Suspended Sentence: Riding While Disqualified

April 15, 2014

A 61 year old woman appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Apr 15], where she was given a suspended prison sentence for riding whilst disqualified.

Audrey Astwood received a $500 fine and a thirty day prison sentence, however Senior Magistrate Archie Warner suspended the prison sentence for twelve months, and warned Ms Astwood that any infraction during the twelve months could result in her immediate incarceration.

Ms Astwood had pleaded guilty to riding her cycle even though she had previously been disqualified by the Court. She explained to the Senior Magistrate that she lived in Southampton, and was required to start work at 5:30am, and that there was no transport available at the time. Facing a need to keep her job, she took the bike and rode to work.

Ms Astwood told the Magistrate that she had tried walking to work but that for a woman on her own, this was dangerous and that she had been robbed on one of these times. She said that the walk took over two hours. and was all in darkness.

The Senior Magistrate listened, explained that the Court ordered disqualification was absolute, and that she simply had to find an alternate means of transport. He then handed down the fine and suspended prison sentence

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  1. nuffin but the truth says:

    Get on your Bike!…A PEDAL BIKE!

  2. nok says:

    she’s a bad girl!!!lol

  3. thinking says:

    exactly…and you’d find your fitness level getting better.

  4. Think says:

    Why don’t you Shoosh ya mouth. She is 61 have some compassion. It’s quite obvious this senior needs her job!!! You forget what time it is here in thisisland??!!!!! People are struggling!!! She probably can’t afford a taxi and she shouldn’t be walking that distance at that hour by herself!!!! Do you have a Mama!!????

  5. This is exactly why Bermuda finds so much discombobulation amongst everything we stand for as a people. Some of these “bloggers” don’t have no compassion for their own family let alone someone elses. It is unfair that people are put thru hell n high water because of these insensitive people n their narrow minded way of thinking and judgmental ways…this is totally unacceptable and should be quashed as people are humiliated just by being printed in the daily and along comes a bunch of nincompoops to add insult to injury. Not right and should br scrutinized further by those concerned.