Uzimon Aims To Raise Tour Money Online

June 3, 2014

Bermudian artist Uzimon has turned to the online community in order to support an ambitious tour, with a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $8,000 in order to send the musician to perform in Europe at Boomtown Fair, Bestival, Secret Garden Party, and more.

The event’s Kickstarter campaign says, “In 2007, Uzimon was born. What was intended to be a one-off video grew into a phenomenon as this outrageous act began recording full length studio albums and performing live.

“The fanbase grew steadily and globally until it caught the attention of the UK-based Boom Artist’s Agency. Now, Uzimon has been given perhaps his greatest quest yet, and the opportunity of a lifetime; to take his band of badmen across the Atlantic to perform and make his debut at the some of the biggest festivals in Europe, including Boomtown Fair, Bestival, Secret Garden Party, and more.”

“As it is their first tour of the continent, some funds will need to be raised and, as Uzi explains in the above video, they will not be able to cross that great pond without the help of people that have brought them to international attention in the first place: the almighty fans. This is a big break for the act, perhaps its biggest yet. You generous support will help with plane tickets, travel costs, accommodations, van rental, and for us to create limited edition tour t-shirts and film a short documentary of the pilgrimage.

“Uzimon appreciates your love and support over the years. You have gotten him this far. Help him cross the next threshold.”

As of this writing, Uzimon’s Kickstarter campaign has garnered 30 backers with more than $2,000 pledged, with 15 days remaining.

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  1. You gotta go Colorado,and Amsterdam it would be diabolical not to…sample de gangah dey got an tell oos ,bwat it be like you know…

  2. As you R de uzi mon an you muss protek de populous…andee peepull from demselves…let dem know if it meets de mark…