Full Bills: Public Access to Information [PATI]

July 10, 2014

The Public Access to Information Regulations 2014 was tabled in the House of Assembly this past Friday, with Premier Michael Dunkley saying the plan was to have PATI fully operational by April 2015.

The Act and the Regulations are due to come into operation on 1st April 2015, and from that date, members of the public will be able to make requests for information under PATI.

“For a relatively modest cost, they can obtain copies of that information,” said the Premier. “However, in accordance with the legislation, not everything is accessible, as there are certain kinds of information outlined in the legislation which are exempted from release.”

The Public Access to Information Amendment Act follows below [PDF here]

The Public Access to Information Regulations 2014 follows below [PDF here]

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  1. Jus' Sayin' says:

    But no privacy legislation yet. So technically they can release anything.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Well thats just it privacy legislation would hinder PATI unless it was clearly defined and does not hind investigations if it is material info. Example blind trust (ie like the court building) and leaves room for coverups.

      LOL what do you have to hide.

  2. Who cares!

    We never know the truth anyway – and this is yet another distraciton from what we should be doing!

    We need to get moving on gaming, jobs and national debt pay-down and less of this government making things better for government stuff!

    How PATI results in feeding people, educating youth, providing jobs, making healthcare affordable for seniors, retains pension outlook, or pays our national bill is beyond me!

    Wake up people – this is **** stupid!

  3. Is it reasonable ……or not reasonable?…..This is the basis for all law and legislation….because it is there does not make it right or wrong….this can be determined indevidually, sometime a politician willtie their intent,words,etc into a big birdsnest knot….convoluted interpretive wording can perport such vaguery as to allude to one thing…and intend one or more other things….always good to read and re read….their nonsense….

  4. Please refere definition of nonsense in websters dictionary…