Young Bermudian Travels To India For Training

April 3, 2014

This week, the Minister of Home Affairs, Michael Fahy, recognised a young Bermudian who recently returned from embarking on an ambitious training initiative in India.

Fanaye Broadbelt is currently studying for her Masters of Science [MSc] in Renewable Energy and the Built Environment.

For the past three months, from January through March 2014, Ms. Broadbelt’s educational path has had her in India, participating in the International Training Programme on Trends and Developments in Generation and Transmission Systems at the Central Institute for Rural Electrification in Hyberbad.

The training programme is a jointly sponsored initiative between the Department of Workforce Development, within the Ministry of Home Affairs, and India’s Ministry for External Affairs.

Ms. Broadbelt said that she was motivated to attend the course because she felt it would be an invaluable opportunity to learn from the “innovative approaches to conquering the energy demand problems being faced by developing countries, like India, in emerging markets.”

She says that her aim is to someday apply what she’s learned in India to Bermuda’s energy industry. Ms. Broadbelt said, “As my interest is in renewable energy, I plan to move my career towards design of renewable energy systems projects, both grid-connected and off-grid.

Minister Fahy and Fanaye Broadbelt:


“I am interested in demand-side management, energy markets of small grid systems, green buildings rating systems, and Bermuda’s on-shore renewable energy potential. I thought it would be quite useful to visit and learn from players in the Indian energy market as some of the issues they face in terms of providing energy in a populated, warm climate are mirrored in Bermuda.

“So, my main objective for engaging in this programme was to gain more insight into the transmission and distribution aspects of BELCO’s operations because I have always worked in generations.”

She added, “I would encourage anyone who wants to experience a unique experience of living in another country while enhancing their experience and knowledge in their chosen field to consider attending an Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation [ITEC] programme. While each experience will be different for each participant, there are many benefits to be gained.”

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy said that he was “very encouraged” by Ms. Broadbelt’s participation, and viewed such training initiatives as this as both “pioneering” and “necessary” to help in expanding the educational opportunities for Bermuda’s young people.

Minister Fahy said, “This was a very ambitious undertaking for Fanaye, and we are pleased that we could help facilitate this learning experience for her.

“What is becoming increasingly evident is that our world is rapidly changing – socially, economically and environmentally – and Bermuda must stay in step with the evolving trends so that we can remain both relevant and competitive on a global scale.

“What Fanaye acquired in India in terms of the hands on experience, the cultural exchange and the in depth knowledge of India’s energy systems will not only be a useful guide for her career in going forward, but we have no doubt that her work will also be beneficial for Bermuda in the years to come.”

“This is not the first time that Bermuda has participated in a cultural training exchange with India. Several years ago, India was the location for a training exchange for Bermudian students who wished to gain a unique insight into the film industry.”

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  1. Greed Killed Bermuda says:

    Another successful PLP Initiative – and an OBA Photo-op.

    Bermudians didn’t just go to India for Film – they also went for other training.

  2. Askale says:

    Fanaye you go girl, I am so proud of you!

  3. Cinderella says:

    Now will we get the biomass energy production that we asked for years ago????

  4. White. says:

    I don’t understand the reason for this story being reported. Plenty of Bermudian students go abroad for training and education. Why did Mr Faye decide this story needs to be reported to the public, is it just because the government covered her cost? Is Mr Faye announcing that there is more funds available for other young local students that he will assist? Is this just political?

    • Fine Balance says:

      The government did not cover her costs. Whether it was political or not, maybe now more Bermudians will be aware these training opportunities exist and take advantage of the opportunities available.

      Come with some positivity, please.

      • Encyclopedia says:

        It is a FREE training paid fully by the Indian government for Bermudians.

        More Bermudians should take advantage of this opportunity.

        India pays for your travel,living and tuition expenses in India as well as for sight seeing trips.

        What more can you ask for??

    • Pah says:

      You must be one who thrives off of the negative stories that pass through the media.

      It’s nice to see POSITIVE things being reported on for once…especially with our young people.

  5. somuchless says:

    Maybe she’ll open up her own electric biz. We need completion for belco.

  6. Zen says:

    I have seen things printed that have been far less interesting and far far less newsworthy than this. Fanaye is so ambitious, a true role model in my personal opinion and I think it is a wonderful thing to highlight her accomplishment, especially since the knowledge she is developing stems from an interest to do better for the environment through renewable energy. forget PLP and OBA for a minute, Congratulations Fanaye!

  7. ABM says:

    Alright Fa-nu-nu!!!!!

  8. Jim Bean says:

    Cynicism is alive and well! We need positive stories out there of Bermudians being successful. This is not in my view about Mr Faye – it is about Bermudians getting experience – so get a life!

  9. Encyclopedia says:

    My friend Noreco Burgess went to India for the same program. It is a FREE training paid fully by the Indian government for Bermudians.

    More Bermudians should take advantage of this opportunity.

    Noreco told me that India fully paid for his travel,living and tuition expenses in India as well as sight seeing trips.

    What more can you ask for??

  10. Encyclopedia says:

    To clarify further, the Indian government pays your round trip air travel from Bermuda to India, as well as all the expenses in India such as lodging, meals, tuition, books, ground and air transportation within India. In addition to these, the Indian government gives you a small cash stipend too.

    Noreco who went to the program in 2011 mentioned that there are over 200 courses that one can choose from, which are offered by over 50 educational institutions in India. He benefited immensely from this free program.

  11. Legal Eagle says:

    HOW did Noreco benefit? Where is he?-and is he doing anything related-NOW?

  12. Encyclopedia says:

    Noreco Burgess – He owns