New Deputy Commissioner Of Police Revealed

May 7, 2014

Paul Wright-ACOP[Updated] Government House has appointed Paul Wright, the current Assistant Commissioner of Police, as the new Deputy Commissioner of Police, effective May 12, 2014.

Governor George Fergusson said, “I am delighted that Mr. Wright has accepted this role.

“He has served with distinction in the Bermuda Police Service for 29 years and has the confidence of his colleagues, among senior and junior officers.

“I have worked with him for the past two years and been impressed by his professionalism and commitment.”

Update May 8: Newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police Paul Wright said, “Naturally I am delighted to have been selected to serve as the new Deputy Commissioner.

“It is an important position in terms of guiding the Bermuda Police Service [BPS] forward, particularly in the areas of professional development for our personnel and improving our service to the community.

“The BPS is held in high regard by the public – more so now than at any time in my almost 30 years of service.

“Much of that success is the result of good strategy, good leadership and, most importantly, the truly dedicated and capable staff who work in partnership with our community every day – all to make Bermuda safer.

“I am looking forward to working more closely with Commissioner Michael DeSilva, whom I greatly admire, and I am confident that my operational experience will enable me to make a significant contribution to creating the right environment for future success.”

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Comments (22)

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  1. whatanidiot says:

    no way! should have been Assistant Commissioner Antoine Daniels!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Whys that??? Wouldn’t have anything to do with the colour of his skin would it???

    • 9Lives says:

      Maybe Mr. Daniels is happy in his current position and did not want this more administrative one

  2. nuffin but the truth says:

    picked the wright guy!

  3. regular Joe says:

    Never even seen or heard him, unlike Jackman and Daniels…Oh well

  4. Hmm... says:

    GREAT choice!

  5. Terry says:

    Is he a Real Bermudian?

  6. Jim Bean says:

    how sad that skin colout gets in the way again!! maybe wright is the wright man!

    • Hurricane says:

      Note…….Kangoocar is the one who brought up skin color. Anyone surprised?

  7. joank says:

    If he’s the best man for the position, who cares about his colour? Why is the Bermudian conversation always about politics and colour? Let’s get the very best people in place who will do ALL of Bermuda some good. This place is so negative!

  8. Terry says:

    Was Mr. Wright born in Bermuda.
    That’s all I want to know.

    • Serengeti says:

      Oh good. Heaven forbid we admit we just picked the best guy for the job.

    • Common Sense says:


      Mr. Wright was born and raised in the UK where he served in the Police for 6 years before coming to Bermuda. I believe he has served in the Bermuda Police for the past 29 years, giving him 35 years Police experience. He also holds a Masters degree and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. He is also a Bermudian by status. You probably don’t want to know what qualifies him for the position of Deputy Commissioner but perhaps you can let us know why you seem to believe that he should not hold the rank of Deputy Commissioner if he was not born in Bermuda.

      Did you ask the same question when George Jackson was promoted to the rank of Commissioner of Police, or when Michael Jackman was promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner? Can you advise us whether you think persons with status but not actually born here should be only be allowed to reach a certain rank. And what would it be? Sergeant? Inspector? Chief Inspector? Superintendent?

  9. Terry,
    What is a real Bermudian.
    Cahows can’t run the Police force.

  10. Common Sense says:

    This is an excellent choice. Mr Wright is the right person at the right time for the position of Deputy Commissioner.

    • Justice! says:

      There are highly qualified Black Bermudians who could have filled that position. However, we overstand the motives behind these white appointments.

  11. Justice! says:

    Must say, his skin color was the first thing I noticed as well. Since the return of the UBPOBA I’ve noticed a return of WHITE FACES in high places.

    Bermuda is an extremely color conscious place–no escape, and we only see in Black and white. The sad truth is that the historical unsavoury relationship between whites and Blacks is still intact, and Blacks are not responsible for its initiation (introduction) and maintenance (perpetuation).

    The truth is always true!

  12. Legal Eagle says:

    @ Justice! Your comments are simply stupid+divisive+UNtrue!!

    • Justice! says:

      Legal Eagle et al.,

      The truth is always true and is always met with hatred. You are responsible for the GREAT universal divide.

  13. Justice! says:

    Is what’s his name still here–the one whom they brought out of his UK retirement to end gang violence in Bermuda, but didn’t even make as much as a dent? More lives were snuffed out since his arrival. Perhaps the UBPOBA has granted him status and the right to vote.

  14. Justice! says:

    I’ve just remembered. It was Mirfield.

  15. Common Sense says:

    I believe it was Mr. Mirfield who came to Bermuda to assist our Police Service is setting up the most up-to-date systems for collating criminal intelligence and bring the BPS into the 21st century. I seriously doubt if he was ever given the job of interrogating prisoners or if anyone ever boasted that he would “end gang violence” in Bermuda.

    Perhaps Justice needs to be reminded that he was brought out when the PLP was in Government. And as for the silly suggestion that the OBA have granted him status and the right to vote this is a complete and utter fabrication. Mr Mirfield no longer resides in Bermuda and in no way would he qualify for Bermudian status. But you would have to admit that making such facile allegations helps to stir up the pot!