Witness Appeal: Man Arrested After Assault

May 16, 2014

A man has been arrested after police attended an assault report near the junction of Dundonald Street and Parliament Street, Pembroke on Tuesday night [May 13] where a 56 year old Filipino national sustained serious injuries.

A Police spokesperson said, “About 8:15pm on Tuesday the 13th May 2014 police attended an assault report near the junction of Dundonald Street and Parliament Street, Pembroke.

“As a result of this assault a 56 year old Filipino national sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries causing him to be hospitalized.

“A suspect in relation to this incident was arrested shortly afterward in the vicinity. He is currently in police custody.

“The Bermuda Police Service is aware that there were people in the area that witnessed this incident and the investigating officer is particularly interested in what those persons saw and heard.

“We are appealing for any persons with information to contact Detective Constable Christopher Sabean at 717-2026 or the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. PBanks says:

    Not even two blocks away from the police station. People are freaking brazen. Hope they nail the scum.

  2. terry says:

    Who me?
    Eye dun no nuffin.

  3. terry says:

    well they arrested someone.
    Good start.

  4. Bermuda Boy says:

    Is everything a joke Terry??? This man was hurt!!!

    • terry says:

      No. Not everything is a joke you fool and misinterpretor.

      They ask for witnesses.
      Someone was arrested.
      Many don’t come forward unless it affects them.
      Get it a**hole?

  5. Country boy says:

    Please, let’s hope we aren’t bashing the Fillipino community again, and this is a random act.

    They are wonderful people.

    • I hope it isn’t happening :-( They are what we, (Bermudians) once were.In other words, the vast majority of Filipino’s are kind loving people that carry a great deal of self-respect…a perfect example of what many Bermudians need to be more like.

      • Justice! says:

        Raymond Ray,

        If I think you mean what you mean, about the Filipinos being what WE (all of us-Blacks and whites) Bermudians once were, white people have always made the lives of Black people one hell of an existence. How do I know this? I experience it daily and history never sleeps. So, stop telling your god damn lies to ease your insane mind.

  6. rj says:

    what race was the alleged suspect?

    • Wtf says:

      Does it matter ?!

      • Justice! says:


        Of course it matters because everything darn thing in Bermuda is governed along racial lines. There’s no escape!

  7. Love is the only way... says:

    I thought it was near Dundonald and parliament. It was immediately opposite Augustus funeral home. The guest worker was minding his own business walking home from what prob was the laundry mat and a Bermudian male physically assaulted him after saying you’re taking our jobs. There were what seemed to be a lot of witnesses. Hope the guy is ok. My prayers go out to him and to our Bermudians who don’t have a job to take care of their families ….

  8. Justice….that was a racist comment…and incorrect…..and insulting…..and as a result just plane nasty!…behaeuasouf!

  9. These are our guests…we should take better care of them.We all bleed red.