporters than you imagine who don’t have issues with the two persons you mentioned when it comes to how competent they are in carrying out their day to day duties.. Don’t know enough about Pettingill to comment, but the other 2.. God help us..