PLP Respond To Premier’s National Address

June 9, 2014

“Bermudians hoping that tonight would be the night that the OBA would finally unveil a plan to get our people back to work have yet again been disappointed,” the Opposition said following Premier’s Michael Dunkley’s National Address this evening [June 9]

The PLP said, “While payroll tax relief in the construction industry is welcome news, there remains little work for the industry to hire Bermudians to work on.

“The OBA says that they put in place 10 percent food price discounts, yet many Bermudians have been questioning whether this is even really happening.

“While the Premier speaks of BELCO’s new fee structure, many Bermudians have seen their monthly rates increase under the OBA.

“The OBA says they care about seniors yet refuse to address the increases in health insurance, vehicle license fees or addressing the crisis in our nursing and rest homes.

“The OBA says that they care about young Bermudians and their education yet they have ruthlessly slashed scholarships and helped close the door on opportunities for Bermudians to gain the skills they need to compete in the island’s 21st century workforce

“In 18 months, Bermudians have become very accustomed to an OBA that breaks promises without remorse and that is often guilty of failing to be truthful with Bermudians.

“The PLP has new ideas and a vision that builds a Bermuda that works for Bermudians. This vision is inclusive, expands opportunity and would lead to a fairer, more just Bermuda for Bermudians. We have freely shared these ideas with the OBA. Despite this they have refused to work with us and haven’t put forward any ideas or a vision of their own that focuses on Bermudians.

“We encourage the Premier, in the absence of an OBA plan, to embrace our ideas and together, we can work on building a Bermuda that works for Bermudians,” concluded the PLP.

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  1. And so? says:

    Just go to lindo’s on a wednesday and you will see that plenty of people are quite aware of the 10% discount that is really being offered. It’s offensive to hear the criticism of the efforts made to lower costs when the PLP failed to lower anything except job opportunities for bermudians. When I hear news of hotel developments in the works it shows me the OBA plan is actually coming about. It might not be the instant job creation that some expect or demand but things are slowly turning. Just tonight I see Michael Douglas is here working on Ariel Sands $100m redevelopment. For the naysayers – how many jobs might that project generate? Hang in there and think slightly more positively.

    • Tell me again says:

      The PLP should have led with a National address
      Why wait for the OBA to lead.
      Lead PLP. Lead PLP. Or get ready for OBA pressure so hard it will break your ears.

  2. Ms. Poli Tician says:


  3. John E. Thorne says:

    Give it a rest PLP. You are the reason we are in debt. You are the reason the country has no money for scholarships or anything else for that matter. The OBA despite their screwups in their first 18 months are trying to clean up your mess in very trying conditions. They cannot give away freebies like you did because there is no money. You did a lot for the people of Bermuda but at what cost? You bankrupted the country. Try paying your bills when you are broke! People call the PLP talk show and tell the OBA to stop blaming the PLP for the position the country is in. Who are they supposed to blame? They have only been in power for 18 months and cannot be blamed for the mess that we are in. Stop crying over spilled milk and go sit down with the Premier and offer to help get this country back on track and stop wining because we are sick of it. We deserve better from all of our politicians both Government and Opposition and if we don’t see an improvement we will get rid of all of you in the next election.

    • Cleancut says:

      The PLP just want to bring down this Government. Do you honestly think the PLP want to see the OBA creating jobs? Their only interest is in how to win the next election, and if people suffer, then so be it. Party first!!!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Don’t forget, “Keep your eye on the prize”. What group did that come from?

  4. coolieh says:

    After breaking so many promises…destroying Bermuda’s economy I cannot believe the level of PLP double standards. All which were on fine display last week and again here in this article.

    Just why do we have limited money for education, scholarships, assistance, and almost everything else? You spent it all!!! And without rehabilitation or admission of any guilt you’re now giving advice? Who cares, except the race baiters?

    Who can believe what you say…it just politics for you (ganja politics). There are many Bermudians, both black and white who don’t trust the PLP to do the “right” thing; and the double-faced rhetoric makes it worse! And yes, you have a leadership crisis…

    For the last 18 months all you’ve done in played politics; helping to drag Bermuda further into disrepute! And solely setting an agenda that will have NO impact on our recovery. Completely self-centered in a time of real crisis. Completely irresponsible and now this doubled-faced response! Do you really care…?

    Please help us to recover…stop dragging us further down!

    In three years if our debt is not under control, your (our) worst nightmare will happen…the Brits will take over! So stop being selfish and let’s get our house in order. Otherwise, you’re playing ganja politics ALL for nothing…

    Black Bermudian

  5. How come says:

    Funny how the PLP all of a sudden have a vision and ideas but in the 14 years they were in power and they were spending while companies were moving to other jurisdictions they couldn’t seen the train wreck in front of them.

    Too late, sorry. Once bitten, twice shy.

    • Ian says:

      Companies were not moving for 14 years. Were you sleeping while Bermuda was experiencing the largest rate of growth pre-2oo8 or is that just the amnesia? You people live in a world that suits your hate for the PLP. Try spending some time in reality and you may have a chance of truly understanding the events of recent years and what we must do to steer clear of a similar scenario ahead.

      • Hmmm says:

        At last you acknowledged the exodus took place under the PLP policy changes. The growth was as a result of infrastructure and regulation established before they took over.

  6. somuchless says:

    good nite PLP.

  7. Bermudian youth says:

    When will the PLP come clean about all the shady things done under hopefully the last chance as ruling party! It takes more than 18mths to clean up that mess ….

    • Ian says:

      And what do you have to say about the “proven” shady dealings of the OBA/UBP Bermuda ‘youth’? Are you even old enough to know the history of the treachery practiced by the UBP at the expense of a certain segment of this island?

      • haha says:

        What is this treachery you preach of or just rumours and gossip? Give me some facts for once Ian, because you certainly haven’t done so before. I’ll wait…

      • Hmmm says:

        ?????? Explain, dont gesture…when was this?

    • “Everybody needs his (their) memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door”- Saul Bellow, writer, Nobel laureate (1915 – 2005)
      How can we not remember the B/S imposed upon us “all” while being lead by the Progressive Labour Party for far too many years without that vision they’d started out with ? :-(

  8. James Rego says:

    Threatening international business and the exodus of 6000 tax payers under their administration. This was also a part of their vision of a better Bermuda.

  9. James Herald says:

    How the PLP can keep a straight face while making such comments is truly remarkable.

    PLP ruined Bermuda with their incompetence and very shady dealings. May they stay under the rock from which they came.

    Fortunate for us, the most damaging PLP MP of all return home to the USA. May he never come back.

  10. Navin Johnson says:

    another instance where the PLP would have been better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open their collective mouths and remove all doubt….still they view the opposition role as objecting to everything that is said rather than anything positive….

  11. College grad says:

    Ewart,Donal,Zane or Michael ,who would you trust with your future?

  12. Ringmaster says:

    When the PLP talk of new ideas they are basically online gambling and legalizing marijuana. Last Friday night in the House, Marc Bean referred to the OBA as prostitutes. How ironic considering the PLP’s vision for improving the Island’s economy is to push drugs and gambling.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Pat Pamplin called the OBA prostitutes! Get your facts straight OBA diehard

      • Ringmaster says:

        You must have been drinking some of the magic tea. Facts are facts despite how you might to lie or not like them. Get your facts right. The reference came from Marc Bean, the Leader of the Opposition.

  13. Once just once would the plp ADMIT to ALL the inept and mishandling of the govt purse strings and admit they will INVESTIGATE WHO< WHAT WHY and WHERE and then COME UP WITH SOME SOLUTIONS rather than NEGATIVITY ALL the time when the OBA says or does something. Are they the plp politicians all so blind and incredulous to the situation we yes WE are in and why?????

  14. Really says:

    Don’t forget they paid. Beyonce a Million !

  15. Same old PLP says:

    They have the same ideas that they used while in power that landed us in such a state

  16. Kangoocar says:

    Whoever wrote this nonsense reply for the plp must have just finished a good old cup of the special plp tea??? The plp goes on about the OBA not listening to them?? Why would anybody in their sane mind listen to a plp that drove us head on into a fiscal disaster, and the only funny parts is, they were warned over and over what was coming, and they never LISTENED!!!!!
    plp = pot loving party

  17. X man says:

    Game on!
    No matter what the OBA says or does its going to be wrong by the PLP.
    The PLP is using BELCO as one of there main weapons of words – but the truth is BELCO was doing just
    as much price hiking when the PLP were in Govt.. for 14 years.
    The trick here is to get people to think that BELCO is working in conjunction with the OBA.
    Was the person that made this comment high on the Ganja Tea!

  18. looking and listening says:

    To the members of the former Government and its cheer leaders – I am still trying to figure out how you manage to walk!!! Such HUGE b@lls.

  19. Runaway says:

    PLP, you got “NOTHING”!! I hear “NOTHING” !

  20. jt says:

    “Inclusive”? Please.

  21. Peter says:

    Instead of all their PLP negativity it would have been great to say How can PLP help the OBA get back on track????? Wishful thinking!

  22. Joonya says:

    Go brew some tea..

  23. haha says:

    “While the Premier speaks of BELCO’s new fee structure, many Bermudians have seen their monthly rates increase under the OBA.”

    Why are you blaming the OBA for this ya dummy, you should be blaming BELCO!!!

  24. Farmer Giles says:

    The PLP’s job is to oppose (because they’re the Opposition) – and, to be fair, historically they were very effective at opposing.
    Then they were elected into Government – but they never brought to a halt their opposition mind-set. Bermuda’s recent history is proof of this. Now they are back in opposition, they’ve simply continued with their original mindset – to oppose.
    The fourteen years of their largely neglectful governance seems to have slipped from their collective memory and conscience.
    Result – everything they say as the Opposition is wildly hypocritical.

  25. Justice! says:

    Clearly, the clear SOLUTION is to OVERTHROW THE F—ING OBA!

  26. Red eye says:

    These fools have an opinion every week. When in government once a month.

  27. A Young Bermudian Male says:

    All the comments under this article has to do with who is right and who is wrong. That is absolutelty ridiculous! PLP and OBA have both wronged us! Plp got us into this mess but what about the broken promises from the OBA? How are we to blame the plp for those broken promises. I understand that the OBA are trying to repair the PLP’s mess, however we must not put all the blame on the PLP. I remember 2,000 jobs being promised to Bermudians but yet more and more foriegnors are being flown in for jobs, At a time where a lot of young people have come back for summer jobs but are unemployed. The only job both parties are putting effort into is the pointing of fingers.Then everyone wants to know why our young adults act the way they act? just look at what the future Bermuda looks like. A bunch of selfish people who only worry about ourselves. I never planned to move off the island, and at 20 years old that should not even be on the table, but myself, along with a lot of my peers, do not want to have to clean up PLP, UBP/OBA’s mess.

  28. Kay says:

    Rome was not built in a day and the challenge that we face is not unique to Bermuda. Globally nations are facing the same challenge of how to recover financially. Unity is the key to progress as long as there is division there will be no real progress. All people must me considered as we move forward. We must move away from the pointing of fingers. And realize that the offering of solutions is better than being critical.

  29. TravelingTreeFrog says:

    Here’s what’s happened while yall were sippin’ your tea…

    On -Jobs in the construction industry- Anyone with half a brain realizes that building projects take time. At least the OBA have identified potential investors/developers for a few sites and lessened the red tape. But since you brought it up, please tell me about the Old Club Med project, Southlands/Morgans Point, Sonesta…. I’ll wait.

    On Bermudians questioning food discounts- Lindo’s, Arnold’s, MarketPlace etc all offer discounts… so what exactly are they questioning?

    On the BELCO rate increase- Here’s a little Economics 101 for you: If your Demand decreases your price increases… What was the PLP’s policy again? Oh yea get rid of all the expats… so now with less people demanding electricity what do you expect?

    On Seniors Licensing- They addressed this last year; On the state of Nursing Homes- Either you are legit stupid, or you think we are, but we all know the nursing homes did not deteriorate to this condition in the past 2 years.

    On education funding cuts- Fortunately our students are smart enough to know that money doesn’t grow on tree’s and hopefully they realize that if the PLP hadn’t spent us in to near impossible recovery, there would be some honey left in the pot for them. It is indeed unfortunate.

    On Bermudians becoming accustom to broken promises- Really? Because I haven’t become accustom to that? Actually I’ve become accustom to living within my means, going without and doing what I have to, to remain stable in this economy.
    I’ve become accustom to these asinine responses with little substance and zero progressiveness. I’ve become accustom to political banter and why? Because instead of offering solutions, alternatives or working with the government you all only look to pick apart words.

    I don’t even see the point in your response. You say that the OBA hasn’t provided a plan or a vision (which they have) yet…….. where the heck is yours!?

  30. Yawn...zzzzz says:

    Re: PLP
    Like my primary school teacher used to say – “Empty vessels make the most noise.”

  31. James Herald says:

    We should all be glad we live in a time where we can criticize the ruling Government. Just a couple of years back, if you disagreed with anything regarding the PLP – you were intimidated and called a racist.

    Thank goodness we finally seem to be on the right track.

    Say what you want PLP. If you were in power it would be about a million times worse – beacuse you are completely useless.

    You are also finished. Bye bye PLP.

  32. SMH says:

    I’ve noticed more Bermudians working in our restaurants. While many need continuos training in service at least they are taking these jobs. In order for more Bermudians to be employed they must retool. Just looking at ads in papers clearly more specialized credentials are needed. Time to look at medical field as there is clearly a need for all sorts of positions.

  33. Plp….You have an affliction….the name of this malody is called;- irrational sense of entitlement.It won’t kill you,but it will cause you to believe that you desrve ship for nothing.

  34. The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on.

  35. swing voter says:

    I am laughing out loud. I don’t consider myself as highly intelligent, but the desperation is obvious after reading this story

  36. The secret to gettin ahead is gettin started…..are we to dwell on past failures….or are we going to get started….?!

  37. Let us move forward…together….apparently…..”apparently”…there is nothing that cannot happen today…that being said…lets move forward together…I myself have this capacity…I can do this…If you don’t know how….follow effing me!

  38. I work in the sun so my skin is brown…my eyes are blue….I am unique…you are unique…we are all unique,some times we agree to disagree….but there are two paddles and one canoo….and were not to far from shore… I know what I’m gonna do…..and I could use the help…

  39. Come On Man says:

    it just goes to show they are all cut from the same cloth. When are people gonna learn that fact when are you all gonna learn that you cannot trust any of them be it UBP/OBA or PLP..they just tell you what you wanna hear. That crap on TV last night was just what it is more lip service…

  40. Campervan says:

    Oh dear PLP, thats all you have?
    A democracy needs a strong opposition so sort yourselves out and come up with a better alternative plan,.
    Your current counter arguments are pitifull.