Cannabis Activist Alan Gordon On Channel 82

March 19, 2014

Bermuda’s Channel 82 will be airing an episode of Straight Talk with Carla Zuill this evening [Mar 19] that will showcase local cannabis campaigner Alan Gordon. On the show, Mr. Gordon will discuss current cannabis legislation in Bermuda as well as the criminal justice system’s treatment of cannabis users.

Video promo for this evening’s show:

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  1. It's ok.. says:

    What time ?

  2. MAKE MY DAY says:

    I watched Nancy Grace (HLN/CNN) the other night… She featured a young married woman who was addicted to *cannabis* and was so high and mentally disturbed from her years of use of this **DRUG** – that she drove her vehicle through the front doors of her church and then stabbed her husband in the chest and almost killed him!!!

    She blamed her mental state (blackout) on this heavy drug use – but is still being charged with attempted murder and held without “bond”!! Take responsibility for what you do and say and be very careful for what you wish!!! There are many such happenings in the US and it is going to get worse in Colorado and Washington states – where their irresponsible legislatures have *Legalized cannabis* – just to make extra “tax dollars”, because their States are in financial trouble!!!

    They are going to regret opening-these-doors for the almighty $$$!!!