Gorham’s To Expand Solar Energy System

May 15, 2014

Alternative Energy Systems [AES] will soon be moving ahead with the expansion of the photovoltaic solar energy system at Gorham’s True Value Home Centre in Pembroke.

This expansion will be the fourth phase of installation and will consist of an additional 300 kilowatts of capacity that, combined with the 185 kilowatts from the first three phases, will result in a total capacity of 485 kilowatts installed.

Gorham’s General Manager Andrew Mackay said, “Since fully commissioning our solar energy system at Gorham’s in 2011, we’ve generated 500 megawatt hours of energy. At 40 cents per kilowatt hour this is equivalent to $200,000 worth of energy. As electricity costs continue to rise and we pay off our investment, we will see this investment double, triple, and quadruple over time.

“We are pleased with our decision to invest in solar, and specifically our continued partnership with AES to assist in promoting a renewable energy program, which is why we decided to increase the number of our solar panels by 162 percent.”


“With 485 kilowatts of capacity, it is conservatively estimated that Gorham’s photovoltaic system will generate more than 681 megawatts of energy per year.

“At today’s energy rates, that is over $22,700 of electricity per month, or $272,400 per year, which means the system will pay for itself in six years. In addition, the system has a 25-year product and workmanship warranty and a 25-year power guarantee.

Tim Madeiros, AES founder and CEO said, “I’m delighted that Gorham’s is building upon the success of the first three phases and has decided to further expand its photovoltaic solar energy system.

“I commend Gorham’s for taking control of their energy costs and owning their power. I hope their success and savings will inspire other companies to do the same, especially as electricity costs continue to rise.”

“The news will be discussed this evening as part of an AES client appreciation event that will be attended by Minister of Education and Economic Development Dr. Grant Gibbons and SunPower executives.

“While here, SunPower is also scheduled to hold talks with government officials and financial executives to discuss, among other things, the recent announcement of its partnership with Google to create a $250 million fund designed to finance residential solar power rooftops, and how that could be leveraged in Bermuda.”


“Under the leasing program, the SunPower/Google joint venture company will purchase solar panels and lease them for a cost that is typically lower than a customer’s normal electricity bill.

“AES is Bermuda’s largest solar energy provider with over 1.2 megawatts in energy-producing solar panels installed or contracted to date. The residential and commercial systems installed by AES since 2008 have generated an impressive 1,744,636 kilowatt hours [kWh] of energy for Bermuda to date.

“At an average of $0.40 per kWh, this has saved the residences and businesses of Bermuda approximately $709,854. This is the environmental equivalent to eliminating 2,809,102 pounds of carbon dioxide, or not importing and burning 3,435 barrels of oil. The expansion of the Gorham’s photovoltaic system will preserve its status as the largest solar photovoltaic system in Bermuda.

“The island’s second largest solar photovoltaic system is installed at Gosling’s Limited and the third largest is installed at Lindo’s Family Foods in Devonshire.:

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  1. well done says:

    Affordable power is key in keeping prices down in a business.
    Once Lindos kicks in no one on the island would be able to match thier food prices.

  2. Sailboat says:

    Well good for Gorham’s. They set a great lead. The rest of us can now expect our electricity bill to increase at least proportional to the reduction gf BELCo’s profit margins. Stand by.