Washington Convicted Of Stefan Burgess Murder

May 7, 2014

Following the conviction of Julian Washington for the murder of Stefan Burgess, the police have thanked “all the members of the public who had the courage to come forward and give evidence, without whom Bermuda would not be a safer place today.”

Mr. Burgess was shot multiple times while at a residence in the Glebe Road, Pembroke area in January 2012.

His death left a mother grieving the loss of the second of her twin sons, with Stefan’s twin brother Ryan Burgess having predeceased him in 2006. The twins are pictured together on the left.

Julian Washington — who himself was shot back in 2010 — was found guilty of premeditated murder, using a firearm and handling ammunition.

A police spokesperson said, “Members of the public will recall that Mr. Burgess was brutally shot and killed by a gunman who had forcibly entered a home on Glebe Road on January 8, 2012, and another man was also shot and severely injured in the same incident.

“From the outset, detectives worked to gather evidence quickly and in accordance with best practice to ensure that the best possible case was put forward.

“It would be remiss not to mention that Mr. Burgess’ family members stood behind the investigative team and assisted them to work diligently on the case in order to bring Mr. Washington to face justice. Our thoughts are with them, and it is our sincere hope that this verdict will bring closure to the family and allow them to move on in some respect with their normal lives.

“Our officers who worked on the case, including the case detectives, forensic officers, and support units, worked for over two years to bring this case to fruition. The Prosecutors in the Office of the DPP also worked tirelessly to bring all this evidence together for a successful prosecution.

“The jury found Mr. Washington guilty by majority verdict of premeditated murder, using a firearm in the commission of an indictable offence, and attempted murder, and guilty by unanimous verdict of handling ammunition.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the public who had the courage to come forward and give evidence, without whom Bermuda would not be a safer place today.”

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  1. duh says:

    Stay up Ju!

    • Hurricane says:

      Stay up Westgate, Ju!

    • Ruthless says:

      Ya “Stay up Ju!” The longer you ” Stay Up” the happier your new girlfriend up Westgate will be!!!!

  2. MadeInBermuda says:

    Rest Easy Bigg Bra!!

  3. Next says:


  4. Smh says:

    You do the crime you do the time

  5. Islandgirl says:

    Stay Up Ju!! He murdered someone are you serious. I know he has loved ones but there is a family and a little girl that has not father due to “Ju”. Justice for Stefan!!!!

  6. Happy says:


  7. Bubbles says:

    Shut up! Do you even know who did it!??

    Black people need UNITY and less judgement!

    Let God be the judge of the next man.

    Every body has an opinion focus on yourselves.

    Just because your sentenced doesn’t mean you’re guilty…God has the final say ultimately not some jury do u have any idea how flawed the legal system is worldwide!?!

    RIP Stefan the good die too young I hope your family find comfort during this truly agonising time!!

  8. Too Bad says:

    If we followed other laws half these crimes that people get convicted for wouldnt even make it to court. All the BPS has is circumstantial evidence and hear say. But so it go!

  9. sound Track! says:

    Little boys playing with big boy toys! Dont worry your sentence will get reduced in 2 years time. SMFH!!!

  10. luckylu says:

    Ya its others like dat stuff happens

  11. Sense says:

    Stay up until its your brother inna? Ppl are so ignorant. And a man thats ‘not’ guilty wont offer to give up a the used in the crime do they? IDIOTS

  12. Concernedcitizen says:

    I just have to say that as a young person growing up in a cruel world, I grew up with the twins and it still pains me to hear about the families loss.
    I agree black people need to come together but not with other blacks, I think its about time that us, the people. the island came together as one.

    I will continue to keep the family in my prayers, hopefully Justice has been served.

  13. F the system it’s in favour of the other side, that robs and murders in brought day light. I don’t have nothing for my own island anymore. It’s even worst now since the OBA got in. The OBA is trying to make Bermuda like paradise. All the poor people will be force to live overseas. This has been in the makings longtime now. They brain wash all you people to vote for them. Push a black man in power. Man I can’t say nothing, vex fed up with it all. Why dont you find the right killers you cowards. And stop being buyers & protecting only one side. Do the right thing. Be fear from the Big class dogs to the little puppies with no education.

  14. lil bro says:

    Stay up big bro! Love you like life yoo! Dha system dont give no **** bout us so **** dha system! #MaddTing