Announcement Expected About Black Mayors

May 21, 2014

The City of Hamilton  revealed that a press conference has been scheduled for this afternoon [May 21] in the Mayors Parlor to provide an update regarding the National Conference of Black Mayors.

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A spokesperson said, “Speaking at the press conference will be Mayor Graeme Outerbridge, Deputy Mayor Donal Smith and Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy. A statement from President of the CBM Mayor Michael Blunt will also be read by Councillor George Scott.”

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  1. Lick My Chicken says:

    I can’t wait. Let me go marketplace and get some popcorn.

  2. 32n64w says:

    Still waiting for the PLP to issue a press release on the whole Corporation fiasco condemning the organisation for their lack of transparency, accountability and abuse of taxpayer funds. Or is it ok when ‘they do it’ ?

  3. micro says:

    “The National Conference of Black Mayors, a 39-year-old organization… with almost $1 million in debt and its inability to pay its bills one could ask why they are celebrating or why the Marriott is hosting the convention when the political organization already owes the hotel chain $131,000 in court judgments. All in all, NCBM owes almost $400,000 in court judgments and $500,000 in unpaid federal taxes…”

  4. nuffin but the truth says:

    Will the C of H hold a National Conference of White Mayors???

    The C of H is a racist institution and should be disbanded.