“Politics Of Division And Personal Destruction”

February 17, 2014

“What has transpired over the past 3 days is nothing but the politics of division and personal destruction,” Premier Craig Cannonier said this evening [Feb 17].

“It has nothing to do with getting people back on their feet and nothing to do with national priorities. It is my job to elevate us from this type of political rancor.

“In my opinion, the politics over the past few days is so extreme and so indifferent to what’s important for the Island today that it threatens the recovery of Bermuda; threatens to undo investor confidence that we’ve been trying to build, and the jobs that come with it,” added the Premier.

This statement comes after an explosive session in the House of Assembly on Friday — which happened to be Valentine’s Day — which saw allegations of attempted bribes, discussion about an MP being “wired”, discussion about a 4th person on the “Jetgate” flight, multiple accusations of corruption and more.

A brief summary of some of what transpired starting on Friday in the House of Assembly:

  • Opposition Leader Marc Bean alleged the Premier told him a developer was willing to pay him for a casino licence and he could be “free” from these “rich, white, UBP boys.”
  • Premier Craig Cannonier denied Mr. Bean’s allegations, saying they were “below the belt”, “bold faced lies” and “utter nonsense”
  • PLP MP David Burt alleged that the Premier offered him an IT contract for support for cancelling the referendum, while the Premier said he was asking about how voting by proxy works
  • Mr. Bean said that MP Nandi Outerbridge recorded him during a private conversation
  • The Premier said what was on the tape was “atrocious”, the PLP later call for the tape to be released
  • Ms. Outerbridge said she recorded Mr. Bean as she did not trust him, and will not release the tape
  • Discussion about a 4th person on “Jetgate”, the Premier’s business colleague

In a statement this evening, the Premier said, “As your government, my colleagues and I are engaged in extremely challenging work – to turn around an economy that has not been working for thousands of Bermudians.

“This is the job we were elected to do and we take it very seriously. Bermuda’s economy is in critical condition while we are trying to rebuild the economy and bolster consumer and investor confidence.

“What has transpired over the past 3 days is nothing but the politics of division and personal destruction. It has nothing to do with getting people back on their feet and nothing to do with national priorities. It is my job to elevate us from this type of political rancor

“In my opinion, the politics over the past few days is so extreme and so indifferent to what’s important for the Island today that it threatens the recovery of Bermuda; threatens to undo investor confidence that we’ve been trying to build, and the jobs that come with it.

“As Premier, I have to fight these efforts to destroy not just the work of the duly elected government of Bermuda, but the hopes and dreams that all Bermudians have placed in us to get the Island back on its feet. As you know, we’ve accomplished many things over the past year: we are starting to move this country in the right direction.

“We’ve dramatically reduced the crime rate and we’ve been successful in laying the groundwork to restore confidence in the Island as a place to do business. We will continue to do our work on behalf of the people of Bermuda – because that’s what is important!”

Opposition Leader Marc Bean is presently a guest on Gary Moreno’s television show, where he is making a number of strong statements, including repeating what he first said in the House outside of Parliamentary Privilege.

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  1. Come On Man says:

    The OBA los grandes engañadores.

    • Tony Stark says:

      Mr. Grant Gibbons my friend you may possible be one of the smartest men I know in the OBA. Do you see what happening to this beautiful country? With all these allegations and then we have a child wearing a wire. What has happened to creating the jobs for these young men and women that we promise? How can any prospective Developer take my Government serious?

      • Hmmm says:

        No child wearing a wire…you are making things up.

      • spot2 says:

        Nobody wore a wire. But let me tell you, from the way Marc Bean acted on TV last night I hope he never becomes the leader of this country because his whole thing to Mrs Outerbridge and demeanour would chase any right thinking Bermudian away, nevermind a foreigner!

  2. gta says:

    Making Rob Ford look good…

  3. Cleancut says:

    Let’s hear the “RECORDING” ASAP, then we can decide if the people of this country are in good hands.

  4. Jus' Askin' says:

    More scripts being written for the OBA ;-)

    • u ank sers says:

      ya because none were ever written for the plp…give it a rest already bra

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    the plp are so broke they will try anything no matter how low they have to stoop in order to score points in the vain hope they will somehow manage to con Bermudians into electing them into Government so they get help themselves to anything they can like they did in the 14 years they had before.
    If the plp ever manage to get into Government you can all kiss your houses and cars and lifestyle down the toilet!

    • Watching says:

      Sounds like the premier is broke as well and will try anything to free himself personally.

  6. ABC says:

    blah blah de stones have been thrown
    tired of u politics takin we for fools




  7. HeyBye says:

    I am so embarrassed for Bda for the behavior of Parliament.
    The members of the House,sound like a bunch of uneducated thugs in a school yard.

    Overseas investors will be definitely turned off by this behavior.
    The highly emotional non eloquent discourse displays us a third world island,to the world.
    Who would have confidence in moving their money to Bda after hearing that shrill of our politicians.
    We are imploding.It does not have to be this way.We could be a success story but some do want it to be.

  8. Islander says:

    Time to end the Bean and Cannonier show. Both leaders need to resign and let the parties go on without them.

  9. biggadon says:

    you should have thought of that before putting the opposition leader recoding story out there knowing fill well you had nothing smh….the OBA just keeping digging their own grave.

  10. Looking in says:

    The tape has to come out.Who can we trust? Just watched Lets Talk and the allegations of corruption and deceit are rife.The Nandi /Bean tape will give clarity to a situation that one of our leaders is in!

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ignore the rabble & get on with the job you were elected to do.

    The PLP is doing their level best to destroy, distract & divide. The OBA, most likely because of its many former UBA members, has much expected of it. Few expected much of the PLP & the PLP delivered what was expected.

    There are those who don’t want to see the OBA succeed & don’t care if Bermuda is pulled down even further through their efforts to discredit the OBA. Meanwhile our competitors are salivating at our possible demise.

    • me says:

      psst–your leader challenged the opposition leader Mark Bean to repeat his comments made in the house outside of the house, .. the oba stated emphatically that they wanted the opposition leader to say the comments without parliamentary priviledge but he himself turned down an opportunity to rebut even on the Gary Mereno programme. Nandi Davis had her opportunity to deny the allegations in the house and outside but chose not too.. whos zooming who?

    • Kim Smith says:

      @Triangle Drifter – I agree with you to some degree that the Government must just get on and govern! However, the interpersonal dynamics that exist in this country need to be addressed because the way we are with one another will be our ruination. May I suggest that as many people as possible read the book The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict which illustrates very nicely that there is equality right here, right now… and that is in the way we each get into boxes in respect of the way we are in our interpersonal dealings.

      Another book that tackles the same dynamic is Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box. I have some copies of each of those books that I will make available at no cost to people who are genuinely interested. Email me on kims@northrock.bm – first come, first served.

  12. BermudianAbroad says:

    What in the world is going on!?! Can someone explain WHY the contents of this tape are relevant to ANYTHING? Did they discuss the economy, jobs, healthcare, government spending, government saving?

    If they did not– the contents is IRRELEVANT! I swear Bermudians LOVE a scandal and gossip. The public does NOT need to know what is on that tape if has nothing to damn well do with them.

    Marc Bean- TAKE YOUR HEAD from out of your REAR and start acting like the educated man you are! This is appalling!!!!!!!!!!! And the fact that the OBA are entertaining this is even more repulsive.

    I swear the OBA needs a lesson in Politics 101… STOP eating what they are dishing! If what they are saying is untrue- deny it and move on.

    • me says:

      the opposition leader handled himself with diplomacy both in the house and outside the house he took his opportunity to reply to what the oba had started in the last session of the assembly before the break, its tit for tat…

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Give us a break. Even his own supporters think he’s lost it.

        • ABM says:

          Actually, there are only a few. And the same can be said about the OBA supporters. But like i said, its only a few.

  13. Laughable says:

    Lmao you have reduced the crime rates? half these guys has been murdered, a quarter is abroad in fear they will be murderded. A few are locked up, for now… Please stop they are running out of ppl to kill so instead they go roun running in people’s houses and stealing. Craig you continue to make me laugh. What efforts have you made for Bermudians?

    • Barracuda says:

      While you are abroad avoiding murder , and breaking in peoples houses to steal, foreigners are taking your jobs . What efforts have YOU made for Bermudians.

      • GOD1ST says:

        Laughable made factual statements Barracuda…. Do some research.

  14. Coffee says:

    Man to man is so unjust … children you don’t know who to TRUST , your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy .”.. However Premier , you seem to be your own worst enemy , along with Shawn and Mark Pet and Nandi and Michael and Bob and Patricia and Grant and Sylvan and the dude wid de funny shape head and all the rest of the usual suspects .

    • I'm just saying...... says:




  15. Inside Track says:

    It’s a sad day that with state of the economy that we are subject to the harsh discussions between party’s. However, Mr Bean may be smarter than we may think, I didn’t get the feeling that he would go on national TV to fabricate lies. Be careful OBA, Mr. bean may have his tapes too. May not be wise to peruse a lawsuit.

    • mixitup says:

      “Mr. Bean maybe smarter than you think?” Reserve that comment for Cannonier (Maybe in his next life). Marc bean is no fool, and the OBA know that.

  16. Chaos Theory says:

    Looks like Bean has pulled the bow, the arrow is now going to fly.

    It’s going to hit someone. Just a matter of whom!

    Sad really, but if you want to play with fire, you are going to get burned.

  17. Mazumbo says:

    Vote for change, from bad to worst. SMFH

    • Cleancut says:

      Thats right!……..The more this Government changes this economy around……..The worst the PLP get.

  18. O'Brien says:

    Will someone be a mensch and summarise what was said on Gary’s programme for those sad-case Onions abroad who have nothing better to do with our time? Cheers.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      He was making accusations and allegations all over the place. Aimed in every direction. Some talk about who he called “my people” and “those rich white boys”. Those are the battle lines, I guess, in his mind.
      He said what sounded like too much about Nandi O’s personal problems. Let’s just say I wouldn’t ever trust him with something confidential and personal. He’ll use it against you one day.
      Among his more outlandish claims was the idea that all the opposition’s phones are bugged, or tapped, or something along those lines. Even Gary Moreno told him to stop it, it was so absurd.
      When people called in, several sounded disgusted and told him to stop the destructive behaviour.
      He offered no proof of anything, just a lot of allegation. Moreno looked worried and made it clear the station had nothing to do with what he called the ‘very serious’ allegations.
      This isn’t the end of it, that’s for sure.

    • Mazumbo says:

      YA he said O.B.A are still being run by de Oligarchy and still using Black Bermudians as Puppet Surrogates.

      • Hmmm says:

        Wow… if he said that, then he is desperate and clutching at straws. He is not the future of Bermuda if he wants to divide. Kick him out now PLP or seal your own fate.

      • u ank sers says:

        lmao bra… you just lap up everything bean shoots out! and you love every drop. you really are a racist moron.

    • FYI for Overseas Onions says:

      On last night’s show Mr. Marc Bean responded to allegations by the Premier that there was a tape of a conversation between Mr. Bean and MP Nandi Davis-Outerbridge that if disclosed would damage “THE COUNTRY”. Mr. Bean asserted that the conversation in question took place in response to a call he received from MP Outerbridge’s husband asking him to refrain from bringing up a personal issue that she was dealing with that involved the police. Mr. Bean stated that he assured her husband that he would not stoop to that level as he did not believe in bringing family issues into the House of Parliament. He also stated that he made some others comments “talkin’ REAL talk” to Mr Outerbridge man to man.

      Mr. Bean said that he later approached Mrs. Outerbridge and told her they that should talk and he asked her to meet him in the Opposition Lounge. She at first refused, then came and met with him about 45 minutes later. Mr. Bean said that he had a frank and very candid discussion with her once again “talkin’ REAL talk” including the “language of the people and not the queen’s language”. He stated that he knew Mrs. Outerbridge and she fully understood him speaking to her as he did. He said that she was going through some deep personal issues that no woman should have to go through as he was advising her like an older brother would. Mr. Bean stated that he later found out that the conversation had been taped ( he thought she had been wired) as far back as last Summer and it was the OBA who was now bringing it up.

      Mr. Bean said he had no problem with the call being recorded as it was par for the course and to be expected as an MP. He also said that he knew that his phones were tapped as well so it was no big deal. Mr. Moreno said he thought that was an absurd allegation.

      Mr. Bean’s main point of the interview was that the contents of the tape needed to be disclosed in order to dispel the myth being perpetuated by the Premier that the conversation had damaging effects for the COUnTRY. He also said that there were other things much more damaging to the country that were being ignored such as the conversation with the Premier where the Premier had tried to coerce him into agreeing to foregoing the referendum in order that the Premier and others could benefit from a payoff from an investor. He cited proof of this line of involvement by highlighting the fact that the JETGATE excursion had included all MP’s – no civil servants and The Manager of The Premier’s privately owned businesses.

      Persons called in to the show from both sides of the spectrum. However, the majority of the callers seemed to support the stance of Mr. Bean and wanted the contents of the tape disclosed in order to lay to rest the allegations of Mr Cannonier and show what lengths he would go to to defend his unethical actions. Mr. Bean stated that I felt the whole discussion was designed to deflect from the real issues.

      Hope this helps…

      • FYI for Overseas Onions says:

        Last paragraph: HE felt the whole discussion was designed to deflect from the real issues within the government.

    • ABM says:

      You’ll never hear the truth O’Brien. Everyone will only give you their one-sided opinion about what happened in order to get you to side with their side and opinion as responders have already done.

      If I was you, I would ignore everything that was posted in response to your question and just accept the fact that you will never know what was said. Unless someone uploads it to FB, youtube or some other place where you can view it.

  19. OBA#1alldamnday says:

    OBA all damn day! 4 more years!!!! and the qlq can’t do anything about it! Haters gonna hate. Look at all of their dumb bloggers with their panties in a twist and arms in the air crying foul…all whilst quoting the wrong law all day. Bwahahaha. Power hungry and kool aid thirsty. How does it feel to be losers???? OBA are winners. And it drives. You. Crazy. Love it.

    • ClearView says:

      So that’s how you felt for the last 14 years? Enjoy the next four, if you make it that long, then be ready for another 14+. I’m sure the PLPers that jumped over can see past you die-heart, can’t do anything wrong OBAers. By the looks of it, the OBA may have to find a new name for the next election.
      Humble yourself.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Um got a new name for them One Bermuda Wankers.

      • Cleancut says:

        I have a name for the OBA at the next election, the WDI Party ( We done it )

      • Barracuda says:

        Oh please, the same PLP people who didn’t vote in the last election because their apartments became empty under the rule of their party , will not vote again .

    • Frank says:

      for the record oba did not win. The. Election think about it
      it is time for the premier. To go
      and the milk man should be suspended for those
      rude remarks he made when he thought the mic was. Off
      infact. The people should call a vote of no confidence. In the government

      • u ank sers says:

        bla bla bla bla…they did’nt win huh. oh so I guess the OBA is really the PLP in diguise. you’re a moron too. you and mazumbo should be lovers

  20. me says:

    if you think oba/ubp are winners then you are crazy! Your ears stick out, just engage in active listening. You. Might. Love it more.

  21. We the People!! (1st) says:

    What people seem not to understand is the fact the PLP nor Marc Bean started any of this.

    It was started by the Premier and the Tourism minister in the house back in December.

    It was the OBA that reveled the secret meeting between the Premier and the opposition leader.

    It was the OBA that reveled a tape existed.

    It was the OBA that FIRST, I repeat FIRST made allegations of the PLP and the opposition leader as to why the referendum was cancelled.

    When you can read transcripts of and listen to past Parliament sessions, I don’t understand the ignorance and naivety of people’s comment, they are astonishing to say the least.

    • Ras Fresh I says:

      For those abroad like myself, can we get those transcripts and listen to the sessions somewhere online?

      • We the people!! (1st) says:

        http://parliament.bm/ – click on the calendar date of when a parliament session has been held and you can listen to the entire parliament session. They also have live streaming each week.

        • ABM says:

          Trying to understand why people Dislike the fact that you gave the link of where to find the info! Im puzzled!!!

  22. Need Peace says:

    Will the real Craig Cannonier be quiet!! The more he talks the worse it gets!

  23. sage says:

    “We’ve drastically reduced the crime rate,” these stats have been going down every year I could find reports on since 2008, going on six years, and something tells me the previous six were more of the same pre-budget fairytales after I found 2005 stats said the same thing. Oh well don’t let anything as inconsequential as the truth get in the way of a good story.

  24. mixitup says:

    This Gov’t has done more damage to themselves in 14 Months than the PLP did to themselves in 14 years!

  25. Evie says:

    I don’t understand why Craig n friends started this crap so silly n we pay them smh

  26. Gaaza says:

    While it’s clear plp is the real feared winners at the end of the day ,the more fighting we do to make the people see what’s going on the longer it takes to once start again from the bottom to fix errors then possibly go forward yet all you all that went Oba feel the burn more cause you all heard/believed CHANGE ,but guess what the only thing that changed was ya lives , bank account and family so jump for joy over some lame speech OBA spits ,you will be in the same spot watching them Robb you ya family children ,all while you watch – not a damm thing you can do cause you believed that change was coming and guess i for the 14 months I ain’t seen a pot to piss in that benefits Bermudians More unemployment is underway wile der pockets ain’t empty.why you think they laugh when exposed when they know you have discovered the truth they lol did you see Marc bean buckle n chuckle link bob Richards and the current puppet on a string premier .you will never get help from OBA bet on that

  27. young observer says:

    For God sakes release the tape, worse thing that can happen is that the persons whom are being untruthful will be forced to resign, and I dont see any harm in that.

  28. After listening to the the Moreno show it is clear that Marc Bean is a twisted person without a plan how to bring Bda out from the crap his party put us into. This is pure gutter politics.
    As my Mother used to say to us “Stop just stop with the crap and get onto the work”!!!

    Nothing in this will bring Bda and it’s people together or put people to work.

    • X man says:

      @Standing wrong for Bermuda
      You are right – this guy’s mindset is out there – it’s certainly not here!
      What they have to realize is that the OBA was elected because the people simply lost faith in the PLP – now the PLP have resorted to Political dirt.
      The PLP must also realize that it must support the OBA to take the country to the next level even if they think that
      they are the UBP under another name.
      This nonsense is not going to help.

  29. Jus' Askin' says:

    Craig and Nandi, those UBP boys set you up for the fall ;-)
    I don’t feel sorry for you because neither of you will stand in your truth.

    • X man says:

      @Jus Askin’
      Those are some pretty strong words there!
      I don’t think that there are any inner elements of the OBA or UBP as you call it
      who would want to damage there own political party.
      This is strictly OBA vs PLP – unfortunately the people lose. – because they can’t work together
      to get the business of Bermuda done .

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh really! How so? Some specifics please.

  30. X man says:

    Well you can bet that the Premier won’t say a dam thing to opposition leader no more -
    because any nice conversation could end up in the hand of the Press rehashed.
    Enemy’s for sure now.

    • ABM says:

      Nice conversation………………okay, what have you been listening to? The convo’s in parliment disagree with you my friend. The premier always responds in a very nasty and disrespectful manner, even when someone is speaking in a calm tone of voice. Only giving you truth.

      • ABM says:

        At least the ones and portions that I have listened to anyway. Can’t really say that for all the sessions.

  31. swing voter says:

    reading comments by Jerry Springer loving ppl nakes me laugh….turn this country around and get us back to work because its very clear that there are too many idle minds doin nothing

  32. Giovanna says:

    The voting public deserve to hear this recording. THey are owed it!! Why?? For the transparcy they were promised

    • spot2 says:

      why would the Leader of any party dole out personal advice to an opposing MP? And apparently he did so in the most…. language in a chamber of the house! The man has no respect for his position.

  33. Choir Boy says:

    Both sides have acted terribly. The result: NO REAL WORK WAS DONE LAST FRIDAY. They should be docked a day’s pay all of them. Bunch of children wouldn’t be that immature.

  34. Truth is killin' me... says:

    “Gay Bashers and Gas Attendants” on the next Jerry Springer!

  35. hi says:

    I’m a Bermudian in my early 20s, university graduate. And now I understand why a lot of my friends my age are moving away. Future here looks quite grim

  36. spot2 says:

    Well, one thing is for sure, the gloves are off now. You think the PLP have nothing to hide from their 14 years? cuz it’s all going to come out now.

  37. Triangle Drifter says:

    At this point the only real way to settle this issue of who said what in the minds of the public is to release the audio. That is, of course, if it was not deleted long ago. If it is/was such a potentially damaging recording one would think that it would have been saved.

    In the meantime all this is is wasted time with he said/she said. Who really knows what was said?

  38. Tank Rain says:

    Honestly, both sides should be ashamed. They are acting like 5 year old children. This is the best Bermuda as a whole could muster up to run the country?

    Forget getting back on our feet and returning the country to its glory, with this current group of elected officials (and I mean both parties)nothing is going to happen with the exception of continued decline.

    So sick of recordings, surrogates, jet-gates, he said/she said, race cards, strikes, good vs. evil or whatever ridiculous subject is cooked up next….GET ON WITH YOUR G.D. JOBS.

  39. Kismet says:

    Phew – the more I listen to Marc Bean the more fearful I am of him ever being the leader of this country
    He never speaks of what is best for Bermuda – He doesn’t begin to comprehend that both parties need to work TOGETHER to bring peace and prosperity to this Island. It’s the furthest thing from his mind.
    Can he prove by the way, that his phone is being tapped?? Wild – he needs to resign, or be replaced by someone in the PLP who IS rational and who WANTS to help with the resurrection of Bermuda. The next few years are of the greatest importance. Why oh why can’t Bean see it?
    Incidentally, if he only wanted to be kind and helpful to Mrs. Outerbridge why did he need to use ‘graphic’ (his word) language?
    Bermuda needs a break from his destructive behavior. He needs to show more respect to the people of Bermuda.

  40. Alvin Williams says:

    Are we been used? -1960′s; They don’t mind you leading as long as they can tell you what to do-1970′s; They did not even invite me down town for a cup of tea-1980′s; those rich white UBP boys- 2014-WHEN WILL WE LEARN BLACK BERMUDA?