39 People Receive NFPA Fire Alarm Training

May 1, 2014

Recently, the Department of Workforce Development recognised 39 individuals who took part in the National Fire Protection Association [NFPA] 72 training programme.

A spokesperson said, “Participants included employees from companies and businesses who are actively involved in the installation, maintenance, and testing of fire alarm and signaling systems. The goal of the course is to ensure that technicians who are responsible for such systems are properly versed in the applicable code.

“A specialist instructor from the NFPA was on the island to administer the training programme, which has received the full endorsement of the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service and the Department of Planning. As a note, fire alarm and signaling systems are a building code requirement of the Department of Planning.”

Successful participants of the NFPA 72 training programme and George Outerbridge [centre], Director of Workforce Development:

NFPA 72 training programme

“Participants in the programme underwent an examination as part of the training and those successful received a certification for their achievement. This specialized training course was offered by the Department of Workforce Development free of charge to the participants and is viewed as another step towards assisting Bermudians in their professional development.

“The Department of Workforce Development takes this opportunity to remind those members of the public to visit the Department if they are seeking employment or training assistance.”

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